Solutions for Multilingual Europe

June 27/28, 2011

Budapest, Hungary


Hans Uszkoreit: META, META-NET and META-FORUM [not available]


Thomas Hofmann: Language technologies for better intenet services [not available]


Session 1: Multilingual LT research in Europe: Trends & Challenges

Chair: Antonio Branco


Josef van Genabith: An Overview of Multilingual LT Research in Europe


Philipp Koehn: Moses: The Success of an Open-Source Machine Translation Platform


Jan Hajic: META-RESEARCH: Leading-Edge Machine Translation Research for Multilingual Europe


Session 2: European Language Technology Industries

Chair: Adriane Rinsche


Jochen Hummel: Visibility for the European Industrial LT Landscape


László Podhorányi: Interactive Language Technology at Vodafone


Johannes Bursch: Role and Challenges of the Corporate Language Management at Daimler AG


Laszlo Tihanyi: Introducing iTranslate4


Rose Lockwood: Language Technology – From Research to Innovation


Session 3: Supporting Innovation in Language Technology

Chair: Gudrun Magnusdottir


Roberto Cencioni: EC support for LT – What has been done so far, what are the future perspectives?


Stelios Piperidis: META-SHARE: An Open Resource Exchange Infrastructure for Stimulating Research and Innovation


Session 4: Are Europe’s Languages in Danger?


Andrejs Vasiljevs: The META-NET White Paper Series on European Languages


Panel discussion: Kadri Vider, Rimvydas Vaštakas, Peter Spyns, Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen, Algirdas Saudargas


Keynote lecture:


Bran Boguraev:  “Building Watson: language technologies for Deep QA and the Jeopardy! challenge” [not available]


Day 2, June 28


Session 5: European Institutions and Multilingual Language Technologies

Chair: Koenraad de Smedt


Conrad Toft: Language Technology at European Institutions


Spyridon Pilos: Machine Translation at the European Commission


Session 6: Language Technologies for Multilingual Societies


Panel discussion: Swaran Lata, Justus Roux, Marta Xirinachs, Jeremy Evans, Spyridon Pilas


Session 7: Case study: The Central and South Eastern European Perspective

Chair: Khalid Choukri


Marko Tadic: The CESAR Project – enabling LRT for 70M+ Speakers


Maciej Ogrodniczuk and Adam Przepiórkowski: Polish LRTsCESAR's story


Svetla Koeva: Furthering LRT in Bulgaria


Tamás Váradi: Hungarian Language Technology – From Platform to Alliance


Session 8: A Strategic Research Agenda for Multilingual Europe

Chair: Nicoletta Calzolari


Hans Uszoreit: Introduction


Joseph Mariani: The Future European Multilingual Information Society


Hans Uszoreit: The Strategic Research Agenda for Multilingual Europe – Summary of Discussions and Plan for Completion


Session 9: META Prize and Seal of Recognition


Georg Rehm and Josef van Genabith: META Prize and META Seal of Recognition Award Ceremony


Closing Session


Hans Uskoreit: “META: Towards Multilingual Europe” [not available]