NAACL-ANLP 2000 workshop

Applied Interlinguas:

Practical applications of interlingual approaches to NLP

May, 2000, Seattle, Washington, [USA]



 David Farwell and Stephen Helmreich: An interlingual-based approach to reference resolution. .... pp. 1-11

Karin Kipper and Martha Palmer: Representation of actions as an interlingua. .... pp.12-17

Lori Levin, Donna Gates, Alon Lavie, Fabio Pianesi, Dorcas Wallace, Taro Watanabe, and Monika Woszczyna: Evaluation of a practical interlingua for task-oriented dialogue. ..... pp. 18-23

Ronaldo Teixeira Martins, Lucia Helena Machado Rino, Maria das Graças Volpe Nunes, Gisele Montilha, and Osvaldo Novais de Oliveira: An interlingua aiming at communication on the Web: How language-independent can it be? .... pp.24-33

Mari Olsen, David Traum, Carol Van Ess-Dykema, Amy Weinberg, and Ron Dolan: Telicity as a cue to temporal and discourse structure in Chinese-English machine translation. ... pp. 34-41

Jesús Peral and Antonio Ferrández: An application of the interlingua system ISS for Spanish-English pronominal anaphora generation. ... pp. 42-51

David Traum and Nizar Habash: Generation from lexical conceptual structures. ... pp. 52-59