Proceedings of


Third Workshop on

Syntax and Structure in

Statistical Translation


Dekai Wu and David Chiang (editors)



Boulder, Colorado

June 5, 2009


Table of contents




Decoding with Syntactic and Non-Syntactic Phrases in a Syntax-Based Machine Translation System

Greg HANNEMAN and Alon LAVIE … 1


Statistical Phrase Alignment Model Using Dependency Relation Probability. 

Toshiaki NAKAZAWA & Sadao KUROHASHI … 10


Empirical Lower Bounds on Alignment Error Rates in Syntax-Based Machine Translation. 

Anders SØGAARD and Jonas KUHN … 19


Improving Phrase-Based Translation via Word Alignments from Stochastic Inversion Transduction Grammars. 

Markus SAERS and Dekai WU … 28


References Extension for the Automatic Evaluation of MT by Syntactic Hybridization. 

Bo WANG, Tiejun ZHAO, Muyun YANG, and Sheng LI … 37


A Study of Translation Rule Classification for Syntax-Based Statistical Machine Translation. 

Hongfei JIANG, Sheng LI, Muyun YANG, and Tiejun ZHAO … 45


Discriminative Reordering with Chinese Grammatical Features.

Pi-Chuan CHANG, Huihsin TSENG, Dan JURAFSKY, and Christopher D.MANNING … 51


On the Complexity of Alignment Problems in Two Synchronous Grammar Formalisms.

Anders SØGAARD … 60


Reordering Model Using Syntactic Information of a Source Tree for Statistical Machine Translation. 

Kei HASHIMOTO, Hirohumi YAMAMOTO, Hideo OKUMA, Eiichiro SUMITA, and Keiichi TOKUDA … 69


Compiling Hierarchical Word Reordering and Decoding in Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation. 

Maxim KHALILOV, José A.R.FONOLLOSA, and Mark DRAS … 78