Preparing for the Next Decade


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Proceedings of a conference

jointly sponsored by

Aslib, The Association for Information Management

The Aslib Technical Translation Group

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting


16-17 November 1989

The Conference Forum, The Sedgwick Centre, London E1


[London: Aslib, 1990]


Reproduced with permission of Aslib



Introduction                                                                                                               vii

Catriona Picken


Session 1: The translation production process                                                   1

Chaired by Barbara Wilson


Managing translation projects using Project Manager Workbench                   3

Brian Forsdick

The Translator's Workbench Project                                                                       9

Patricia Thomas

Problems in software translation and how to avoid them                                 20

Siegrun O'Sullivan

Session 1: Summary of the discussion                                                                  24

Session 2: Terminology systems                                                                           27

Chaired by Pamela Mayorcas

Computer tools to improve the work of translators                                            29

Nigel Cassar

IFP terminological databases and the compiling of specialised dictionaries  39

G. Brace

The IMO terminology data bank                                                                           50

Nicole Walls

Copyright, computers, dictionaries and translations                                           59

Jeremy Phillips


Session 2: Summary of the discussion                                                                  63

Session 3: Technology in the service of the translator                                   67

Chaired by Ulla Magnusson Murray

Hardware and software for desktop publishing                                                   69

Howard Petrie

CD-ROM: what can it offer the translator?                                                          75

Joan M. Day

The use of computer technology to store and redistribute voice

as an aid to translation services                                                                              79

Fred McKenzie

Session 3: Summary of the discussion                                                                  84

Session 4: Translation systems                                                                             89

Chaired by Julie Slade

Translation and republication of technical documents                                     91

Ron Fournier and Larry Rogers

METAL - machine translation in practice                                                            94

Patrick Little

Session 4: Summary of the discussion                                                                108

Session 5: Voice systems                                                                                        111

Chaired by John McNaught

Speech recognition, artificial intelligence and translation:

how rosy a future?                                                                                                   113

Henry Thompson

Session 5: Summary of the discussion                                                                118

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