Language Industry Monitor

Editors: Colin Brace [and Andrew Joscelyne until #11]


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[all articles are by Colin Brace except where indicated otherwise]

[the Machine Translation Archive includes only MT-related articles]


Issue no.1: [January-February] 1991

                p.1-2: The year of PC-based OCR

                p.2-3: Recycling DLT

                p.3: A new MT report – they keep on coming

                p.3-4: Multilingual access to full text databases – a new ESPRIT project

                p.4-5: Japan’s chances in the great machine translation stakes – Tony Whitecomb

                p.5-6: Henry Kucera: linguistic software pioneer

                p.6-7: Full tilt into industrial NLP for SITE – Andrew Joscelyne

                p.7: New database for old writing hands

                p.7-8: A calligraphic writing stylus

Issue no.2: [March-April] 1991

                p.1-3: Multilingual look-up tools: needs and solutions

                p.3-4: Rethinking terminology technology

                p.4-5: UNICODE, successor to ASCII?

p.5-6: Low-cost automatic translation – an American dream?

                p.6-7: New langtech tools from Circle

                p.7: A European Topic

                p.7-8: ILA’s multilingual toolkit

                p.8: User groups: the beginnings

Issue no.3: May-June 1991

                p.1-2: Arabic language technology

                p.2-3: Automatic information refining: a Reuters success story

                p.3-4: Canon’s natural language interface project

                p.4-5: Computational linguists going green

                p.5: MT evaluator’s forum

                p.6: MT research revitalized from the Hague? – Tony Whitecomb

                p.6-7: Getting local

                p.7-8: Getting the message straight: voice data systems

                p.8: MT Summit III

Issue no.4: July-August 1991

                p.1-3: What do translators want?

                p.3-4: Eurotra continues – Andrew Joscelyne

                p.4-5: GSI-ERLI’s hard-working dictionaries

                p.5: Dictionary projects: LEX get it straight

                p.5-6: Deutsch mit style

                p.6-7: HICATS/JE for RPI’s JIRS

                p.7: Desperately seeking standards

                p.7-8: Cursive handwriting recognition on the wall?

Issue no.5: September-October 1991

                p.1: NLP research in Slovenia

                p.2: IBM’s smart new front end

                p.2-3: Cure for lexical envy

                p.3-4: Term-Trans

                p.4-5: Getting IBM to think locally

                p.5: Opening up Eurotra: trap or treasure-house? – Tony Whitecomb

                p.6: Multiwriter

                p.6-7: Calling all Euro-lang engineers

                p.7: The third MT Summit

                p.7-8: Amsterdam Linguistic Software

                p.8: EURALEX 92

                p.8: On a silver platter

Issue no.6: November-December 1991

                p.1: New NLP report from Ovum

                p.2-3: Corpora (co-)builder John Sinclair

                p.3-4: Cognitech’s linguistic software for publishers

                p.5: A new electronic dictionary: PC-Lingua

                p.5-7: TEXTware’s GestorLEX

                p.7: Pen mightier than the keyboard?

                p.7-8: Strasbourg recamps

Issue no.7: January-February 1992

                p.1-2: New directions for Microsoft

                p.2-3: John Chandioux’s GramR – Andrew Joscelyne

                p.3: PC-Translator version 3.3

                p.4-5: Eurolang: a new runner in the MT race

                p.5-6: Eurotra Denmark: diversifying

                p.6-7: Winger’s CAT system

                p.7-8: Longman dictionaries feed the NLP community

                p.9: Stonehand supports UNICODE

                p.9-10: Retrieval software for industry

                p.10-11: A French semantic network for textbases

                p.11-12: Lexical semantic standards: modularity and social impact – Paul Buitelaar

                p.12: Editors’ note

Issue no.8: March-April 1992

                p.1-3: Behind the new O.E.D. on CD-ROM

                p.2: The tip of the Oxford iceberg

                p.3: Larousse goes electronic, enfin!

                p.4-5: Janet Baker’s optimism

                p.4: DARPA’s MT thrust

                p.5: The great French grammar checker wars

                p.6-7: True European translation tools

                p.7: The many flavors of translation memory

                p.8: Phonetic fonts in Philadelphia

                p.8-9: NLI on the offence

                p.9: Promoting digital typography

                p.9: New publications

                p.10: Did Ovum get it right? – Tony Whitecomb

p.11: Short news – Japanese moves; Update from Denmark; RightWriter: still afloat; Doubting Dvorak; New version of Morfogen

p.12: Editors’ note – Speech recognition: wishful thinking?

