8th International Conference on

Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation

(TMI 99)

August 23-25, 1999

University College, Chester, England



Mental spaces, space builders and bilingual summarization of news reports.... 1

Barbara Gawronska, Jaana Anttila and Dan-Ivar Jacobsson


Long time no see: overt semantics for Machine Translation .... 11

Evelyne Viegas, Wanying Jin and Stephen Beale


Adding linguistic knowledge to a lexical example-based translation system ....22

Ralf D. Brown


A unified example-based and lexicalist approach to Machine Translation ....33

Davide Turcato, Paul McFetridge, Fred Popowich and Janine Toole


Learning, forgetting and remembering: statistical support for rule-based MT ....44

Oliver Streiter, Leonid L. Iomdin, Munpyo Hong and Ute Hauck


Automatic generation of semantic dependency rules for Japanese noun phrases with particles “no” .... 55

Satoru Ikehara, Shinnji Nakai and Jin'ichi Murakami


An example-based approach to Japanese-to-English translation of tense, aspect, and modality ....66

Masaki Murata, Qing Ma, Kiyotaka Uchimoto and Hitoshi Isahara


Bilingual clustering using monolingual algorithms ....77

Sergio Barrachina and Juan Miguel Vilar


Extracting bilingual collocations from non-aligned parallel corpora ....88

Kumiko Ohmori and Masanobu Higashida


A language-neutral sparse-data algorithm for extracting translation patterns ....98

Kevin McTait and Arturo Trujillo


Extraction of translation equivalents from non-parallel corpora .... 109

Takaaki Tanaka and Yoshihiro Matsuo


A confidence index for Machine Translation .... 120

Arendse Bernth


Errors of omission in translation .... 128

Graham Russell


Profiling translation projects: an essential part of routing translations .... 139

Nancy L. Underwood and Bart Jongejan


Lexical selection with a target language monolingual corpus and an MRD .... 150

Hyun Ah Lee, Jong C. Park and Gil Chang Kim


Explanation-based learning for Machine Translation  .... 161

Janine Toole, Fred Popowich, Devlan Nicholson, Davide Turcato and Paul McFetridge


“The Limits of my Language Mean the Limits of my World”: is Machine Translation a Cultural Threat to anyone? ...    172

Nicholas Ostler


Experiments in translingual information retrieval using web-based MT and WordNet .... 174

Krzysztof Czuba and Xin Liu


Automatic addition of verbal semantic attributes to a Japanese-to-English valency transfer dictionary ...185

Hiromi Nakaiwa and Kayo Seki


Argument status in Japanese verb sense disambiguation .... 196

Timothy Baldwin and Hozumi Tanaka


A valency dictionary architecture for Machine Translation ...207

Timothy Baldwin, Francis Bond and Ben Hutchinson


Multiple strategies for automatic disambiguation in technical translation ....218

Teruko Mitamura, Eric Nyberg, Enrique Torrejon and Robert Igo


Pipelined multi-engine Machine Translation: accomplishment of MATES/CK system ....228

Min Zhang and Key-Sun Choi