International Conference on Methodology and Techniques of Machine Translation

(processing from words to language)

organised at Cranfield, 13-15 February 1984,

by Cranfield Institute of Technology

in conjunction with the Natural Language Translation Specialist Group

of the British Computer Society


Contents: programme and papers





Monday 13 February


Generations of MT systems: historical review and perspectives for the future [not available]

Peter Toma


A basic survey of practical machine translation.

Veronica Lawson


Methods of linguistic analysis in machine translation

John Hutchins


Machine translation from designers to users: management problems and solutions. [abstract, full text not available]

Benoit Thouîn


The difficulty of developing logical algorithms for the machine translation of natural language

Ian M.Pigott


The nature of proof in machine translation [not available]

Margaret Masterman


A frequency-mode device to assist in the machine translation of natural languages [not available]

Bill Williams


Machine-aided translation and lexical strategies [abstract, full text not available]

Frank Knowles


Searching single-word and multi-word dictionaries

F.J.Smith, K.Devine, P.Craig


A new dictionary structure for bi-directional MT system

Shiu-chang Loh, Luan Kong, Hing-sum Hung


Changes and improvements to the European Commisssion’s Systran system 1976/84

Peter J.Wheeler


Tuesday 14 February


Automatic integrated dictionary systems

J.Jelinek & J.Hawgood


A software system for describing a grammar of machine translation: GRADE [abstract, full text not available]

Jun-ichi Nakamura & Makoto Nagao


A micro-computer program for checking translation at sentence level.

Brian Farrington


SYNICS – a tool for translating natural language syntax

M.Roberts & E.A.Edmonds


Production of sentences: a general algorithm and a case study

Giovanni Adorni and Lina Massone


The generation of Chinese sentences from semantic representations of English sentences

Xiuming Huang


Machine translation of English into Persian [not available]

Homayoun Eman and Douglas Clarke


Machine translation with post editing versus a three-level integrated translator aid system

Alan K.Melby


The grammatical tagging of  unrestricted English text

Roger Garside, Geoffrey Leach, & Eric Atwell


 How to boldly split infinitives

Raphael Mankin


What is the language of memory?  [abstract; full text not available]

Peter Nwoye O.Mbaeyi:


Application of SYSTRAN for translation of nuclear technology texts at the Nuclear Center of Karlsruhe



Wednesday 15 February


A generalized computer-assisted language translation model: English to Arabic – problems and solutions [not available]

Mamdouh Ibrahim


Robust processing in machine translation

Doug Arnold & Rod Johnson


Development of English-Spanish machine translation

Marjorie León


Control and data structures in the MT system SUSY-E [abstract, full text not available]

Heinz Dieter Maas


The LOGOS system [not available]

Glenn Ransier


TECM – translation of English into Chinese on a micro

Liu Shiao-shu:


Notes on interactive translation

Deryle Lonsdale


Recent Canadian experience in machine translation

Elliott Macklovitch


Machine translation in the USSR



AMPAR and NERPA systems of machine translation: some specific features of software and technology



Distributed language translation, another MT system



Speech input and output technology [not available]

Raj Gunawardana


Language or information: a new role for the translator

Birgit Rommel