Translating and the Computer 6

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Proceedings of a conference… 20-21 November 1984

The Waldorf Hotel, London


[London]: Aslib, 1985

ISBN 0-85142-192-x

[Papers reproduced with permission of Aslib]




Catriona Picken

Session 1

Chairman: Geoffrey Kingscott

The professional technical translator: new approaches to training

Birgit Rommel

The British Term Bank prototype: user needs, modes of access, and co-operation in development

Lisa E.Price


Session 2

Chairman: Geoffrey Kingscott

International telecommunications


Update on machine translation

Peter Wheeler

Summary of discussion                                  

Pamela Mayorcas-Cohen

Parallel Session I: Handling terminology

Chairman: Kees van der Horst

Summary of discussion                                  

Patrick Sutton, Maud Fortune and John Scott


Parallel Session II: Translation aids: how modern technology is changing translation practice for the small translation unit

Chairman: Lanna Castellano

Summary of discussion                               

Brian McCluskey, Andy Evans and Nélida Depiante

Parallel Session III: Machine translation

Chairman: Veronica Lawson


Selecting a machine translation software vendor 

Linn Hedwig Downs

Summary of discussion                               

John Hutchins, Monique L’Huillier and Brian McCluskey

Session 4

Chairman: Barbara Wilson

Office automation and the Teleglobe experience   

Linda Crombie-Talhami


Electronic mail       

Robert Rooke


Summary of discussion                                 

Christine Smith


Session 5: Product forum

Chairman: Catriona Picken


Summary of discussion                                 

David Beattie and John Stowell


Session 6

Chairman: John Clews


Handling non-Roman character sets with computers

Hugh McGregor Ross


World scripts (background paper)

John Clews


Automatic speech recognition: fact or fantasy?

Raj Gunawardana


Session 7: Panel discussion

Chairman: Barbara Snell


Summary of discussion                                 

Pat Pailing and Chris Atkinson



Biographical notes