EACL 2009


                          Fourth Workshop


               Statistical Machine Translation


                                Proceedings of the Workshop


                                               30 March – 31 March 2009

                                                        Athens, Greece


                                       Table of Contents

Findings of the 2009 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

Chris Callison-Burch, Philipp Koehn, Christof Monz and Josh Schroeder….1

Syntax-Oriented Evaluation Measures for Machine Translation Output

Maja Popović and Hermann Ney….29

A Simple Automatic MT Evaluation Metric

Petr Homola, Vladislav Kuboň and Pavel Pecina….33

Machine Translation Evaluation with Textual Entailment Features

Sebastian Padó, Michel Galley, Daniel Jurafsky and Christopher D. Manning….37

Combining Multi-Engine Translations with Moses

Yu Chen, Michael Jellinghaus, Andreas Eisele, Yi Zhang, Sabine Hunsicker, Silke Theison, Christian Federmann and Hans Uszkoreit....42

CMU System Combination for WMT'09

Almut Silja Hildebrand and Stephan Vogel….47

The RWTH System Combination System for WMT2009

Gregor Leusch, Evgeny Matusov and Hermann Ney….51

Machine Translation System Combination with Flexible Word Ordering

Kenneth Heafield, Greg Hanneman and Alon Lavie….56

Incremental Hypothesis Alignment with Flexible Matching for Building Confusion Networks: BBN System Description for WMT09 System Combination Task

Antti-Veikko Rosti, Bing Zhang, Spyros Matsoukas and Richard Schwartz….61

The RWTH Machine Translation System for WMT2009

Maja Popović, David Vilar, Daniel Stein, Evgeny Matusov and Hermann Ney….66

Translation Combination using Factored Word Substitution

Christian Federmann, Silke Theison, Andreas Eisele, Hans Uszkoreit, Yu Chen, Michael Jellinghaus and Sabine Hunsicker….70


NUS at WMT09: Domain Adaptation Experiments for English-Spanish Machine Translation of News Commentary Text

Preslav Nakov and Hwee Tou Ng….75

The Universität Karlsruhe Translation System for the EACL-WMT 2009

Jan Niehues, Teresa Herrmann, Muntsin Kolss and Alex Waibel….80

The TALP-UPC Phrase-Based Translation System for EACL-WMT2009

José A. R. Fonollosa, Maxim Khalilov, Marta R. Costa-jussà, Jose B. Mariño, Carlos A. Henríquez Q., Adolfo Hernández H. and Rafael E. Banchs….85

Deep Linguistic Multilingual Translation and Bilingual Dictionaries

Eric Wehrli, Luka Nerima and Yves Scherrer….90

MATREX: The DCU MT System for WMT2009

Jinhua Du, Yifan He, Sergio Penkale and Andy Way….95


LIMSI's Statistical Translation Systems for WMT'09

Alexandra Allauzen, Josep Crego, Aurelien Max and François Yvon….100

NICT@WMT09: Model Adaptation and Transliteration for Spanish-English SMT

Michael Paul, Andrew Finch and Eiichiro Sumita….105

Statistical Post Editing and Dictionary Extraction: Systran/Edinburgh Submissions for ACL-WMT2009
Loic Dugast, Jean Senellart and Philipp Koehn….110

Experiments in Morphosyntactic Processing for Translating to and from German

Alexander Fraser….115

Improving Alignment for SMT by Reordering and Augmenting the Training Corpus

Maria Holmqvist, Sara Stymne, Jody Foo and Lars Ahrenberg….120

English-Czech MT in 2008

Ondřej Bojar, David Mareček, Vaclav Novák, Martin Popel, Jan Ptáček, Jan Rouš and Zdeněek Žabokrtský….125

SMT and SPE Machine Translation Systems for WMT'09

Holger Schwenk, Sadaf Abdul Rauf, Loïc Barrault and Jean Senellart….130

Joshua: An Open Source Toolkit for Parsing-Based Machine Translation

Zhifei Li, Chris Callison-Burch, Chris Dyer, Sanjeev Khudanpur, Lane Schwartz, Wren Thornton, Jonathan Weese and Omar Zaidan….135

An Improved Statistical Transfer System for French-English Machine Translation

Greg Hanneman, Vamshi Ambati, Jonathan H. Clark, Alok Parlikar and Alon Lavie….140

The University of Maryland Statistical Machine Translation System for the Fourth Workshop on Machine Translation

Chris Dyer, Hendra Setiawan, Yuval Marton and Philip Resnik….145

Toward Using Morphology in French-English Phrase-Based SMT

Marine Carpuat….150

MorphoLogic's Submission for the WMT 2009 Shared Task

Attila Novak….155

Edinburgh's Submission to all Tracks of the WMT 2009 Shared Task with Reordering and Speed Improvements to Moses

Philipp Koehn and Barry Haddow….160

Mining a Comparable Text Corpus for a Vietnamese-French Statistical Machine Translation System
Thi Ngoc Diep Do, Viet Bac Le, Brigitte Bigi, Laurent Besacier and Eric Castelli….165

Improving Arabic-Chinese Statistical Machine Translation using English as Pivot Language

Nizar Habash and Jun Hu….173

Domain Adaptation for Statistical Machine Translation with Monolingual Resources

Nicola Bertoldi and Marcello Federico….182

Chinese Syntactic Reordering for Adequate Generation of Korean Verbal Phrases in Chinese-to-Korean SMT

Jin-Ji Li, Jungi Kim, Dong-Il Kim and Jong-Hyeok Lee….190


A Quantitative Analysis of Reordering Phenomena

Alexandra Birch, Phil Blunsom and Miles Osborne….197

A POS-Based Model for Long-Range Reorderings in SMT

Jan Niehues and Muntsin Kolss….206

Disambiguating "DE" for Chinese-English Machine Translation

Pi-Chuan Chang, Daniel Jurafsky and Christopher D. Manning….215

A Systematic Analysis of Translation Model Search Spaces

Michael Auli, Adam Lopez, Hieu Hoang and Philipp Koehn….224

A Deep Learning Approach to Machine Transliteration

Thomas Deselaers, Sasa Hasan, Oliver Bender and Hermann Ney….233

Stabilizing Minimum Error Rate Training

George Foster and Roland Kuhn….242

On the Robustness of Syntactic and Semantic Features for Automatic MT Evaluation

Jesus Giménez and Lluís Màrquez….250

Fluency, Adequacy, or HTER? Exploring Different Human Judgments with a Tunable MT Metric

Matthew Snover, Nitin Madnani, Bonnie Dorr and Richard Schwartz….259