Issue no.9: May-June 1992

                p.1-2: Systran revitalized? – Andrew Joscelyne

p.2: Pre-editing Systran

                p.3: Nestor: putting neural nets to work

                p.4-5: Localizing the Bull way – Andrew Joscelyne

                p.5: The SPIRIT of Systex

                p.6-7: Océ’s robust parser

                p.7: Writing tools round-up

                p.8-9: BIM: testing the NLP waters

                p.9: Lernout & Hauspie: new priorities

                p.10-11: The case for natural numerics – Tony Whitecomb

p.11: News in brief – The CEDAR CD-ROM; Russian,Hebrew modules for WP; DIMAP-2: lexical toolbox; Bilingual spellchecker for 4D

                p.12: Forthcoming MT events

Issue no.10: July-August 1992

                p.1-2: SGML today

                p.2: Call this operator anything you like

                p.3: Al Kaatib: Arabic meets Windows

                p.4: Getting Europe’s libraries online

                p.5: ADMYTE: an electronic archive of medieval Spanish

p.6-7: MT newsNew MT system for Caterpillar now under development; Japanese to demo Asian interlingua MT system this fall; PC-based translators: they keep on coming

p.7-8: Le Lexicaliste

p.8: Improving the Mac operating system

p.9: Have a word with your Mac

p.9-10: Secrets of syllabification

p.10: A reply from Ovum – Brigitte Engelien

p.11-12: News in brief – Cyrillic fonts from Adobe; Getting serious with Unicode; Calling all corpus builders; The Language Industry Survey ’92 Directory

p.12: Editors’ note

Issue no.11: Sept-Oct 1992

                p.1-3: Statistical methods gaining ground – Tony Whitecomb

                p.2: IBM: tentative

                p.3-4: ArchIS: electonic document management for the Macintosh

                p.4: CompuServe looking at MT

                p.5-6: Trados: smarter translation software

                p.6: Dictionaries for MultiTerm

                p.7: From IBM: Translation Manager /2

                p.7-8: An advanced new reading station for the Bibliotèque de France

                p.8: Computer-assisted reading: the Cap Gemini model

                p.8-9: New life for Intellect?

                p.9-10: The birth of a standard terminology format

                p.10: Cambridge Language Survey: new multilingual corpora

           p.11: News in brief – The Multilingual PC Directory; LRE 1992: first round; Collin’s classics on CD-ROM; Unicode and ISO 10646: merged

                p.12: Editors’ note: An imminent breakthrough?

Issue no.12: Nov-Dec 1992

                p.1-4: Translators still in the loop

                p.2: MT systems galore in San Diego

                p.5-6: Why DEC likes libraries

                p.7-8: For Unisys, versatility is a virtue

                p.8: Euroglot: not just a new name

                p.9: RightWriter: state of the art?

                p.10: TMI ’92: a second opinion – Steven Richardson

p.11: News in brief – XL8: IDOC’s localization package; New speech products from IBM at Comdex; Coming: an Arabic MT system

Issue no.13 Jan-Feb 1993

                p.1-4: Making MT work

                p.3: Logos: new partners, new language pairs

                p.4: PC Lingua version 2

                p.5-6: Boeing’s simplified English checker

                p.7-8: Knowledge technology at Sun

                p.9-10: Corpus cruncher

                p.11: INK acquired by R.R.Donnelley

                p.12: A report on MT from the ATA

Issue no.14: Mar-Apr 1993

                p.1-3: WordPerfect gets Grammatik(al)

                p.4-5: KEYTERM: key to corporate langauge management

                p.5-6: Alan Melby on TEI-TIF

                p.7: Termbase design and TIF

                p.8-9: Oracle’s linguistic gold mine

                p.10-11: PANGLOSS: interlingua vivat?

                p.11-12: Collins: full steam ahead

                p.12: CeBIT ’93 notes

Issue no.15: May-June 1993

                p.1-5: TM/2: tip of the iceberg?

                p.3: TM/2 in practice

                p.5-8: ARPA’s deep pockets

                p.8: A hot date with LISA

                p.9-11: Houghton Mifflin’s software strategy pays off

                p.12-13: The lexicographer’s dream machine

                p.14: EAGLES: stretching its wings

                p.16: The latest word on speech processing

Issue no.16: July-August 1993

                p.1-6: Europe’s linguistic superhighway

                p.3: Laying the foundation for a European linguistic infrastructure

                p.5: TWB: in the spirit of enterprise

                p.7-10: Life beyond spellcheckers

                p.9: Multilingual writing tools: they can only get better

                p.10-12: San Diego’s other MT company

                p.12-13: Eurolang: turning metal into gold?

                p.13, 16: MTX: more than just termbases

                p.14: Twente Symposium: promise not (yet) delivered – Klaus Schubert

                p.16: PC-Translator: now in 14 flavors

Issue no.17: September-October 1993

                p.1-4: Focus on Japan

                p.4-6: MT Summit IV

                p.6: TMI and MT Summit: marriage of convenience?

                p.7-9: A translation factory

                p.9-10: Fujitsu

                p.10-11: Toshiba

                p.11-12: CSK

                p.12: MT Labs, Inc.

