Translating & The Computer 17

Papers from the Aslib

Conference held on

9th an 10th November 1995

Papers reproduced by permission of Aslib




1.                             In the balance - Ericsson Language Services

Gary Jaekel, Ericsson Language Services, Sweden

2.                              Machine Translation - success or failure

Ursula Bemhard, National Research Centre for Information Technology, Germany

3.                             Can we make do with Near Human Quality"?

Terence Lewis, Hook& Hatton, UK

4.                            The tools for adapting a machine translation system to individual needs

            Svetiana Sokolova, PROMT, Russia

5.                             Translators, the Internet and standing still

Roger Harris, Independent Consultant, UK

6.                             MT at SAP - a successful integration

Dirk Lueke, SAP AG, Germany

7.                              UNICODE - implications for the translator

Peter Kwan, Independent Consultant, UK

8.                            The use of translation-orientated terminology methodology in the translation process

           Carol Eckmann, Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

9.                             Some practical suggestions for implementing machine translation

           John Hatley, Logos GmbH, Germany

10.                      METAL Russian-German on the way to a product

I.Höser, G Kiimonow, A Küstner, B.Rüdiger, GMS, Germany

11.                     Using corpora to develop limited-domain speech translation systems

Manny Rayner, Pierrette Bouillon, David Carter, SRI International, UK

12.                      Language technology and the new translator - is on-the-job training the best approach?

Robert Clark, Praetorius Ltd, UK


Adjunct to proceedings

                The translator in the communications web

                Anna Cordon, British Telecommunications plc