Translating and the Computer 28

16-17 November 2006, London


[reproduced with permission of Aslib]


List of contents

Developing Effective Localization Tools Strategies

Robert Martin, Alchemy Software Development Ltd. and Beverley White and Tim Swales, Canon Localization Services

Translation Memories Survey 2006: User's Perceptions Around TM Usage
Elina Lagoudaki, Imperial College

Going Global with the TextBase Translation Memory

François Tardif, MultiCorpora International and Anne Laugesen, Global Denmark – International Communication Consultancy - Supporting a Conference Interpreter's Workflow
Anja Ruetten, Freelance Conference Interpreter/Translator

Training Initiatives in Localization - the Vendor's View
Charles Campbell, spanishbackoffice

Presentation of FIT
Miriam Lee, FIT Vice President and Self-employed Translator

Satellites of Knowledge Networking the Voices of Academia and the Profession
Debbie Folaron, Concordia University

W3C Internationalization Tag Set: A Gentle Introduction
Christian Lieske, SAP

Improving the Quality of Automated DVD Subtitles via Example-Based Machine Translation

Stephen Armstrong, Dublin City University

Automatic Multilingual Subtitling in the eTitle Project
Antoni Oliver Gonzalez, GliCom

Integrated Bilingual Specialist Dictionaries - the LexTerm Initiative
Marie-Jeanne Derouin, Langenscheidt and André Le Meur, Université de Rennes 2

Opentrad Apertium Open-Source Machine Translation System: an Opportunity for Business and Research

Gema Ramirez-Sánchez, Transducens (DLSI, Universitat d'Alacant)

Business Process Outsourcing in Document Management
Luc Huygh, euroscript

The Use of Multilevel Annotation and Alignment for the Translator
Mihaela Vela, Saarland University

Fully Automatic High Quality Machine Translation of Restricted Text - A Case Study
Uwe Muegge, Medtronic, Inc.