Proceedings of Coling 2002 workshop


Machine Translation in Asia

Proceedings of the Workshop

1 September 2002

Taipei, Taiwan


Mosleh H.Al-Adhaileh, Tang Enya Kong, & Zaharin Yusoff: A synchronization structure of SSTC and its applications in machine translation; 8pp. [PDF, 272KB]

Christian Boitet & Wang-Ju Tsai: Coedition to share text revision across languages and improve MT a posteriori; 7pp. [PDF, 116KB]

Prachya Boonkwan & Asanee Kawtrakul: Plaesarn: machine-aided translation tool for English-to-Thai; 7pp. [PDF, 218KB]

Chris Brockett, Takako Aikawa, Anthony Aue, Arul Menezes, Chris Quirk, & Hisami Suzuki: English-Japanese example-based machine translation using abstract linguistic representation; 7pp. [PDF, 127KB]

Paisarn Charoenpornsawat, Virach Sornlertlamvanich & Thatsanee Charoenporn: Improving translation quality of rule-based machine translation; 6pp. [PDF, 355KB]

You-Jin Chung, Sin-Jae Kang, Kyong-Hi Moon, & Jong-Hyeok Lee: Word sense disambiguation in a Korean-to-Japanese MT system using neural networks; 7pp. [PDF, 497KB]

Dien Dinh: Building a training corpus for word sense disambiguation in English-to-Vietnamese machine translation; 7pp. [PDF, 281KB]

Sanae Fujita & Francis Bond: Extending the coverage of a valency dictionary; 7pp. [PDF, 180KB]

Bowen Hui: Measuring user acceptability of machine translations to diagnose system errors: an experience report; 7pp. [PDF, 254KB]

Benoit Lavoie, Michael White, & Tanya Korelsky: Learning domain-specific transfer rules: an experiment with Korean to English translation; 7pp. [PDF, 43KB]

Mitsuo Shimohata & Eiichiro Sumita: Identifying synonymous expressions from a bilingual corpus for example-based machine translation; 6pp. [PDF, 1324KB]

Thepchai Supnithi, Virach Sornlertlamvanich & Thatsanee Charoenporn: A cross system machine translation; 7pp. [PDF, 169KB]

Jianmin Yao, Hao Yu, Tiejun Zhao, & Xiaohong Li: Automatic information transfer between English and Chinese; 4pp. [PDF, 186KB]