Proceedings of the Twenty-sixth International Conference on

Translating and the Computer, 18-19 November 2004, London

London: Aslib, 2004

[Reproduced with permission of Aslib]





Representing and Defending our Profession in the Age of Globalization
Yves A. Champollion, Paris, France

Modern MT Systems and the Myth of Human Translation: Real World Status Quo
Richard Jelinek, The PetaMem Group, Germany/Czech Republic

Machine Translatability and Post-Editing Effort: How do they relate?
Sharon O'Brien, Dublin City University, Ireland

Controlled Translation as a New Translation Scenario - Training the Future User
Celia Rico and Enrique Torrejon, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain

Assessing a set of Controlled Language Rules: Can They Improve the Performance of Commercial Machine Translation Systems?

Johann Roturier, Dublin City University, Ireland

Connecting Writers and Translators - XML Based Content Management of Product Documentation at Autodesk

Mirko Plitt, Autodesk, Switzerland

Multilingual document management and workflow in the European institutions
Joanna Drugan, University of Leeds, UK

Development and Fielding of the Phraselator® Phrase Translation System
Ace Sarich, PE, VoxTec Division of Marine Acoustics, Inc., USA

Parallel Concordancing and Translation

Michael Barlow, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Searchable Translation Memories
Chris Callison-Burch, Linear B Ltd., UK

Dynamical Visualization of Nested Correspondences

Christophe Chenon, Groupe d'Etude pour la Traduction Automatique, France

Who's Afraid of CAT? Redefining the Boundaries of Translation
Janet Carter-Sigglow, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

Problems with CAT Tools Related to Translations into Central and Eastern European Languages
Andrzej and Jurek Nedoma, Lido-Lang Technical Translations, Poland

Localising Nations, Saving Languages: Moving from Unicode to Language Engineering
Patrick A.V. Hall, Open University, UK

The Certified Localisation Professional (CLP)

Reinhard Schäler, University of Limerick, Ireland