Proceedings of the Twenty-second International Conference on
Translating and the Computer
16-17 November 2000, London


Papers reproduced by permission of Aslib




Validation and Quality Control Issues in a new Web-based, Interactive Terminology Database for the Institutions and Agencies of the European Union

Ian Johnson and Maria-Jose Palos Caravina (Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, Luxembourg)


Automatic Bilingual Terminology Extraction - A Practical Approach

David Chambers (World Intellectual Property Organisation, Switzerland)


Introducing the TRADOS Workflow Development
Sarah Carroll (Trados Ireland Ltd.)


A Language Checker of Controlled Language and its Integration in a Documentation and Translation Workflow

Ingrid Almqvist (Scania CV AB, Sweden) and Anna Sågvall Hein (Uppsala University, Sweden)


Evaluating Machine Translation: the Cloze Procedure Revisited
Harold Somers & Elizabeth Wild (UMIST, UK)


Reconciling User Expectations and Translation Technology to Create a Useful Real-World Application

Raymond S. Flournoy and Christopher Callison-Burch (Amikai Inc., USA)


Two Types of Translation Memory

Elliott Macklovitch (University of Montreal, Canada)


Memory Based Translation: Using Translation Memory Tools, from a Freelancer's Perspective

Tara O'Leary (TRADOS)


XML and the Localization Process

Dan Dube and John D.Rice (Lighthouse Solutions Inc., USA)


LTC Organiser - a one-stop shop for managing translation and localisation projects
Dr Adriane Rinsche (Language Technology Centre Ltd., UK)


TQPro: Quality Tools for the Translation Process

Gregor Thurmair (Sail Labs, Germany)


Exchanging Lexical and Terminological Data with OLIF2
Susan McCormick (SAP, Germany)


The EU LE4 TransRouter Project

Reinhard Schäler, University of Limerick, Ireland


A Voice-Enabled Phrase-Based Translation System

Jay Tucker (Dragon Systems Inc., USA) and Ace Sarich (VoxTek lnc., USA)


The contribution of a user group to the evaluation and improvement of an MT system
A. Fourla, O. Yannoutsou, I. Tsakou (Institute for Language and SpeechProcessing, Greece), S. Stamou (Computer Technology Institute, Greece) and A. Petrits (Commission of the European Communities, Belgium)