Annual Meeting of the Association
for Machine Translation and Computational  Linguistics

Denver, Colorado, August 25 and 26, 1963

Proceedings not published

Abstracts of the conference were published in Mechanical Translation, vol.7, no.2, August 1963

Table of contents



Necessity of introducing some information provided by transformational analysis into MT algorithms  -- Irena Bellert (Department of English Philology, Warsaw University)


The use of a random access device for dictionary lookup -- Robert S. Betz and Walter Hoffman (Wayne State University)


Generative processes for Russian impersonal sentences -- C. G. Borkowski and L. R. Micklesen (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center)


Concerning the role of sub-grammars in machine translation -- Joyce M. Brady and William B. Estes (Linguistics Research Center, The University of Texas)


Word-meaning and sentence-meaning -- Elinor K. Charney (Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Translating ordinary language into symbolic logic -- Jared L. Darlington (Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


The graphic structure of word-breaking -- J. L. Dolby and H. L. Resnikoff (Lockheed Missiles and Space Company)


Writing of Chinese recognition grammar for machine translation -- Ching-yi Dougherty (University of California, Berkeley)


The behavior of English articles -- H. P. Edmundson (Thompson Ramo Wooldridge Inc.)


On representing syntactic structure -- E. R. Gammon (Lockheed Missiles and Space Company)


La traduction automatique et l’enseignement du russe -- Yves Gentilhomme (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris)


Word and context association by means of linear networks -- Vincent E. Giuliano (Arthur D. Little, Inc.)


A study of the combinatorial properties of Russian nouns -- Kenneth E. Harper (Rand Corporation)


Connectability calculations, syntactic functions, and Russian syntax -- David G. Hays (Common Research Center, EURATOM, Ispra)


Punctuation and automatic syntactic analysis -- Lydia Hirschberg (University of Brussels)


Application of decision tables to syntactic analysis -- Walter Hoffman, Amelia Janiotis, and Sidney Simon (Wayne State University)


Simultaneous computation of lexical and extralinguistic information measures in dialogue -- Joseph Jaffe, M.D. (College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University)


Design of a generalized information system -- Ronald W. Jonas (Linguistics Research Center, The University of Texas)


Some experiments performed with an automatic paraphraser -- Sheldon Klein (System Development Corporation)


Interlingual correspondence at the syntactic level -- Edward S. Klima (Department of Modern Languages and Research Laboratory of Electronics, M.l.T.)


Sentence structure diagrams -- Susumu Kuno (Computation Laboratory, Harvard University)


Linguistic structure and machine translation -- Sydney M. Lamb (University of California, Berkeley)


On redundancy in artificial languages -- W. P. Lehmann (Linguistics Research Center, The University of Texas)


A procedure for automatic sentence structure analysis -- D. Lieberman (IBM Thomas }. Watson Research Center)


An algorithm for the translation of Russian inorganic-chemistry terms -- L. R. Micklesen and P. H. Smith, Jr. (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center)


The application of table processing concepts to the Sakai translation technique -- A. Opler, R. Silverstone, Y. Saleh, M. Hildebran, and I. Slutzky (Computer Usage Company)


Slavic languages—comparative morphosyntactic research -- Milos Pacak (Machine Translation Research Project, Georgetown University)


Types of language hierarchy -- E. D. Pendergraft (Linguistics Research Center, The University of Texas)


Path economization in exhaustive left-to-right syntactic analysis -- Warren J. Plath (Computation Laboratory, Harvard University)


A computer representation for semantic information -- Bertram Raphael (Computation Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Specifications for generative grammars used in language data processing -- Robert Tabory (IBM Thomas ]. Watson Research Center)


Collecting linguistic data for the grammar of a language -- Wayne Tosh (Linguistics Research Center, The University of Texas)


Derivational suffixes in Russian general vocabulary and in chemical nomenclature -- John H. Wahlgren (University of California, Berkeley)


On the order of clauses -- Victor H. Yngve (Department of Electrical Engineering and Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)