Machine translation:

Ten years on

Proceedings of the Second international conference

organised by Cranfield University

in conjunction with the Natural Language Translation Specialist Group

of the British Computer Society

held at Cranfield University, England, 12-14 November 1994


 1.  Derek Lewis: Machine translation – ten years on: an overview of the conference [PDF, 118KB]

 2.  Yorick Wilks: Some notes on the state of the art: Where are we now in MT: what works and what doesn't? And the role MT as an international collaborative activity. [PDF, 110KB]

 3.  Peter Wheeler: The errant avocado returns- A personal Odyssey [PDF, 120KB]

 4.  John Hutchins: Research methods and system designs in machine translation: a ten-year review, 1984-1994 [PDF, 172KB]

 5.  Anthony M McEnery, Michael P Oakes and Roger G Garside: The use of approximate string matching techniques in the alignment of sentences in parallel corpora. [PDF, 145KB]

 6.  Mohammed Y Al-Hafez, Alfred D Vella and Douglas Clarke: A semantic knowledge-based computational dictionary. [PDF, 200KB]

 7.  Horacio Saggion and Ariadne Carvalho: Anaphora resolution in a machine translation system. [PDF, 439KB]

 8.  Ruslan Mitkov and Johann Haller: Machine translation, ten years on: Discourse has yet to make a breakthrough. [PDF, 138KB]

 9.  Terence Lewis: Aspects of an empirical approach to language processing. [PDF, 91KB]

10.  Angeliki Petrits: The current state of the Commission's Systran MT system. [PDF, 367KB]

11.  Svetlana Sokolova: STYLUS - the MT product line for Russian: the current state. [PDF, 80KB]

12.  Iris Höser and Barbara Rüdiger: Russian – a challenge to METAL? Some difficulties of Russian-German machine translation. [PDF, 175KB]

13.  Michael Blekhman: Through the Looking Glass to the PARS land. [PDF, 345KB]

14.  Jörg Schütz: Terminological knowledge in multilingual language processing. [PDF, 700KB]

15.  Richard Morgan, Mark Smith and Sengan Short: Translation by meaning and style in LOLITA. [PDF, 739KB]

16.  Walther v.Hahn and Galja Angelova: Providing factual information in MAT. [PDF, 223KB]

17.  Wilhelm Weisweber: The experimental MT system of the project KIT-FAST. [PDF, 874KB]

18.  Chadia Moghrabi: On parametering the choice of words in text generation and its usefulness in machine translation. [PDF, 113KB]

19.  Bärbel Ripplinger: Concept-based machine translation and interpretation. [PDF, 666KB]

20.  Scott McGlashan: The role of semantics in spoken dialogue translation systems. [PDF, 814KB]

21.  Susanne Heizmann: Human strategies in translation and interpretation - What MT can learn from translators. [PDF, 452KB]

22.  Christian Boitet: Dialogue-Based MT and self-explaining documents as an alternative to MAHT and MT of controlled languages. [PDF, 164KB]

23.  Boh Wasyliw and Douglas Clarke: Natural language analysis and machine translation in pilot-ATC communication. [PDF, 251KB]

24.  Lorna Balkan Test suites: some issues in their use and design. [PDF, 101KB]

25.  Ursula Bernhard: Machine translation: ten years on: Where are the users? [PDF, 91KB]

26.  Alan Melby: Machine translation and philosophy of language. [PDF, 143KB]

27.  Alfred Vella and Dominic Vella: The implications of machine translation. [PDF, 87KB]