Expanding MT Horizons

Proceedings of the Second Conference

of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas

2-5 October 1996

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Table of Contents


An example-based approach to machine translation -- Bróna Collins, Pádraig Cunningham, and Tony Veale; pp.1-13 [PDF, 259KB]

A controlled skip parser -- Kenji Yamada; pp.14-23 [PDF, 155KB]

Juggling with words: some insights from the human translation process -- Claude Bédard; pp.24-33 [PDF, 160KB]

Bilingual concordancers:a new tool for bilingual lexicographers -- Lucie Langlois; pp.34-42 [PDF, 143KB]

Translation differences and pragmatics-based MT -- Stephen Helmreich and David Farwell; pp.43-55 [PDF, 162KB]

Abstraction and underspecification in semantic transfer -- Bernd Abb, Bianka Buschbeck-Wolf, and Christel Tschernitschek; pp.56-65 [PDF, 186KB]

Lexical knowledge from large corpora and its application to text generation -- Isahara Hitoshi, Inui Hiroko, and Uchida Yuriko; pp.66-75 [PDF, 362KB]

Capturing motion verb generalizations in synchronous tree adjoining grammars -- Martha Palmer and Joseph Rosenzweig; pp.76-85 [PDF, 177KB] 

Evolution of the Logos grammar: system design and development methodology -- Patricia Schmid and Claudia Gdaniec; pp.86-95 [PDF, 169KB]

Two principles and six techniques for rapid MT development -- Sergei Nirenburg, Stephen Beale, Stephen Helmreich, Kavi Mahesh, Evelyne Viegas, and Rémi Zajac; pp. 96-105 [PDF, 159KB]

Adaptation of the DARPA machine translation evlauation paradigm to end-to-end systems -- John S.White and Theresa A. O'Connell; pp.106-114 [PDF, 141KB]

Combining machine readable lexical resources and bilingual corpora for broad word sense disambiguation -- Jason J.S.Chang, Jen-Nan Chen, Huei-Hong Sheng, and Sur-Jin Ker; pp. 115-124 [PDF, 299KB]

Automatic construction of clean broad-coverage translation lexicons -- I. Dan Melamed; pp. 125-134 [PDF, 431KB]

Bilingual sentence alignment: balancing robustness and accuracy -- Michel Simard and Pierre Plamondon; pp. 135-144 [PDF, 230KB]

Line 'em up: advances in alignment technology and their impact on translation support tools -- Elliott Macklovitch and Marie-Louise Hannan; pp. 145-156 [PDF, 179KB]

Checking translations for inconsistency - a tool for the editor -- Magnus Merkel; pp. 157-167 [PDF, 38KB]

Space, metaphor and schematization in sign: sign language translation in the ZARDOZ system -- Tony Veale and Bróna Collins; pp. 168-179 [PDF, 203KB]

Combing language technolgy and web technology to streamline an automotive hotline support service -- Jörg Schütz; pp. 180-189 [PDF, 151KB]

Featured Speaker Papers

Two years online: experiences, challenges and trends -- Mary Flanagan; pp. 192-197 [PDF, 86KB]

The state of machine translation in Europe -- John Hutchins; pp. 198-205 [PDF, 105KB]

"Specialized" machine translation -- John Chandioux and Annette Grimaila; pp. 206-211 [PDF, 104KB]

The primacy of core technology MT evaluation -- John S.White; pp. 212-218 [PDF, 123KB]

Panel Statements

MT online: the future is now! ; pp. 220-223 [PDF, 97KB]

David Clements: The value of online MT in the age of the 'Cyber society'; Patricia O'Neill-Brown: Online machine translation.

The limits of automation: optimists vs skeptics. ; pp. 224-228 [PDF, 114KB]

Kenneth Ward Church: Optimists and skeptics; Denis Gachot: Assimilation or dissemination? That is the question; Yorick Wilks: On the limits of automation.

What can we learn from users? ; pp. 229-232 [PDF, 105KB]

Winfield Scott Bennett: Learning from users; Edith Westfall: Legal implications of MT on-line.

Next steps in MT research; pp. 233-237 [PDF, 111KB]

David Farwell: Observations concerning next steps in MT research; Jackie Murgida: Ten years' experience talks about the future!

System Demonstrations

ANTHEM:advanced natural language interface for multilingual text generation in healthcare (LRE 62-007) -- G.Deville, E.Herbigniaux, P.Mousel, G.Thienpont and M.Wéry; pp. 240-243 [PDF, 86KB]

Online MT at Compuserve -- Mary Flanagan; pp. 244-246 [PDF, 69KB]

ITSVOX -- Eric Wehrli; pp. 247-251 [PDF, 116KB]

JANUS: multi-lingual translation of spontaneous speech in limited domain -- Alon Lavie, Lori Levin, Alex Waibel, Donna Gates, Marsal Gavalda, and Laura Mayfield; pp. 252-255 [PDF, 144KB]

JAPANGLOSS: using statistics to fill knowledge gaps -- Kevin Knight, Yaser Al-Onaizan, Ishwar Chander, Eduard Hovy, Irene Langkilde, Richard Whitney, and Kenji Yamada; pp. 256 [PDF, 81KB]

JICST Japanese-English machine translation system -- Patricia O'Neill-Brown; pp. 257-260 [PDF, 119KB]

LEXIUM -- John Chandioux and Annette Grimaila; pp. 261-263 [PDF, 65KB]

Logos Intelligent Translation System -- Winfield Scott Bennett; pp. 264-267 [PDF, 93KB]

The Pangloss-Lite machine translation system -- Robert E. Frederking and Ralf D. Brown; pp. 268-272 [PDF, 116KB]

PARS and PARS/U machine translation systems: English-Russian-English and English-Ukrainian-English -- Michael S. Blekhman; pp. 273-276 [PDF, 82KB]

SYSTRAN Chinese-English MT, ECI Chinese OCR - CHIOCR -- Laurie Gerber; pp. 277-279 [PDF, 70KB]

Towards a multilingual analyst's workstation: Temple -- Rémi Zajac; pp. 280-284 [PDF, 183KB]

Trados translator's workbench -- Mark Berry; pp. 285-289 [PDF, 188KB]

Other presentations (not in proceedings)

Opening address: Trends in machine translation and the forces that shape them – Muriel Vasconcellos

PREceedings of the pre-workshop on ILs and IL approaches to MT. Contributions by Stephen Helmreich, Lori Levin, Yorick Wilks, Robert Belvin, Bonnie Glover Stalls, Christine Montgomery, Alfredo Arnaiz, John White, Boyan Onyshkevych, David Farwell, Evelyne Viegas, Young-Suk Lee, Clifford Weinstein, Nili Mandelbit, Eduard Hovy, Bonnie J.Dorr, Michelle Vanni, Rémi Zajac, Kavi Mahesh, Sergei Nirenburg, Clare R.Voss, Kevin Knight, and Martha Palmer.


                                [Conference report in MT News International no. 16, February/March 1997]