Translating and the Computer 20

Proceedings from the Aslib conference held on 12 & 13 November 1998


Papers reproduced by permission of Aslib




Twenty Years of Translating and the Computer

John Hutchins (University of East Anglia, UK)

Evaluating MT systems: testing and researching the feasibility of a teak-diagnostic approach

   Michelle Vanni (US Department of Defense)

Managing a Translation Service to Maximise Quality and Efficiency

               Ian Jones (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Belgium)

Post-editing Service for Machine Translation Users at the European Commission
Dorothy Senez (European Commission Translation Service, Brussels)

Language Tools at the EC Translation Service: The Theory and the Practice

Dimitri Theologitis (European Commission Translation Service, Luxembourg)

From Testbench to Workflow: Relocating MT in Education and Training
Tony Hartley (University of Brighton, UK) and Klaus Schubert
(Fachhochschule Flensburg, Germany)

Some Reflections on the Teaching of CAT

Pascale Merten (Institut supérieur de traducteurs et interprètes, Haute Ecole
de Bruxelles)

Improving Translation at the Source

Dawn Murphy, Jane Mason and Stuart Sklair (Multilingual Technology Ltd

LCC - The Language Consulting Centre - Language Consulting in Cyberspace
Jeanette Ørsted and Anne Møller (The Danish Association of Business
Language Graduates - EsF)

Horses for Courses: Changing User Acceptance of Machine Translation

Steve McLaughlin and Ulrike Schwall (Lernout & Hauspie (GMS), Germany)

Kielekone MT Takes User-Friendliness Seriously

Kaarina Hyvönen and Harri Arnola (Kielikone Ltd, Finland)

EPTAS: A Client/Server Based Translation Support System

Dr Klemens Waldhör (EP Electronic Publishing Partners GmbH, Germany)

ProMT 98 - The Current State

Svetlana Sokolova (Project MT Ltd, Russia)


Multilingual Human Language Technology in Automotive Documentation Workflows

Jörg Schütz (IAI, Germany)


Machine Translation Trends in Europe and Japan

Sophia Ananiadou (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

Translation in the Next Century: A Future Vision

Jens Thomas Lück (Logos Corporation, Germany)

Towards a Multi-language Multi Script Web Based Reference & Terminology System
Olaf-Michael Stefanov (United Nations, Vienna)