Third Workshop



Machine Translation


Proceedings of the Workshop


June 19, 2008

The Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Table of contents


Chi-Ho Li; Hailei Zhang; Dongdong Zhang; Mu Li; Ming Zhou
An Empirical Study in Source Word Deletion for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation … p.1-8

Kevin Gimpel; Noah A. Smith
Rich Source-Side Context for Statistical Machine Translation … p.9-17

Jan Niehues; Stephan Vogel
Discriminative Word Alignment via Alignment Matrix Modeling … p.18-25

Daniel Cer; Dan Jurafsky; Christopher D. Manning
Regularization and Search for Minimum Error Rate Training … p.26-34

Marco Turchi; Tijl De Bie; Nello Cristianini
Learning Performance of a Machine Translation System: a Statistical and Computational Analysis … p.35-43

Victoria Fossum; Kevin Knight; Steven Abney
Using Syntax to Improve Word Alignment Precision for Syntax-Based Machine Translation … p.44-52.

Josep M. Crego; Nizar Habash
Using Shallow Syntax Information to Improve Word Alignment and Reordering for SMT … p.53-61

Ding Liu; Daniel Gildea
Improved Tree-to-String Transducer for Machine Translation … p.62-69

Chris Callison-Burch; Cameron Fordyce; Philipp Koehn; Christof Monz; Josh Schroeder
Further Meta-Evaluation of Machine Translation … p.70-106.

Daniel Déchelotte; Gilles Adda; Alexandre Allauzen; Hélène Bonneau-Maynard; Olivier Galibert; Jean-Luc Gauvain; Philippe Langlais; François Yvon
LIMSI’s Statistical Translation Systems for WMT’08 … p.107-110.

Attila Novák; László Tihanyi; Gábor Prószéky
The MetaMorpho Translation System … p.111-114

Abhaya Agarwal; Alon Lavie
Meteor, M-BLEU and M-TER: Evaluation Metrics for High-Correlation with Human Rankings of Machine Translation Output … p.115-118

Holger Schwenk; Jean-Baptiste Fouet; Jean Senellart
First Steps towards a General Purpose French/English Statistical Machine Translation System … p.119-122

Amittai Axelrod; Mei Yang; Kevin Duh; Katrin Kirchhoff
The University of Washington Machine Translation System for ACL WMT 2008 … p.123-126

Maxim Khalilov; Adolfo Hernández H.; Marta R. Costa-jussà; Josep M. Crego; Carlos A. Henríquez Q.; Patrik Lambert; José A. R. Fonollosa; José B. Mariño; Rafael E. Banchs
The TALP-UPC Ngram-Based Statistical Machine Translation System for ACL-WMT 2008 … p.127-130

Graeme Blackwood; Adrià de Gispert; Jamie Brunning; William Byrne
European Language Translation with Weighted Finite State Transducers: The CUED MT System for the 2008 ACL Workshop on SMT … p.131-134.

Sara Stymne; Maria Holmqvist; Lars Ahrenberg
Effects of Morphological Analysis in Translation between German and English … p.135-138

Philipp Koehn; Abhishek Arun; Hieu Hoang
Towards better Machine Translation Quality for the German-English Language Pairs … p.139-142

Ondřej Bojar; Jan Hajič
Phrase-Based and Deep Syntactic English-to-Czech Statistical Machine Translation … p.143-146

Preslav Nakov
Improving English-Spanish Statistical Machine Translation: Experiments in Domain Adaptation, Sentence Paraphrasing, Tokenization, and Recasing … p.147-150

Nguyen Bach; Qin Gao; Stephan Vogel
Improving Word Alignment with Language Model Based Confidence Scores … p.151-154.

Zhuoran Wang; John Shawe-Taylor
Kernel Regression Framework for Machine Translation: UCL System Description for WMT 2008 Shared Translation Task … p.155-158

Vassilina Nikoulina; Marc Dymetman
Using Syntactic Coupling Features for Discriminating Phrase-Based Translations (WMT-08 Shared Translation Task) … p.159-162

Greg Hanneman; Edmund Huber; Abhaya Agarwal; Vamshi Ambati; Alok Parlikar; Erik Peterson; Alon Lavie
Statistical Transfer Systems for French-English and German-English Machine Translation … p.163-166.

Zdenek Zabokrtsky; Jan Ptacek; Petr Pajas
TectoMT: Highly Modular MT System with Tectogrammatics Used as Transfer Layer … p.167-170

John Tinsley; Yanjun Ma; Sylwia Ozdowska; Andy Way
MaTrEx: The DCU MT System for WMT 2008 … p.171-174

Loïc Dugast; Jean Senellart; Philipp Koehn
Can we Relearn an RBMT System? … p.175-178

Andreas Eisele; Christian Federmann; Hervé Saint-Amand; Michael Jellinghaus; Teresa Herrmann; Yu Chen
Using Moses to Integrate Multiple Rule-Based Machine Translation Engines into a Hybrid System … p.179-182.

Antti-Veikko Rosti; Bing Zhang; Spyros Matsoukas; Richard Schwartz
Incremental Hypothesis Alignment for Building Confusion Networks with Application to Machine Translation System Combination … p.183-186

Joshua Albrecht; Rebecca Hwa
The Role of Pseudo References in MT Evaluation … p.187-190.

Kevin Duh
Ranking vs. Regression in Machine Translation Evaluation … p.191-194.  

Jesús Giménez; Lluís Màrquez
A Smorgasbord of Features for Automatic MT Evaluation … p.195-198.

Chris Dyer; Aaron Cordova; Alex Mont; Jimmy Lin
Fast, Easy, and Cheap: Construction of Statistical Machine Translation Models with MapReduce … p.199-207.

Andrew Finch; Eiichiro Sumita
Dynamic Model Interpolation for Statistical Machine Translation … p.208-215.

Ruiqiang Zhang; Keiji Yasuda; Eiichiro Sumita
Improved Statistical Machine Translation by Multiple Chinese Word Segmentation … p.216-223

Pi-Chuan Chang; Michel Galley; Christopher D. Manning
Optimizing Chinese Word Segmentation for Machine Translation Performance … p.224-232