Translating & the Computer 23

Papers from the Aslib conference held on 29 & 30

November 2001

Papers reproduced by permission of Aslib


Upping the Ante for 'Best of Breed' Machine Translation Providers
Chris Callison-Burch, Amikai, Inc

TopTrans: Interactive Machine Translation

S. Schachtl, Siemens Corporate Technology, and A. Fraser-Tillmann, Siemens Business Services

Quality Assurance in the Technical Documentation and Translation Process
Carmen Heine, Fachhochschule Flensburg

The IATE Project - Towards a Single Terminology Database for the European Union
D. Rummel, Translation Centre for Bodies of the EU, and S. Ball, European

Parliament Translation Service

Productively Testing the Scalability of MT and TM to the Limit! And Beyond?
Jon Wells, MLT Department, SAP AG

Improving Automatic Alignment for Translation Memory Creation
Kirsty Macdonald, UMIST, UK

DTS: A Delivery System for Translation and Translation-Related Services
Steve McLaughlin & Angela Schmidt, SAIL Labs Deutschland GmbH

Reproducible Models for CAT Tools Evaluation: A User-Oriented Perspective
Celia Rico, Dpto. de Tecnologias de la Traduccion, Universidad Europea CEES, Madrid

eTermino Q&A- Multilingual Internet Terminology Assistant
C. Sestier, Linguistique & Technologies