Quality Standards and the Implementation of Technology in Translation


Papers presented at a conference jointly sponsored by
Aslib. The Association for Information Management
Aslib Technical Translation Group
Institute of Translation and Interpreting
European Association of Machine Translation


10-11 November 1992

CBI Conference Centre, London WC1


Papers reproduced by permission of Aslib



Quality at Work

An Introduction to quality assurance and a guide to the implementation of BS5750

             LJ.Wedlake, Information Control                                                                      1

The happy triad - the human, the MAT, and the MT

F. Svanholm, IBM European Language Services                                     15

Translators Workbench

User's point of view of the Translator's Workbench

Khai Le-Hong, M. Hoge, A. Hohmann, Mercedes Benz                           25

Terminology management: A corpus-based approach                                         

K. Ahmad, M. Rogers, University of Surrey                                             33

Computer aided translation in an integrated document production process:

Tools and applications                                                                                                      

            G.P. Freibott, Krupp Industrietechnik                                                                   45

Standards at Work

Writing on disk - an author at play in a computer-simulated world                   

J. Dorner, Consultant                                                                               67

Standards and national qualifications for language professionals

T. Caple, Prime Research & Development                                              75

Using METAL - the application of a machine translation system in an R&D environment

A. Paillet, Boehringer Ingelheim                                                               81

Eurolang project (European languages)                                                              

J.J. Pérot, Site-Eurolang                                                                         103

Quality management in translation                                                                      

S. O'Sullivan, ICL                                                                                    107

Technology at Work

Evaluation of software                                                                                       

J.E. Rowley, Crewe & Alsager College of Higher Education                         117

A professional bulletin board for translators, an online members database,

a new structure for printed directories
            C. Bouthillier, Tekstotall                                                                           127

Online correction and translation of industrial texts                                              

G. Van der Steen and B-J Dijenborgh,Volmac Lingware Services                 135

English-Swedish translation of dialogue software

H. Alshawi, D. Carter, S. Pulman, M. Rayner,SRI International, and
B. Gambäck, Swedish Institute of Computer Science                                      165

The reunion of an Eastern family - the world's first truly integrated Chinese,

Japanese and Korean DTP system
H.Z. Zhang, Eastword                                                                              175

Stop reinventing the wheel

B. Clark, Praetorius                                                                                        181

The Future

Cab computer-speak language: developing multilingual audio and visual

communications systems for Transmanche trains
R.T. Bell and J. Lonergan, University of Westminster                            187


[also presented:]

Interchange of documents in electronic form utilising international standards

          Edward John Moore


Exhibitors                                                                                                               197