                p.13: NHK

                p.13-14: TMI ’93 notes

                p.14, 16: News in brief – Apple’s speech machines; A spellchecker for Solaris

Issue no.18: November-December 1993

                p.1-3: Electronic publishing arrives

                p.4-5: Another boost from Luxembourg

                p.5: Multext: multilingual corpora and more redo

                p.6: ISSCO: neutral but not passive

                p.6: Sharing linguistic data

                p.7-8: PARADISE: polyglot courseware

                p.8: Of synonyms and fuzzy searches

                p.9-10: Cap Volmac’s tailormade MT systems redo

                p.10: Simplified English: room for improvement?

                p.11-12: A heavy METAL user

                p.12: Whither METAL?

p.13-14, 16: News in brief – Philips does speech recognition; LISA rethinks; New edition of the Language Engineering Directory; Canadian Language Technology Institute; Documation ’94; Lingware from Finland

Issue no.19: January-February 1994

                p.1-4: The spirit of Eurotra

                p.3: Center for Sprogteknologi: thriving in Denmark

                p.5-6: Winger: still hanging in there

                p.7-9: Mendez rolls its own

                p.9-10: Carnegie Group’s ClearCheck

                p.10: Logos gets revitalized

                p.10: A pre-editor for Logos?

p.11-14,16: News in brief – Low-end translation tools: catching on?; A novel approach to localization; Vocalis: on its own two feet; A field day for SGML software; Making Windows speak in tongues; The good (and the bad) news about machine translation

Issue no.20: March-April 1994

                p.1-3: Bonjour, Eurolang Optimizer

                p.4-5: Unicode software arriving, slowly but surely

                p.5-6: Ovum strikes again: Language Engineering 2000

                p.6: Lingaware’s Dicobase

                p.7-8: XL8 becomes a family redo

                p.9-11: LogoVista conquers Japan

                p.11-12: Systran flourishes

                p.12-13: Meet InfoSoft International

                p.13: Charting the language industries

                p.14: Our readers write – Rudolf Thiem, Stuart Sklair

                p.16: Say it in English (not SQL)

Issue no.21: May-June 1994

                p.1-6: The Finnish formula

                p.3: Nokia: Kielikone’s first MT customer

                p.6: IBM’s linguistic treasure chest

                p.7: LISA: back for more

                p.8-10: MT systems from Russia: a hot find?

                p.9: Stylus: also from St Petersburg

                p.10-11: Sietec’s Metal (also) does Russian – Klaus Schubert

                p.11-13: A polyglot wordprocessor

                p.13: Gamma’s UniType: yet another multilingual option

                p.13-14: Logos: working on front ends

                p.14, 16: An electronic publishing platform

Issue no.22: July-August 1994

                p.1: Recipes for success?

                p.2-6: Trados: ten years on

                p.7-9: The Sietec connection

                p.9-10: XLT: ready for liftoff

                p.10-11: A nose for text

                p.11-12: Globalink and MicroTac tie the knot

p.13-14: News in brief – Collins electronic: an eminently respectable pair; R.I.P. Keyterm; CompuServe deploys online MT for German and French; A new grammar checker for Italian

Issue no.23: September-October 1994

                p.1-6: GSI-Erli

                p.3: Aleth, the GSI-Erli toolbox

                p.5: ALEP: a linguistic programming environment

                p.6-7: Putting Germany online

                p.7-8: Termbase with a twist

                p.8-9: A moving target

                p.10, 12: News in brief – La Correcteur; A better spellchecker; NAFTA cruncher

Issue no.24: November-December 1994 [published 1995]

                p.1-3: A new era for Systran – Muriel Vasconcellos and L.Chris Miller

                p.2: Systran at the Commission

                p.4-6: Ingénia-Langage Naturel: targetting French grammar – Andrew Joscelyne

                p.6-7, 9-10: An enthusiastic MT user – David J. Littleboy

                p. 8: Japanese MT: not a trivial pursuit – David J. Littleboy

                p.10, 12: News in brief – Sietec listens to Metal users – Klaus  Schubert; The Hungarian touch

Issue no.25: January-February 1995

                p.1-2, 4-5: PolyDoc’s docucentric universe

                p.3: DSM: chemicals and information

                p.5-6: Lightbulbs and Logos

                p.7-8: CompuServe likes online MT redo

p.8-10, 12: News in brief – InterGraph’s Transcend; OCR and linguistics; Fulcrum does the ’net; Merriam-Webster on CDROM; Yet more Japanese translation aids

Issue no.26: March-April 1995

                p.1, 3: Speech recognition today

                p.2, 12: Bill Meisel: speaking of speech recognition...

                p.3-4: Desktop applications: IBM, Compaq bundle speech recognition packages with PCs

                p.4-6: Speech recognition and the telephone

                p.6-8: Dictation systems

p.8-9: Growing interest in text-to-speech: Globalink to use L&H text-to-speech to check translations; an email reader

                p.9-10: Developer support