Fourth Machine Translation Marathon

“Open Source Tools for Machine Translation”

25-30 January 2010

Dublin, Ireland




Mirko Plitt & François Masselot: A productivity test of statistical machine translation post-editing in a typical localization context.


Yvette Graham: Sulis: an open source transfer decoder for deep syntactical statistical machine translation.


Kenneth Heafield & Alon Lavie: Combining machine translation output with open source: the Carnegie Mellon multi-engine machine translation scheme.


Qin Gao & Stephan Vogel: Training phrase-based machine translation models on the cloud. Open source machine translation toolkit Chaski.


Víctor M.Sánchez-Cartagena & Juan Antonio Pérez-Ortiz: Tradubi: open-source social translation for the Apertium machine translation platform.


Barry Haddow: Adding multi-threaded decoding to Moses.


Francis M.Tyers, Felipe Sánchez-Martínez, Sergio Ortiz-Rojas, & Mikel L.Forcada: Free/open-source resources in the Apertium platform for machine translation research and development.


Miquel Esplà-Gomis & Mikel L.Forcada: Combining content-based and URL-based heuristics to harvest aligned bitexts from multilingual sites with Bitextor.


Christian Hardmeier: Fast and extensible phrase scoring for statistical machine translation.


Víctor M.Sánchez-Cartagena & Juan Antonio Pérez-Ortiz : ScaleMT : a free/open-source framework for building scalable machine translation web services.


Ann Irvine, Mike Kayser, Zhifei Li, Wren Thornton, & Chris Callison-Burch: Integrating output from specialized modules in machine translation: transliterations in Joshua.


Jonathan H.Clark, Jonathan Weese, Byung Gyu Ahn, Andreas Zollmann, Qin Gao, Kenneth Heafield, & Alon Lavie: The machine translation toolpack for LoonyBin: an automated management of experimental machine translation hyperworkflows. 


Jonathan Weese & Chris Callison-Burch: Visualizing data structures in parsing-based machine translation.


Holger Schwenk: Continuous-space language models for statistical machine translation.


Loïc Barrault: Open source machine translation system combination.


Lane Schwartz & Chris Callison-Burch: Hierarchical phrase-based grammar extraction in Joshua: suffix arrays and prefix trees.


Other presentations


Alexandra Birch & Philipp Koehn: Statistical machine translation: IBM models and word alignment.


Marcello Federico: Language models.


Mikel L.Forcada: Apertium: free/open-source rule-based machine translation.