Technology Partnerships for Crossing the Language Barrier

Proceedings of the First Conference

of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas

5-8 October 1994

Columbia, Maryland, USA


Table of Contents



A Hybrid Approach to Multilingual Text Processing: Information Extraction and Machine Translation -- Chinatsu Aone, Hatte Blejer, Mary Ellen Okurowski and Carol Van Ess-Dykema; pp. 1-7 [PDF, 157KB]

Representing Text Meaning for Multilingual Knowledge-Based Machine Translation -- Lynn Carlson, Elizabeth Cooper, Ronald Dolan, Steven Maiorano; pp. 8-15 [PDF, 159KB]

Using Partially Aligned Parallel Text and Part-of-speech Information in Word Alignment -- Jyun-Sheng Chang and Huey-Chyun Chen; pp. 16-23 [PDF, 145KB]

Reengineering Linguistic Resources for Machine Translation in Medical Applications -- G.Deville, E. Herbigniaux, P. Mousel and G. Thienpont; pp.24-31 [PDF, 142KB]

Stylistic Choice in Machine Translation -- Chrysanne DiMarco; pp.32-39 [PDF, 132KB]

The Case for a MT Developers' Tool with a Two-Component View of the Interlingua -- Bonnie Dorr and Clare Voss; pp. 40-47 [PDF, 143KB]

Korean to English Translation Using Synchronous TAGs -- D. Egedi, M. Palmer, H.S. Park, A. Joshi; pp.48-55 [PDF, 153KB]

PANGLYZER: Spanish Language Analysis System -- David Farwell, Steven Helmreich, Wanying Jin, Mark Casper, Jim Hargrave, Hugo Molina-Salgado, Fuliang Weng; pp. 56-64 [PDF, 143KB]

Error Classification for MT Evaluation -- Mary Flanagan; pp. 65-72 [PDF, 119KB]

Integrating Translations from Multiple Sources within the PANGLOSS Mark III Machine Translation System -- Robert Frederking, Sergei Nirenburg, David Farwell, Steven Helmreich, Eduard Hovy, Kevin Knight, Stephen Beale, Constantino Domashnev, Donalee Attardo, Dean Grannes, Ralf Brown; pp. 73-80 [PDF, 137KB]

Aligning Noisy Parallel Corpora Across Language Groups: Word Pair Feature Matching by Dynamic Time Warping -- Pascale Fung and Kathleen McKeown; pp. 81-88 [PDF, 217KB]

Complex Verb Transfer Phenomena in the SLT System -- Björn Gambäck and Ivan Bretan; pp. 89-96 [PDF, 173KB]

The Logos Translatability Index -- Claudia Gdaniec; pp. 97-105 [PDF, 122KB]

An Adaptation of Lexical Conceptual Structures to Multilingual Processing in an Existing Text Understanding System -- Bonnie Glover Stalls, Robert Belvin, Alfredo Arnaiz, Christine Montgomery, Robert Stumberger; pp. 106-113 [PDF, 186KB]

PaTrans - A MT System: Development and Implementation of and Experiences from a MT-system -- Viggo Hansen; pp. 114-121 [PDF, 128KB]

From Machine Translation to Automatic Spoken Language Interpretation -- Dieter Huber; pp. 122-125 [PDF,93KB]

Technical Evaluation of MT Systems from the Developer's Point of View: Exploiting Test-Sets for Quality Evaluation -- H. Isahara, H. Uchino, S. Ogino, T. Okunishi, S. Kinoshita, S. Shibata, T. Sugio, Y. Takayama, S. Doi, T. Nagano, M. Narita, H. Nomura; pp. 126-133 [PDF, 163KB]

Integrating Knowledge Bases and Statistics in MT -- Kevin Knight, Ishwar Chander, Matthew Haines, Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou, Eduard Hovy, Masayo lida, Steve K. Luk, Akitoshi Okumura, Richard Whitney, Kenji Yamada; pp. 134-141 [PDF,205KB]

Internationalization and Translatability -- David Kumhyr, Carla Merrill, Karin Spalink; pp. 142-148 [PDF, 119KB]

A Parameter-Based Message-Passing Parser for MT of Korean and English -- Dekang Lin, Bonnie Dorr, Jye-hoon Lee, and Sungki Suh; pp. 149-156 [PDF, 208KB]

