Fourth International Conference on Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation of Natural Languages

Quatrième colloque international sur les aspects théoriques et méthodologiques de la traduction automatique

Empiricist vs. Rationalist Methods in MT

Méthodes empiristes versus méthodes rationalistes en TA


25-27 June 1992, Montréal, Canada


Table of Contents

Translation equivalence and lexicalization in the ACQUILEX LKB : Antonio Sanfilippo, Ted Briscoe, Ann Copestake, Maria Antonia Marti, Mariona Taulé, Antonietta Alonge; pp.1-11. [PDF, 292KB]

Locations in the machine translation of prepositional phrases: Arturo Trujillo; pp.13-20. [PDF, 205KB]

Translation in the predicative element of a sentence: category switiching, aspect and diathesis: Laurence Danlos, Pollet Samvelian; pp.21-34. [PDF, 168KB]

Example-based machine translation using connectionist matching: Ian J. McLean; pp.35-43. [PDF, 205KB]

A pattern-learning based, hybrid model for the syntactic analysis of structural relationships among Japanese clauses : Akitoshi Okumura, Kazunori Muraki, Kiyoshi Yamabana; pp.45-54 [PDF, 184KB]

Natural language analysis using a network model - Modification Deciding Network : Masahiko Ishikawa, Ryoichi Sugimura; pp.55-66. [PDF, 232KB]

Using cognates to align sentences in bilingual corpora : Michel Simard, George F. Foster, Pierre Isabelle; pp.67-81. [PDF, 270KB]

Analysis, statistical transfer, and synthesis in machine translation : Peter F. Brown, Stephen A. Della Pietra, Vincent J. Della Pietra, John D. Lafferty, Robert L. Mercer; pp.83-100. [PDF, 209KB]

Using bilingual materials to develop word sense disambiguation methods: William A. Gale, Kenneth W. Church, David Yarowsky; pp.101-112. [PDF, 291KB]

Where the tagger falters: Elliott Macklovitch; pp.113-126. [PDF, 187KB]

Are the grammars so far developed appropriate to recognize the real structure of a sentence? Makoto Nagao; pp.127-137. [PDF, 168KB]

An example-based method for transfer-driven machine translation: Osamu Furuse, Hitoshi Iida; pp.139-150. [PDF, 224KB]

Interactive multilingual text generation for a monolingual user: Harold Somers; pp.151-161. [PDF, 148KB]

Non-hybrid example-based machine translation architectures: Daniel Jones; pp.163-171. [PDF, 185KB]

Tree cover search algorithm for example-based translation: Hiroshi Maruyama, Hideo Watanabe; pp.173-184. [PDF, 238KB]

In defense of rationalist approaches to MT research: David L. Farwell; pp.185-193. [PDF, 158KB]

Rationalism and the treatment of referential dependencies: Doug Arnold, Louisa Sadler; pp.195-204. [PDF, 198KB]

Towards a quality improvement in machine translation: modelling discourse structure and including discourse development in the determination of translation equivalents: Karin Haenelt; pp.205-212. [PDF, 231KB]

Contextual constraints for MT: Kurt Eberle, Walter Kasper, Christian Rohrer; pp.213-224. [PDF, 207KB]

The KANT perspective: a critique of pure transfer (and pure interlingua, pure statistics, .. ): Jaime G. Carbonell, Teruko Mitamura, Eric H. Nyberg, 3rd; pp.225-235. [PDF, 180KB]

Translation relations and the combination of analytical and statistical methods in machine translation: Hubert Lehmann, Nikolaus Ott; pp.237-248. [PDF, 141KB]

Why corpus-based statistics-oriented machine translation: Keh-Yih Su, Jing-Shin Chang; pp.249-262. [PDF, 328KB]

Combining rationalist and empiricist approaches to machine translation: Ralph Grishman, Michiko Kosaka; pp.263-274. [PDF, 258KB]


                                [Conference report in MT News International  no. 3, September 1992]