British Computer Society

Natural Language Translation Specialist Group



nos 1-5: not available


no 6, May 1978, p.3: Philip J.Sallis: Precis of lecture given on 15/11/77


no.6, May 1978, p.3: Douglas Clarke: The resolution of ambiguities by computer


no 6, May 1978, p.4: Bruce Shaak: Notes on Professor Loh’s talk


no 7, November 1978, p.3-6: Paul Procter & Ken Moore: Computer applications to lexicography


no 7, November 1978, p.7: Ian Kelly: Aslib seminar, 14th November 1978 “Translation and the Computer”


no 7, November 1978, p.9-16: Walter Goshawke: SLUNT notes: the rules of number language, part I


no 8, April 1979, p.3-4: Walter Goshawke: Research Colloquium in Information Retrieval, Aston, April 1979


no 8, April 1979, p.5: Ian Kelly: BCS 79


no 8, April 1979, p.7-8: K.Bauknecht: Herbert Bruderer’s book


no 8, April 1979, p.9-16: Walter Goshawke: SLUNT notes: the rules of number language, part 2


no 9, January 1980, p.7-19: Alan K.Melby: Design and implementation of a computer-assisted translation system


no 10, February 1981, p.4-19: Barbara Snell: Has the human translator a future


no 10, February 1981, p.20-42: Ian M.Pigott: How does Systran translate


no 11, August 1981, p.5-17: Veronica Lawson: Tigers and polar bears, or: Translating and the computer


no 12, April 1982, p.6-14: Ulla Magnusson-Murray: Computer-assisted translation at ITT


no 12, April 1982, p.15-20: Ian D.K.Kelly: The machine translation of open-ended answers


no 13, February 1983, 16pp.: Peter Wheeler: The errant avocado


no 13, February 1983, 8pp.: Walter Goshawke: The rules of number language (SLUNT), part 3


no 14, May 1984, 11pp : Alan Danik: Interactive machine translation: the ALPS computer assisted translation system


no 14, May 1984, 18pp.: Muriel Vasconcellos: Machine translation at the Pan American Health Organization


no 15, November 1985, 9pp.: Richard Hudson: Linguistics and the machine translation of natural language texts


no 15, November 1985, 4pp.: I.D.K.Kelly: Cranfield conference after-dinner speech


no 15, November 1985, 14pp.: J.Douglas Clarke: A multilingual computerised dictionary for machine translation


no 15, November 1985, 4pp.: J.A.Alsop: TERMIA 84 conference – terminology and international cooperation


no 15 [i.e.16, 1987], p.3-4: Bill Williams: History, general aims and interests of the Cambridge Language Research Unit


no 15 [i.e.16, 1987], p.5-8: Veronica Lawson: MT UK: Britain and machine translation


no 17, [1988], p.1-3: B.W.Oakley: Alvey and machine translation: progress report


no 17, [1988], p.7-10.: Walter Goshawke: New book on computer translation


no 17, [1988], p.11: Ian Kelly: Book review, Machine translation, past, present, future, W.J.Hutchins


no 17, [1988], p.11-12: Ian Kelly: Book review: Machine translation: theoretical and methodological issues, Sergei Nirenburg


no 18, October 1989, p.1-4: T.Walker: Alvey and machine translation


no 18, October 1989, p.9-18: Monique L’Huiller: Budapest 1988: report on “New directions in MT” and “Coling-88”


no 19, April 1991, p.3-4: Machine translation in the UK


no 19, April 1991, p.4-6: Machine translation in Europe


no 19, April 1991, p.6: Machine translation in the USA


no 20, Spring 1992, p.5: European Association for Machine Translation


no 20, Spring 1992, p.5-8: Machine translation in the UK


no 20, Spring 1992, p.8-10: Machine translation in Europe


no 20, Spring 1992, p.10: Machine translation in the USA


no 20, Spring 1992, p.14-15: John Hutchins: EUROTRA and other recent developments in machine translation


no 20, Spring 1992, p.15-16: M.McGee Wood: Interactive machine translation for monolinguals


no 20, Spring 1992, p.16-17: Manny Rayner: Machine translation using the SRI Core Language Engine


no 21, April 1993, p.9-10: Technology & Language in Europe 2000: the UK perspective. Symposium, London, 15 January 1993.


no 21, April 1993, p.12-13: Bill Williams: CLRU, Cambridge


no 21, April 1993, p.13-14: Graham Russell: ISSCO, Geneva


no 21, April 1993, p.15-16: Brian Oakley: SYSTRAN progress: machine translation in the European Commission


no 21, April 1993, p.17-19: Sue Atkins: Compiling a bilingual dictionary in the electronic age


no 21, April 1993, p.19-20: Richard Sharman: New directions in machine translation


no 21, April 1993, p.21-26: J.D.Wigg: Software review: “French Assistant” by Microtac


no 22, April 1994, p.10-12: Khurshid Ahmad: Translator’s Workbench: multilingual documentation and communication


no 22, April 1994, p.12-13: Siety Meijer: The evaluation of machine translation


no 22, April 1994, p.13-15: David Stanton: ATAMIRI computer translation system


no 22, April 1994, p.17-20: Derek Lewis: The MicroCat machine assisted translation system


no 22, April 1994, p.23-24: J.D.Wigg: AECMA Simplified English