Translating and the Computer 9

Potential and Practice

Edited by

Catriona Picken


Proceedings of a conference…

12-13 November 1987

CBI Conference Centre, Centre Point, London


[London: Aslib, 1988]

             Papers reproduced by permission of Aslib




Introduction                                                                                  vii

Catriona Picken


Session 1: Sharing experience


The three faces of Joyce: word processors and other hardware allegedly of use

to translators                                                                            3

John Hayes

Translation tools on PC                                                          11

Cay-Holger Stoll

Publish and be damned! Principle and practice of desktop publishing            27

Rainer Reisenberger

New ways to communicate: services provided by British Telecom 56

Malcolm Jones

Session 1: Summary of the discussion                                  68

Session 2: Systems

Machine translation: a threat or a promise?                            71

Magnar Brekke and Roald Skarsten

Are you being served? User friendliness of CAT systems    80

Ulla Magnusson Murray

The New Oxford English Dictionary Project                         91

Timothy Benbow

Session 2: Summary of the discussion                                 104

Session 3: Termbanks

Introduction: New tasks for terminology                              109

Professor Juan Sager

A survey of termbanks worldwide                                       112

John McNaught

The Termium termbank: today and tomorrow                      130

Alain Landry

Classification systems for terminological databanks             145

Wolfgang Nedobity

The LEXIS termbank                                                           154

Erika Hoffmann

Session 3: Summary of the discussion                                 161

Session 4: International cooperation

Pan-Arab and international cooperation in technical terminology    167

Dr Mahmoud Esmail Sieny

The Conference of Translation Services of West European States  180

Jean-Marie Timmermans

Eurotra: past, present and future                                           186

Peter Lau


Session 4: Summary of the discussion                                 192


Biographical notes on speakers and chairs                           195


List of participants                                                                199