Using Bi-textual Alignment for Translation Validation: the TransCheck system -- Elliott Macklovitch; pp. 157-168 [PDF, 223KB]

Interlingua vs. Transfer? Knowledge Sharing Across Projects -- Nadia Mesli; pp. 169-176 [PDF, 171KB]

Lexicon-to-Ontology Concept Association Using a Bilingual Dictionary -- Akitoshi Okumura and Eduard Hovy; pp. 177-184 [PDF,161KB]

Towards Text-Based Machine Translation -- Jörg Schütz and Bärbel Ripplinger; pp. 185-192 [PDF, 149KB]

The ARPA MT Evaluation Methodologies: Evolution, Lessons, and Future Approaches -- John S. White, Theresa A. O'Connell, Francis E. O'Mara; pp. 193-205 [PDF, 159KB]

Learning an English-Chinese Lexicon from a Parallel Corpus -- Dekai Wu and Xuanyin Xia; pp. 206-213 [PDF, 190KB]


Panel Discussions ; pp.214-224

Is MT Research Doing Any Good? -- Kenneth Church, Bonnie Dorr, Eduard Hovy (moderator), Sergei Nirenburg, Bernard Scott, Virginia Teller

Eduard Hovy: How to decide if research delivers; Bonnie J.Dorr: Four questions and answers; Budd Scott: The Logos view; Virginia Teller: Big bucks or boutique resarch?

The Role of MT Evaluation -- Scott Bennett, George Doddington, Mary Flanagan, Laurie Gerber, Maghi King (moderator), Marjorie León, John White

Winfield Scott Bennett: The role of evaluation in machine translation; Mary Flanagan: Questions for evaluation; John White: The rather-larger-than-expected utility of black-box MT evaluation.

The Economics of MT -- Colin Brace (moderator), Ron Fournier, Denis Gachot, John Smart, Muriel Vasconcellos, Alan Weaver

Muriel Vasconcellos: Measuring the cost of MT

Voices of Experience: MT in Operational Settings -- Susan Armstrong (moderator), Roberta Merchant, Kazunori Muraki, Karin Spalink, Mike Tacelosky, Michelle Vanni, Michael Zarechnak

Kazunori Muraki: The cost of MT in Japan; Karin Spalink: Evaluating the suitability of MT; Michelle Vanni: Project Cybertrans

Future Directions -- Jaime Carbonell, Lutz Graunitz, Pierre Isabelle, Chris Montgomery, Joseph Pentheroudakis (moderator), Alex Waibel

Lutz Graunitz: Two directions of the future; Pierre Isabelle: Support tools are more promising!


System Demonstrations and Presentations pp. 225-246

Transfer-Driven Machine Translation -- Osamu Furuse

Carnegie Group, Inc.: ClearCheck Demonstration -- Peggy Andersen

CompuServe: Machine Translation on CompuServe Forums -- Mary Flanagan

Globalink, Inc.: Power Translator -- Tom Knupp

KANT: Knowledge-Based, Accurate Natural Language Translation -- Teruko Mitamura, Eric Nyberg, Jaime Carbonell

The Klingon Machine Translation Project: The Klingon Language Analyzer -- d'Armond Speers

Language Systems, Inc.: Machine-Aided Voice Translation (MAVT): Advanced Development Model -- Christine Montgomery, Bonnie Glover Stalls, Robert Stumberger, Naicong Li, Robert Belvin, Alfredo Arnaiz, Susan Hirsh Litenatsky

Logos Corporation: Logos Intelligent Translation System -- Winfield Scott Bennett

LogoVista E to J -- John Richards

PANGLOSS -- Jaime Carbonell, David Farwell, Robert Frederking, Steven Helmreich, Eduard Hovy, Kevin Knight, Lori Levin, Sergei Nirenburg

PC-Based MT: Commercial PC-Based Machine Translation Software Packages -- L. Chris Miller

SPANAM(™) and ENGSPAN(™) -- Marjorie León and Julia Aymerich

SYSTRAN: Demonstration and Company Profile -- Stephen Dakis


                                [Conference report in MT News International no. 10, January 1995]