Papers presented at a conference jointly sponsored by

Aslib, The Association for Information Management

Aslib Technical Translation Group

Instityute of Translation and Interpreting

European Association of Machine Translation


18-19 November 1993

CBI Conference Centre, London WC1


Papers reproduced by permission of Aslib



Developments in machine translation research in the US                                       1

Yorick Wilks, University of Sheffield

Machine translation, myth, muddle or reality                                                             19

Seamus Derrington, Nissan European Technical Centre

Choose your words carefully                                                                                        23

Patrick de Gale and Sage de Gale, Information Systems Ltd

Controlled English with and without machine translation                                      35

Arthur Lee, Bull S A

Collaborative authoring of hypermedia documents                                                 41

Jörg M Haake and Christine M Neuwirth, Integrated
Publications and Information Systems Institute

Terminology and the computer - attention shifts to the micro                                 59

Roger Bennett, Commission of the European Communities

New trends in terminology processing and implications for practical translation 83

Blaise Nkwenti-Azeh, Centre for Computational Linguistics

The Internet - an electronic treasure trove                                                                  99

Gerhard Obenaus, University of Iowa

Evaluation of machine translation software and methods                                    111

Margaret King, ISSCO & ETI

Forty ways to skin a cat: users report on machine translation                              121

Veronica Lawson and Muriel Vasconcellos,
Translation Consultants

Development of management package for translators in translation management 131
Peter Barber

Foreign languages in WordPerfect                                                                            153

Peter Kahrel

The SUNDIAL speech understanding and dialogue project: results and implication for translation  165
Norman Fraser, Vocalis Ltd

Future translation workbenches: some essential requirements                           181

Richard Birch, Rank Xerox Technical Centre

Multilingual drafting of instructional texts                                                                 193

Donia Scott, University of Brighton