Proceedings of the Thirty-third

International Conference on

Translating and the Computer

17-18 November 2011, London


[reproduced with permission of Aslib]


List of contents


In search of knowledge: text mining dedicated to technical translation

Johanna Monti, Annibale Elia, Alberto Postiglione, Maria Monteleone, Federica Marano


Automatic translation tools at WIPO

Bruno Pouliquen, Christophe Mazenc


An effective model for insertion of translation technologies into US government translation environments

Carol Van Ess-Dykema


New-old resources – how to bring innovation into the corpora

István Lengyel


The multilingual web: latest developments at the W3C/IETF

Richard Ishida


The NATO terminology programme and NATOTerm

Ian Jones


Building a budget workspace for the translator 2.5

Jose Palomares


Towards on-line knowledge sharing dictionaries for European law: the Legal Taxonomy Syllabus 3.0

Elena Grasso, Piercarlo Rossi, Andrea Violato


Machine translation between uncommon language pairs via a third common language: the case of patents

Benjamin K.Tsou, Bin Lu


Operationalization of interactive multilingual gateways (iMAGs) in the Traouiero project

Christian Boitet, Valérie Bellynck, Achille Falaise, Nguyen Hong-Thai


Building blocks to integrate a Moses MT engine into the production translation work-flow with reference to the World Trade Organization and other clients

Karim Benzineb, Jacques Guyot


Using seed terms for crawling bilingual terminology lists on the Web

Takeshi Abekawa, Kyo Kageura


Minority languages & translation technologies case study: te reo Māori & Google Translator Toolkit

Te Taka Keegan, Hōri Manuirirangi


Arabic and computer-aided translation: an integrated approach

Barbara Quaranta


Sign language – are we making information accessible?

Kirsty J.W.Crombie Smith


The Language Product Evaluation Tool

Erica B.Michael, Alison Blodgett, Dominic Massaro, Benjamin Bailey, Diane de Terra, Scribner Messenger, Lelyn Saner, Kathy Rhoad, Shaina Castle, & Solveig Gannon-Kurowski


Translation memories guarantee consistency: truth or fiction?

Joss Moorkens