Papers presented at a conference jointly sponsored by

Aslib, The Association for Information Management

Aslib Technical Translation Group

Institute of Translation and Interpreting

European Association for Machine Translation

10-11 November 1994

Institution of Civil Engineers, London SW1


Papers reproduced by permission of Aslib



A New Era in Machine Translation Research                                                                                      1

John Hutchins, University of East Anglia

Terms are not alone: term choice and choice terms                                                                            14

Sophia Ananiadou, Manchester Metropolitan University
John McNaught, UMIST

Developments in Voice and Language Technology                                                                            33

Helen McCready and Francoise Moreau- Johnson, IBM

Interactive Corpus-based Translation Learning Tool (Translearn)                                                      37

Stelios Piperidis, Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Athens

Test Suites for Natural Language Processing                                                                                      51

Lorna Balkan, Doug Arnold and Siety Meijer, University of Essex

Integration into Workflow - what makes MT work?                                                                             59

Chris Pyne, Systemtechnik GmbH & Co.

Developments in Systran                                                                                                                     65

Dorothy Senez, Commission of the European Communities

Simplified English grammar and style correction in an MT framework: The LRE SECC Project      78

Geert Adriaens, Siemens Nixdorf / University of Leuven

Translating in Cyberspace: the coming industry of tele-translation                                                     89

Minako O'Hagan, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand




Also presented (but not in the proceedings):


Practical Choices for Hardware and Software

       Peter Ball, Computers for Linguists


The Impact of Enlargement on Translation in Sweden: Assessment and Guesswork

       David Canter, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs