Conference on

Theoretical and Methodological Issues in

Machine Translation of Natural Languages

Colgate University, Hamilton, New York

August 14-16, 1985




A MUl View of the <C,A>, T Framework in EUROTRA -- Doug Arnold, Lieven Jaspaert, Rod Johnson, Steven Krauwer, Mike Rosner, Louis des Tombe, Nino Varile and Susan Warwick ..... 1                                                                                                                         On the Production Environment Proposed for the eurotra Project -- D. Bachut  ..... 15                                                                                    A Case Study in Software Evolution: from Ariane-78.4 to Ariane-85 -- Ch. Boitet, P. Guillaume and M. Quezel-Ambrunaz .... 27

New Approaches to Machine Translation -- Jaime G. Carbonell and Masaru Tomita ..... 59

Lexicon-Driven Machine Translation -- Richard E.Cullingford and B.A. Onyshkevych .... 75

On the Design of Expert Systems Grafted on MT Systems -- R. Gerber and Ch. Boitet .... 116

Machine Translation in SDCG Formalism -- Xiuming Huang .... 135

Machine Translation as an Expert Task -- Roderick L. Johnson and Peter Whitelock .... 145

Structural Correspondences and Lexical-Functional Grammar -- Ronald M. Kaplan [not available]

The Significance of Sublanguage for Automatic Translation -- Richard I. Kittredge  .... 154

Integrating Syntax and Semantics -- Steven L. Lytinen ... 167

LMT: a Prolog-Based Machine Translation System -- Michael McCord .... 179

Recovering the Speaker's Decisions during Mechanical Translation -- David McDonald .... 183

Structural Transformation in the Generation Stage of the MU Japanese to English Machine Translation System -- Makoto Nagao .... 200

Interlingua Design for translator -- Sergei Nirenburg, Victor Raskin and Allen B. Tucker .... 224


The Level Hypothesis in Discourse Analysis -- James Pustejovsky .... 245

Linguistics and Natural Language Processing -- Victor Raskin .... 268

A Preliminary Linguistic Framework for EUROTRA, June 1985 -- Louis des Tombe, Doug Arnold, Lieven Jaspaert, Rod Johnson, Steven Krauwer, Mike Rosner, Nino Varile, Susan Warwick .... 283

Feasibility Study of Personal/Interactive Machine Translation Systems -- Masaru Tomita .... 289

Static Grammars: A Formalism for the Description of Linguistic Models -- Bernard Vauquois and Sylviane Chappuy .... 298

On the Debugging Environment Proposed for eurotra -- Nelson Verastegui .... 323

Knowledge Resource Tools for Accessing Large Text Files -- Donald E. Walker .... 335

Reflections on the Knowledge Needed to Process Ill-Formed Language -- Ralph M. Weischedel .... 348

Characteristics of the metal Machine Translation System at Production Stage -- John S White .... 359

Relevance, Points of View and Dialogue Modelling -- Yorick Wilks .... 370