Spoken Language Translation


Proceedings of a workshop

sponsored by the

Association of Computational Linguistics

and by the

European Network in Language and Speech (ELSNET)


Ed. Steven Krauwer, Doug Arnold, Walter Kasper, Manny Rayner, Harold Somers


11 July 1997

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

Madrid, Spain


Table of contents




p.3-9: Discourse particles and routine formulas in spoken language translation

                        Manfred Stede, Birte Schmitz


p.10-15: A dialogue analysis model with statistical speech act processing for dialogue machine translation

                        Jae-won Lee, Gil Chang Kim, Jungyun Seo


p.16-23: Towards translating spoken language pragmatics in an analogical framework

                        Keiko Horiguchi


p.24-31: Correct parts extraction from speech recognition results using semantic distance calculation, and its application to speech translation

                        Yumi Wakita, Jun Kawai, Hitoshi Iida


p.32-39: A formal basis for spoken language translation by analogy

                        Keiko Horiguchi and Alexander Franz


p.40-43: Dealing with multilinguality in a spoken language query translator

                        Pascale Fung, Bertram Shi, Dekai Wu, Lam Wai Bun, Wong Shuen Kong


p.44-53: Using categories in the EUTRANS system

J,C,Amengual, J.M.Benedi, F.Casacuberta, A.Castaño, A.Castellanos, D.Llorens, A.Marzal, F.Prat, E.Vidal,, J.M.Vilar


p.54-60: English-to-Mandarin speech translation with head transducers.

                        Hiyan Alshawi and Fei Xia


p.61-66: Interactive speech translation in the DIPLOMAT project.

                        Robert Frederking, Alexander Rudnicky, and Christopher Hogan


p.67-72: Expanding the domain of a multi-lingual speech-to-speech translation system

Alon Lavie, Lori Levin, Puming Zhan, Maite Taboada, Donna Gates, Mirella Lapata, Cortis Clark, Matthew Broadhead,, Alex Waibel


p.73-82: Translation methodology in the Spoken Language Translator: an evaluation

David Carter, Ralph Becket, Manny Rayner, Robert Eklund, Catriona MacDermid, Mats Wirén, Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen, Christina Philp


p.83-91: Six issues in speech translation

                        Mark Seligman




p.92-93: Combining situated reasoning with semantic transfer minimally

                        Tsutomu Fujinami


p.94-95: A Polish-to-English text-to-text translation system based on an electronic dictionary

                        Krzysztof Jassem


p.96-97: Spoken language translation with the ITSVox system

                        Eric Wehrli and Jean-Luc Cochard