The Theory and Practice of Machine Translation - A Marriage of Convenience?


Papers presented at a conference jointly sponsored by

Aslib, The Association for Information Management

Aslib Technical Translation Group

Institute of Translation and Interpreting

28-29 November 1991

CBI Conference Centre, London WC1

[London: Aslib, 1992]

[ISBN: 0 85142 295 0]

Papers reproduced by permission of Aslib


Session 1: The Theory

Why Computers Do Not Translate Better                                                                                3

   W. John Hutchins

Session 2: Terminology

TEI-TERM: an SGML-based interchange format for terminology files                                  19

Alan Melby and Sue Ellen Wright
The EuroTermBank                                                                                                                39

   Paul Nekeman

Session 3: Multilingual Working

Dealing with Multiple Languages in the Computer Industry                                                   47

John Clews
Computer Character Sets: their evolution and impact                                                              61

   John Parry

Session 4:  Translating the Software

Software Localisation: a case history                                                                                       71

   Graham Bason

Session 5: Quality and Testing

On Evaluating MT Systems                                                                                                      81

Jacques Durand
From Evaluation to Specification                                                                                             93

   R Lee Humphreys

Session 6:  The Practice

The Globalink Translation System - GTS                                                                                 107

Nigel Burnford
SYSTRAN: or the reality of machine translation                                                                     113

François Secheresse
Alpnet and TSS: the commercial realities of using a computer-aided translation system           119

   Thomas Seal

Session 7:  The Future

Current Practical Machine Translation Systems in Japan and Future Directions                     129

Makoto Nagao
EUROTRA: an assessment of the current state of the EC's MT programme                           137

Doug Arnold and Louisa Sadler
Machine Translation Seen as Interactive Multilingual Text Generation                                   153

   Harold L Somers and Danny Jones