Research in Machine Translation

Report of the Eighth Annual Round Table Meeting on
Linguistics and Language Studies


Institute of Languages and Linguistics,

Georgetown University, April 12-13, 1957


Table of Contents

Lιon Dostert: Foreword to published proceedings


Reverend Frank L. Fadner, S. J. (Regent, School of Foreign Service). Introduction … 1


L. E. Dostert, Chairman: Brief History of Machine Translation Research … 3

PANEL I:   Systems of Logic in Machine Translation
Chairman:   Victor H. Yngve, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Martin Joos, University of Wisconsin: Meaning in Relation to Machine Translation … 13

A. C. Reynolds, Stromberg Time Corporation: Linguistic Analysis and Mechanical Formulation [paper not available]

Paul L. Garvin, Georgetown University: Linguistic Analysis and Translation Analysis … 19

William M. Austin, Georgetown University: Language as Symbolic Logic … 39

Duncan Harkin, U. S. Government Consultant: The Mathematics and Logic of Language [paper not given]

Discussion [Leon Dostert, Martin Joos, Paul Garvin, Michael Zarechnak, Herbert Paper, Alo Raun, Carlton Hodge] … 45



Speaker:   Clyde C. Heasly, Jr., Director of Planning, Intelligent Machines Research Corporation: Character Sensing as an Input to Machine Translation … 55

PANEL II:   Lexical Problems in Machine Translation

Chairman:   Victor A. Oswald, Jr., University of California, Los Angeles: The Rationale of the Idioglossary Technique … 63

R. A. Crossland, King’s College, University of Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, England: Word Decomposition for Machine Translation, by R. Richens, with the collaboration of M. A. K. Halliday, Cambridge Language Research Unit … 71

Gilbert W.King, International Telemeter Corporation: The Requirements of Lexical Storage … 79

Hugo J. Mueller, Georgetown University: German Pre-Nominal Modifiers as Clues in Machine Translation … 89

Jacob Rabinow, Rabinow Engineering Company: New Large-capacity Optic Data Storage Device [paper not available]

Simon M. Newman, Patent Research Expert, U.S. Patent Office: Linguistics and Information Retrieval … 103

Discussion [Victor Oswald, Gilbert King, Leon Dostert, Jack Rabinow, Paul Garvin, Simon Newman, Clyde Heasly, W.P.Lehmann, Jesse Mann, William Austin] … 112

PANEL III:   Scope of Syntactic Analysis in Machine Translation

Chairman:   L. E. Dostert, Georgetown University


W. P. Lehmann, University of Texas: Structure of Noun Phrases in German … 125

Michael Zarechnak, Georgetown University: Types of Russian Sentences …135

Jane A. Pyne, Georgetown University: Some Ideas on Inter-structural Syntax … 143

Richard B. Thomas, National Bureau of Standards: The Use of SEAC in Syntactic Analysis … 151

Daniel A. Belmore, Consultant Programmer, Washington, D. C.: Programming Aspects of Machine Translation … 163

Discussion [Victor Oswald, Dan Belmore, Paul Garvin, Hugo Mueller, W.P.Lehmann, Richard Thomas, N.A.Kirsch, Herbert Paper, Michael Zarechnak, Leon Dostert, Martin Joos, Victor Yngve, Jane Pyne, R.A.Crossland, William Austin, Gilbert King] … 167



Speaker:   L. E. Dostert, Director, Institute of Languages and Linguistics, Georgetown University: Practical Objectives in Machine Translation Research … 181

Appendix 1. Program … 187

Appendix 2. Participants …

Appendix 3. Index of Speakers …