Controlled Language Translation


Joint Conference combining the 8th International Workshop
of the European Association for Machine Translation and
the 4th Controlled Language Applications Workshop

15-17 May 2003
Dublin City University

Papers presented


Arendse Bernth: Controlled generation for speech-to-speech MT systems [PDF, 28KB]

Robert Betts: EasyEnglish: challenges in cross-cultural communication [PDF, 179KB]

Michael Carl: Data-assisted controlled translation [PDF, 172KB]

Michael Carl & Philippe Langlais: Tuning general translation knowledge to a sublanguage [PDF, 229KB]

Salvador Climent, Joaquim Moré & Antoni Oliver: Customizing an MT system for unsupervised automatic email translation [PDF, 274KB]

Elsa Cubel, Jorge González, Antonio Lagarda, Francisco Casuberta, Alfons Juan & Enrique Vidal: Adapting finite-state translation to the TransType2 project [PDF, 71KB]

Y. Dologlou, S. Markantonatou, G. Tambouratzis, O. Yannoutsou, A. Fourla, and N. Iannou: Using monolingual corpora for statistical machine translation: the METIS system [PDF, 296KB]

Kurt Eberle: Coordination, incorporation and dynamic semantic representation in transfer [PDF, 176KB]

Aarno Lehtola, Jarno Tenni & Tuula Käpylä: Multilingual cataloguing of product information of specific domains: case Mkbeem system [PDF, 993KB]

Teruko Mitamura, Kathryn Baker, Eric Nyberg and David Svoboda: Diagnostics for interactive controlled language checking [PDF, 178KB]

Margrethe Møller: Grammatical metaphor, controlled language and machine translation [PDF, 66KB]

Sharon O'Brien: Controlling controlled English [PDF, 133KB]

Richard Power, Donia Scott & Anthony Hartley: Multilingual generation of controlled languages [PDF, 325KB]

Ursula Reuther: Two in one -- can it work? Readability and translatability by means of controlled language [PDF, 234KB]

Remedios Ruiz Cascales & Richard F.E.Sutcliffe: A specification and validating parser for simplified technical Spanish [PDF, 133KB]

Falko Schäfer: MT post-editing: how to shed light on the "unknown task". Experiences at SAP. [PDF, 332KB]

Ralf Schwitter, Anna Ljungberg & David Hood: ECOLE: a look-ahead editor of controlled language [PDF, 148KB]

Laurent Spaggiari, Florence Beaujard & Emmanuelle Cannesson: A controlled language at Airbus [PDF, 288KB]

Jana Sukkarieh: Mind your language! Controlled language for inference purposes [PDF, 211KB]

Gregor Thurmair: Making term extraction tools usable [PDF, 213KB]

Jaap van der Meer: At last translation automation becomes a reality: an anthology of the translation market [PDF, 37KB]

Marina Vassiliou, S. Markantonatou, Y. Maistros & V. Karkaletsis: Evaluating specifications for controlled Greek [PDF, 278KB]

Cristina Vertan & Walter von Hahn: Menu choice translation: a flexible menu-based controlled natural language system [PDF, 62KB]


                                [Conference report in MT News International no. 33, Autumn 2003]