AMTA Workshop on


Syntax and Structure in Statistical Translation


26 April 2007

Rochester, New York, USA




Yuqi Zhang, Richard Zens, and Hermann Ney: Chunk-level reordering of source language sentences with automatically learned rules for statistical machine translation. ....... pp.1-8 [PDF, 165KB]


Rebecca Nesson and Stuart M.Shieber: Extraction phenomena in synchronous TAG syntax and semantics. ...... pp.9-16 [PDF, 696KB]


Colin Cherry and Dekang Lin: Inversion transduction grammar for joint phrasal translation modeling. ..... pp.17-24 [PDF, 178KB]


Hao Zhang and Daniel Gildea: Factorization of synchronous context-free grammars in linear time. ...... pp.25-32 [PDF, 151KB]


Liang Huang: Binarization, synchronous binarization, and target-side binarization. ...... pp.33-40 [PDF, 161KB]


Mark Hopkins and Jonas Kuhn: Machine translation as tree labeling. ..... pp.41-48 [PDF, 214KB]


Sriram Venkatapathy and Aravind K.Joshi: Discriminative word alignment by learning the alignment structure and syntactic divergence between a language pair. ...... pp.49-56 [PDF, 172KB]


Keith Hall and Petr Němec: Generation in machine translation from deep syntactic trees. ..... pp.57-64 [PDF, 237KB]


H. Bonneau-Maynard, A.Allauzen, D.Déchelotte, and H.Schwenk: Combining morphosyntactic enriched representation with n-best reranking in statistical translation. ....... pp.65-71 [PDF, 279KB]


Ariadna Font Llitjós and Stephan Vogel: A walk on the other side: adding statistical components to a transfer-based translation system. ...... pp.72-79 [PDF, 113KB]


Karolina Owczarzak, Josef van Genabith, and Andy Way: Dependency-based automatic evaluation for machine translation. ..... pp.80-87 [PDF, 245KB]


Stuart M.Shieber: Probabilistic synchronous tree-adjoining grammars for machine translation: the argument from bilingual dictionaries. ...... pp.88-95 [PDF, 152KB]


Sriram Venkatapathy and Srinivas Bangalore: Three models for discriminative machine translation using global lexical selection and sentence reconstruction. ...... pp.96-102 [PDF, 191KB]


Markus Dreyer, Keith Hall, and Sanjeev Khudanpur: Comparing reordering constraints for SMT using efficient BLEU oracle computation. ....... pp.103-110 [PDF, 206KB]