Speech-to-Speech Translation

Proceedings of the Workshop

11 July 2002

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA,USA

[held during ACL 2002]

Yuqing Gao and Alex Waibel (co-chairs)



Eiichiro Sumita: Corpus-centered computation; pp.1-8 [PDF, 189KB]

Takayuki Nakata, Takahiro Ikeda, Shinichi Ando, and Akitoshi Okumura: Topic detection based on dialogue history; pp.9-14 [PDF, 111KB]

Chad Langley, Alon Lavie, Lori Levin, Dorcas Wallace, Donna Gates, and Kay Peterson: Spoken language parsing using phrase-level grammars and trainable classifiers; pp.15-22 [PDF, 54KB]

Genichiro Kikui and Hirofumi Yamamoto: Finding translation pairs from English-Japanese untokenised aligned corpora; pp. 23-30 [PDF, 2510KB]

Hiyan Alshawi and Shona Douglas: Speech translation performance of statistical dependency transduction and semantic similarity transduction; pp. 31-38 [PDF, 92KB]

Francisco Casacuberta, Enrique Vidal, and Juan Miguel Vilar: Architectures for speech-to-speech translation; pp.39-44 [PDF, 114KB]

Koji Murakami, Makoto Hiroshige,Kenji Araki, and Koji Tochinai: Evaluation for direct speech translation method using inductive learning for conversations in the travel domain; pp. 45-52 [PDF, 665KB]

Lori Levin, Donna Gates, Dorcas Wallace, Kay Peterson, Alon Lavie, Fabio Pianesi, Emmanuele Pianta, Roldano Cattoni, and Nadia Mana: Balancing expressiveness and simplicity in an interlingua for task based dialogue; pp. 53-60 [PDF, 131KB]

Chengqing Zong, Bo Xu, and Taiyi Huang: Interactive Chinese to English speech translation based on dialogue management; pp. 61-68 [PDF, 266KB]

Manny Rayner and Pierrette Bouillon: A flexible speech to speech phrasebook translator; pp. 69-76 [PDF,175KB]

Robert E. Frederking, Alan W. Black, Ralf D. Brown, Alexander Rudnicky, John Moody, and Eric Steinbrecher: Speech translation on a tight budget without enough data; pp. 77-84 [PDF, 156KB]

Takahiro Ikeda, Shinichi Ando, Kenji Satoh, Akitoshi Okumura, and Takao Watanabe: Automatic interpretation system integrating free-style sentence translation and parallel text based translation; pp. 85-92 [PDF, 240KB]

Sherri Condon and Keith Miller: Sharing problems and solutions for machine translation of spoken and written interaction; pp. 93-100 [PDF, 66KB]

Tanja Schultz, Qin Jin, Kornel Laskowski, Alicia Tribble, and Alex Waibel: Improvements in non-verbal cue identification using multilingual phone strings; pp. 101-108 [PDF, 107KB]

Fumiaki Sugaya, Keiji Yasuda, Toshiyuki Takezawa, and Seiichi Yamamoto: Quality-sensitive test set selection for a speech translation system; pp. 109-116 [PDF, 297KB]

Kurt Godden: Towards a speech-to-speech machine translation quality metric; pp. 117-120 [PDF, 194KB]

Alon Lavie, Florian Metze, Roldano Cattoni, and Erica Costantini: A multi-perspective evaluation of the NESPOLE! speech-to-speech translation system; pp. 121-128 [PDF, 144KB]

Gianni Lazzari: The VI framework program in Europe: some thoughts about speech to speech translation research; pp. 129-135 [PDF, 149KB]

R.Cattoni, G.Lazzari, N.Mana, F.Pianesi, E.Pianta, S.Burger, D.Gates,A.Lavie, L.Levin, C.Langley, K.Peterson, T.Schultz, A.Waibel, D.Wallace, F.Metze, J.McDonough, H.Soltau, L.Besacier, H.Blanchon, D.Vaufreydaz, E.Constantini, & L.Taddei: Not only translation quality: evaluating the NESPOLE! speech-to-speech translation system along other viewpoints; 9pp. [PDF, 148KB]