AMTA/SIG-IL First Workshop on Interlinguas

Tuesday, October 28, 1997,

Catamaran Hotel, San Diego, CA, USA

[held during MT Summit VI, San Diego]



Dina Belyayeva: The model of conceptual structure mapping: a psycholinguistic approach to interlingual representation.  pp. 1-10. [PDF, 164KB]

Hoa Trang Dang, Joseph Rosenzweig, & Martha Palmer: Associating semantic components with intersective Levin classes. pp. 11-18. [PDF, 182KB]

Bonnie J. Dorr, M. Antonia Martí, & Irene Castellón: Spanish EuroWordNet and LCS-based interlingual MT.  pp. 19-31. [PDF, 237KB]

Bonnie J. Dorr, Mari Broman Olsen, & Scott C. Thomas: Toward compact monotonically compositional interlingua using lexical aspect.  pp. 33-43. [PDF, 190KB]

David Farwell: On representing language-specific information in interlingua.  pp. 45-50. [PDF, 113KB]

Stephen Helmreich: Time to eat peaches: language-specific information in interlingua. pp. 51-52. [PDF, 84KB]

Latifur R. Khan & Eduard H. Hovy: Improving the precision of lexicon-to-ontology alignment algorithms.  pp. 53-58. [PDF, 147KB]

Shin-ichiro Kamei & Kazunori Muraki: Interlingua developed and utilized in real multilingual MT product systems.  pp. 59-69. [PDF, 242KB]

Young-Suk Lee, Clifford Weinstein, Dinesh Tummala, Linda Kukolich, & Stephanie Seneff: Simplification of nomenclature leads to an ideal IL for human language communication. pp. 71-72. [PDF, 86KB]

Susann Luperfoy & Keith Miller: The use of pegs computational discourse framework as an interlingua representation.  pp. 73-80. [PDF,  165KB]

Hideo Miyoshi, Takano Ogino, & Kenji Sugiyama: EDR’s concept classification and description for interlingual representation.  pp. 81-89. [PDF,  184KB]

Alexis Nasr, Owen Rambow, Martha Palmer, & Joseph Rosenzweig: Enriching lexical transfer with cross-linguistic semantic features or how to do interlingua without interlingua. pp. 91-98. [PDF,  202KB]

Mari Broman Olsen, Bonnie J. Dorr, & David J. Clark: Using WordNet to posit hierarchical structure in Levin’s verb classes.  pp. 99-110. [PDF, 193KB]