International Workshop

Modern Approaches in Translation Technologies


Edited by Walther v.Hahn, John Hutchins, Cristina Vertan

[held in conjunction with conference “Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing”]

Borovets, Bulgaria

24 September 2005


Table of contents


Invited talk: An amorphous object must be cut by a blunt tool – Makoto Nagao

Extracting translation verb frames – Ondřej Bojar and Jan Hajič

BancTrad: a web interface for integrated access to annotated corpora – Carme Colominas

An application using example-based machine translation – Natalia Eliţa, Antonina Birladeanu

Multi-grained alignement of parallel texts with endogenous resources – Emmanuel Giguet

Resolving pattern ambiguity for English to Hindi machine translation using WordNet – Niladri Chatterjee, Shailly Goyal, Anjali Naithani

MetMorpho TM: a linguistically enriched translation memory – Gábor Hodász and Gábor Pohl

A machine translation system into a minority language – Petr Homola and Vladislav Kuboň

Bike: bilingual keyphrase experiments – David Nadeau, Caroline Barričre and George Foster

Experiments with matching algorithms in example based machine translation – Cristina Vertan and Vanessa Espin Martin

Towards a hybrid approach to word-sense disambiguation in machine translation – Márton Miháltz