Translating & the Computer 18


Papers from the Aslib

conference held on

14 & 15 November 1996

Papers reproduced by permission of Aslib




Recent Trends in Machine Translation

Muriel Vasconcellos, President of IAMT, USA

Multilint - a Technical Documentation System with Multilingual Intelligence

Professor Johann Haller, University of Saarbrucken, Germany

LinguaNet... Setting a linguist to catch a thief

Edward Johnson, University of Cambridge, UK

Making a service out of MT

Chris Pyne, Sprache & Dokumentation, Germany

The Logos Living Dictionary - an unprecedented internet resource

Bob Cark, Praetorius Ltd, UK

Towards a more efficient use of PC-based MT in education

Professor Ruslan Mitkov, University of Wolverhampton, UK

Letting the CAT out of the bag - or was it MT?

Ian Gordon, Trados UK Ltd, UK

Automate, Emigrate or Evaporate! Automating the localisation process

Orlagh Neary, Corel Corporation Ltd, Ireland

MtScript - a multilingual text editor

Abdel-Malek Boualem, University of Provence, France

The European Translation Platform

Geoffrey Kingscott, Secretary, ETP and Managing Director, Praetorius Ltd, UK

The Internet - Myth and Reality

Lyn Robinson, Independent Internet Consultant, UK

Computer Support for Authoring Multilingual Software Documentation

Professor Donia Scott, University of Brighton, UK

Professional Translation: can it be taught?

Sigrid B Martin, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK

Kielikone Finnish-English MT system "TranSmart" in practical use

Harri Arnola, Director, Kielikone Ltd, Finland

Roughlate service for in-house customers

Pertti Nuutiia, Nokia Telecommunications, Finland

Accessing Internet-based business communication services in your own

Professor Dr Klaus Schubert, Fachhochschule Flensburg, Germany

Building Machine Translation on a firm foundation

Professor Alan Meiby, Brigham Young University, USA