Applying Technology to the Translation Process


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Proceedings of a conference

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Aslib, The Association for Information Management

Aslib Technical Translation Group

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting

8-9 November 1990

CBI Conference Centre, London WC1

[London: Aslib, 1991]

[ISBN 0-85142-283-7]


Reproduced with permission of Aslib




Introduction                                                                                                                                                         vii

Catriona Picken

Keynote paper: Machine Translation and Machine-Aided Translation - What's going on                  3
Jun-ichi Tsujii

Session 1: Technology in Eastern Europe

Chaired by Isabella Moore

Translation and Computers: an overview of the Polish translation scene                                                27
Bogdan Chojna

The growing range of document preparation systems                                                                                 33

Philippa Moss

Session 1: Summary of the discussion                                                                                                            41

Session 2: Text transfer

Chaired by David Hickman

Optical Character Recognition                                                                                                                         45

Peter Laurie

Document conversion                                                                                                                                        49

Peter Laurie and David Hickman


Setting up a Mailbox network                                                                                                                          53

Peter Barber

Online data exchange                                                                                                                                        57

David Hickman

Session 2: Summary of the discussion                                                                                                           61

Session 3: Machine translation now

Chaired by Professor Jacques Durand

Language technology products in the European market                                                                            65

Brigitte Engelien

Machine translation of natural languages: the TOVNA MTS solution                                                    83

Ami Segal

Session 3: Summary of the discussion                                                                                                           111

Session 4: Human factors

Chaired by Pamela Mayorcas

The long-term effects of working with computers                                                                                        115

Gunnela Westlander

Putting the VIM into AVIMA                                                                                                                           129

Andrew Evans and Dimitri Theologitis

Session 4: Summary of the discussion                                                                                                            139

Session 5: Managing the translation process

Chaired by Ulla Magnusson Murray

GEPRO - a computerised system for controlling the production

of translations in the European Parliament                                                                                                   143
Barry Wilson

Translation quality - how can we tell it's good enough?                                                                              149

Peter Kahl

Multimedia/Multilanguage publishing for the 1990s                                                                                   159

Kent Taylor

Session 5: Summary of the discussion                                                                                                            173


Biographical notes on speakers and chairs                                                                 177

List of participants                                                                                                      183