FBIS Seminar on Machine Translation

8-9 March 1976

Rosslyn, Virginia


Summary proceedings of a Seminar... organized by MRM Inc.

for the US Government Foreign Broadcast Information Service

[Published in American Journal of Computational Linguistics, microfiche 46]


Full set of abstracts and papers [PDF, 3691KB]




John Yeo: Keynote address....pp.5-7

Wallace L. Chafe: Foundations of machine translation: linguistics [abstract]....pp. 8-9

Martin Kay: Foundations of machine translation: operations [abstract]....p.10


Erhard O. Lippmann: Experimental on-line computer aids for the human translator [abstract]....pp.11-13


Eldon G.Lytel: Automatic language processing project, Brigham Young University [abstract, only 2 pages legible]....pp.14-23


William S-Y Wang: Chinese-English machine translation project on linguistic analysis, University of California, Berkeley [abstract]. ...p.24

John Chandioux: Leibnitz a multilingual system [abstract]....p.25

J. Mathias: Chinese-English Translation Assistance group [abstract].....p.26


John Chandioux: METEO, an operational system for the translation of public weather forecasts. ...pp.27-36


Bedrich Chaloupka: Excerpt from ... presentation on Xonics MT system. ...pp.37-39


Peter Toma: SYSTRAN [summary]....pp.40-45


Shiu-Chang Loh: CULT, Chinese University Language Translator [abstract]....pp.46-50


Michael Zarechnak: Russian-English system, Georgetown University [abstract]. ...pp.51-52


Martha W. Gerrard: Regular use of machine translation of Russian at Oak Ridge National Laboratory [abstract]. ... pp.53-56


Fred C. Hutton: Georgetown University MT system usage, Nuclear Division, Union Carbide Corp.... [abstract]....p.57


Friedrich Krollmann: Translation aids, Federal Republic of Germany [abstract]. ...p.58


Robert J.Shillman: Optical character recognition based on phenomenal attributes [abstract]. ...p.59


William Stallings: Machine processing of Chinese characters [abstract]. ...pp.60-64


Roger C. Schank: Programs to understand stories [abstract]....p.65


Yorick Wilks: Semantics and world knowledge in MT [abstract]....pp.67-69


Robert F. Simmons: Formal representation [abstract]....pp.70-71


S.R.Petrick: Summary of FBIS Seminar on Machine Translation, ....pp.72-76


Sally Yeates Sedelow: Summary remarks for machine translation conference. ...pp.77-81


Richard See: Summary report on the FBIS conference....pp.82-83


David G. Hays: Machine (aided) translation: generalities and guide to action. ....pp.84-88


Jim Mathias: Summary notes[for] FBIS Seminar on Machine Translation, ...pp.89-90


David G.Hays & Jim Mathias: Conceptual outlines of machine translation: systems and experience. Appendix...pp.91-96