The Translation Environment 10 Years on


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Proceedings of a conference

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Aslib, The Association for Information Management

The Aslib Technical Translation Group

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting


10-11 November 1988

CBI Conference Centre, Centre Point, London


[London: Aslib, 1990; ISBN: 0-85142-254-3]


Reproduced with permission of Aslib




Introduction                                                                                                               vii

Pamela Mayorcas

Session 1: The new realism

Chaired by Pamela Mayorcas

Ten years of machine translation design and application:

from FAHQT to realism                                                                                   3

Professor Juan Sager

The role of computer-aided translation in translation services                         11

A. T. Zirkle

Criteria for selecting MT systems                                                                           18

Isabella Moore

Multilingual word processing for translation                                                        31

David C. Jackson

Session 1: Summary of the discussion                                                                  42

Session 2: Information retrieval

Chaired by Ulla Magnusson Murray

International (tele)coms: a guide for the faint-hearted                                      47

Barry Mahon

Information on demand: online retrieval for external databases                    57

J. A. Large

Low cost information retrieval packages                                                             67

Forbes Gibb

Session 2: Summary of the discussion                                                                  68

Session 3: The translation environment

Chaired by Douglas Arnold

Introduction: Text typology and machine translation: an overview              73

Douglas Arnold

Pre-editing and the use of simplified writing for MT                                           80

Peter Pym

User experience of Termbase                                                                                  97

Alain Paillet

The automated translation of software, particularly the user

interface and user manuals                                                                                   109

Mike Scott

Session 3: Summary of the discussion                                                                119

Session 4: The future: a tribute to Margaret Masterman

Chaired by Tony Hartley

Machine aids for translators: what does the future betoken?                        125

Francis E. Knowles

Language conversion in the audiovisual media: a growth area

with new technical applications and professional qualifications                   136

Dr George-Michael Luyken

Themes in the work of Margaret Masterman                                                    148

Yorick Wilks

Session 4: Summary of the discussion                                                                161

Biographical notes on speakers and chairpersons                                             165

List of participants                                                                                                  169