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List of items included in the Machine Translation Archive


Issue 1, September 1999, p.20-21: John Hutchins: Milestones in machine translation. No 6: Bar-Hillel and the nonfeasibility of FAHQT.

Issue 1, September 1999, p.26-29: Heather Morgan & Bob Clark: Peresonal Translator 2000 Office Plus – review.

Issue 2, November 1999, p.6-10: Geoffrey Kingscott: New strategic direction for TRADOS – Geoffrey Kingscott interviews CEO Jochen Hummel. 

Issue 2, November 1999, p.11: TRADOS broadens software suite with release of new Freelance Edition.

Issue 3, January 2000, p.6-9: Carolyn Quintero & Bob Clark: “Now is a great time to be a translator”: report on the 40th annual conference of the American Translators Association, St Louis, Missouri, November 3-6, 1999.

Issue 3, January 2000, p.18-19: Jo Small: Aiming for worldwide excellence: official opening of Flanders Language Valley [location of Lernout & Hauspie]

Issue 3, January 2000, p.20-21: Jeff Allen: Controlled language – changing faces

Issue 3, January 2000, p.26-27: Bob Clark: MoBiMouse, the world’s first “no-click” dictionary program

Issue 4, April 2000, p.12-13: Tony Rode: Translation memory: friend or foe?

Issue 4, April 2000, p.14-17: Tanja Hill: A SEA change – software localisation in Australia

Issue 4, April 2000, p.18-19: Carolyn Quintero: Translation and computing in an academic setting: a report on a visit to the University of Leeds.

Issue 4, April 2000, p.22-25: Lode Goukens: CEBIT overview: voice processing and MT get popular

Issue 4, April 2000, p.41-42: Jeff Allen: The risks of spelling variation and reform [for minority languages]

Issue 5, June 2000, p.18-19: Bob Clark: Controlled language comes of age: a report on the Third International Workshop on Controlled Language Applications, 29-30 April 2000, Westin Seattle Hotel, Seattle, Washington

Issue 5, June 2000, p.20: DARPA calls for MT papers [on statistical machine translation]

Issue 5, June 2000, p.22-24: Robert Clark: LTC Organiser review: let’s get organised

Issue 5, June 2000, p.26-27: Geoffrey Kingscott: Smart profile: John M.Smart – a profile of the man whose company wants to create a “global language” for the 21st century

Issue 5, June 2000, p.28-29: Bob Clark: Interview with Eric Nyberg

Issue 5, June 2000, p.41-42: Jeff Allen: The ELRA language resources survey: languages needed

Issue 6, August/September 2000, p.14-16: Howard Schwartz: Creating a global website

Issue 6, August/September 2000, p.17-18: Scott Bennett: The current state of MT: one person’s perspective

Issue 6, August/September 2000, p.19-21: Mikel L.Forcada: interNOSTRUM: a Spanish-Catalan machine translation system

Issue 6, August/September 2000, p.24, 26-27: Christophe Declercq: SDLX 3.1.2: let’s get localised

Issue 6, August/September 2000, p.45-46: Jeff Allen: The value of internet translation portals

Issue 7, October/November 2000, p.14: Bob Clark: The gospel according to Saint Bert: a practical guide to localization [review of Esselink’s book on localization]

Issue 7, October/November 2000, p.15-16, 42: François Rossi: Profile of a multilingual documentation specialist: Sam Dassoon interviews Professor Sue Ellen Wright.

Issue 7, October/November 2000, p.17-18, 30-32: Carolyn Quintero: ATA gathers in Orlando: report on the 41st annual American Translators Association conference, Orlando, Florida

Issue 7, October/November 2000, p.19-21: Christophe Declercq: TRADOS 3 further up on the road

Issue 7, October/November 2000, p.26-27: François Rossi: L&H launches iTranslatorTM online

Issue 7, October/November 2000, p.41-42: Jeff Allen: What about statistical MT

Issue 8, December 2000/January 2001, p.19-21: Christophe Declercq: PASS on an other continent: is the global market ready for Passolo? Is Passolo ready for the global market?

Issue 8, December 2000/January 2001, p.26: Problems for Lernout & Hauspie.

Issue 8, December 2000/January 2001, p.27: Alchemy CATALYST 3.1

Issue 8, December 2000/January 2001, p.41-42:  Jeff Allen: Post-editing or  no post-editing?

Issue 9, May 2001/June 2001, p.20-21: Reverso Pro [product review]

Issue 9, May 2001/June 2001, p.24-25: Lou Kremer: Towards an automated translation workflow at Océ Technologies

Issue 9, May 2001/June 2001, p.31: LTC going to the Web

Issue 9, May 2001/June 2001, p.41-42: Jeff Allen: Speech technology after the hoax

Issue 10, August 2001, p.14-16: Christophe Declercq: Managing the management tools: LTC Organiser multilingual management and workflow control software system

Issue 10, August 2001, p.17-18: Pierluigi Melotto: The alignment tool: how to exploit previously translated texts

Issue 10, August 2001, p.19-23: Christophe Declercq: TRADOS 5: a one-stop shop for translation projects

Issue 10, August 2001, p.26-29: Dimitri Stoquart: Alchemy Catalyst version 3.1

Issue 10, August 2001, p.31-32: Christophe Declercq: Breaking new grounds? Meeting the challenge of full integration of computer-aided translation and computer translation: the new version of SDLX

Issue 10, August 2001, p.33-35: Another step towards better localisation

Issue 10, August 2001, p.45-46: Jeff Allen: Localisation: coarse or fine-grained