29-30 November 2012,

One Birdcage Walk, London


[Papers reproduced with permission of Aslib]


List of contents


Thursday 29 November


Bogdan Babych, Anthony Hartley, Kyo Kageura, Martin Thomas, & Masao Utiyama: MNH-TT: a collaborative platform for translator training.


Keynote speaker:

Felicity Hands: The translation process. [presentation]


Cecilia Elizalde, Bruno Pouliquen, Christophe Mazenc & José García-Verdugo: TAPTA4UN: collaboration on machine translation between the World Intellectual Property Organization and the United Nations.


Markus Foti: MT@EC: working with translators.


Wilker Aziz & Lucia Specia: PET: a standalone tool for assessing machine translation through post-editing.


Konstantinos Chatzitheodorou & Alexandros Poulis: Experiments on domain-specific statistical machine translation at the European Parliament. [presentation]


Bartolomé Mesa-Lao: The next generation translator’s workbench: post-editing in CASMACAT v.1.0. [presentation]


Invited speaker:

Elizabeth Marshman: In the driver’s seat: perceptions of control as indicators of language professionals’ satisfaction with technologies in the workplace.


Short product presentations: John McNaught [META-NET], Daniele Ford [ITI], Adam Kilgarriff [Sketch Engine]


Friday 30 November


Keynote speaker:

Chris Wendt: Machine translation at Microsoft. [presentation]


Invited speaker:

Alan K.Melby & Tyler A.Snow: Linport as a standard for interoperability between translation systems.


Jon Riding: Hunting the snark: the problem posed for MT by non-catenative morphologies.


Valeria Caruso & Anna De Meo: What else can databases do to assist translators? Illustrating a rated inventory of Web dictionaries.


Markus Foti: MT@EC: working with translators.


Interactive session with Joanna Gough and John Hutchins, moderated by Graham Coult.


Invited speaker:

Serge Sharoff: Beyond translation memories: finding similar documents in comparable corpora.


Paola Valli: How long is a piece of string? Concordance searches and user behavior investigated.


Vesna Lušicky & Tanja Wissik: Terminology: don’t only collect it, use it! 


Isabel Durán Muñoz, Gloria Corpas Pastor & Le An Ha: ProTermino: a comprehensive web-based terminological management tool based on knowledge representation. [not presented at conference]