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List of items included in the Machine Translation Archive


no.1, October 1983, p.5: Veronica Lawson:Translating and the computer 5. (Conference preview).


no.1, October 1983, p.9: Translators move into the electronic age


no.3, December 1983, p.13-15: Translating and the computer


no.4, January 1984, p.10: Cranfield conference preview.


no.5, February 1984, p.13: Can Esperanto help machine translation?


no.6, March 1984, p.12-13: F.E.Knowles: Soviet Union holds major MT conference.


no.7, April 1984, p.14-15: Cranfield conference on machine translation


no.10, July 1984, p.12-13: John Newton: Computer-aided translation on personal micro.


no.11, August 1984, p.6-10: Veronica Lawson: Users of machine translation system report increased output.


no.14, November 1984, p.27-29: Geoffrey Kingscott: ALPS moves to improve European sales for computer-aided translation.


no.16, January 1985, p.11-13: Everett M.Ellestad: Word processing on a shoestring budget.


no.16, January 1985, p.12-16: Françoise Moore: Raising the productivity of the translator. Sixth annual Translating and the Computer conference.


no.17, February 1985, p.23-24: Margaret Masterman: Thoughts on information structure in language [book reviews].


no.19, April 1985, p.5: BSO gets contract for Esperanto MT project.


no.19, April 1985: p.5: Weidner is setting up a base in Europe.


no.19, April 1985, p.6: Robert Wood & Logan Wright: More may not be better – a discussion note on CAT dictionaries.


no.20, May 1985, p.8-9: Jean Datta: Machine translation: the trade-offs and the pay-backs.


no.20, May 1985, p.10: ALPS strengthens its operating team: Entrepreneur Fred Zirkle is new ALPS president; Rick Warner visits Europe.


no.20, May 1985, p.10: Government funding for machine translation system: grant for UMIST Japanese work.


no.21, June 1985, p.22, 24-25: Russell Bateman: Linguistic tools are incidental to work in machine translation.


no.24, September 1985, p.12-13: Loll Rolling, Europe’s information transfer specialist.


no.24, September 1985, p.14-16: Lanna Castellano: Ergonomics and the translator.


no.25, October 1985, p.6-7: Jean Datta: MT happening at Georgetown university.


no.25, October 1985, p.10-11: Peter Cholas: Quill pen, typewriter, word processor…


no.26, November 1985, p.6-7: The Ovum report: major survey – computer processing of language.


no.26, November 1985, p.9: Japanese plan for automatic translation of telephone calls.


no.26, November 1985, p.9: Huge order for ALPS: IBM deal means big leap forward for computer translation in Europe.


no.26, November 1985, p.10-12: Rolling and Galinski visit Japan: European access to information via MT.


no.27, December 1985, p.10-12: Japanese and Canadian speakers at Aslib/TG conference: over 300 attend Translating and the Computer 7.


no.28, January 1986, p.8-9: MT discussed at Basle high-tech conference: Molden describes IBM experience.


no.28, January 1986, p.12-13: Sylvie Flamanc: The art of translating computer software.


no.31, April 1986, p.6-10: Toma explains why he sold Systran rights; further report on the Luxembourg conference.


no.31, April 1986, p.11: The search is on for the translator’s word processor.


no.31, April 1986, p.12: Dwight Marsh: Background to Mercury, a glossary building program for translators.


no.31, April 1986, p.13-15: Leland D.Wright: The Mercury glossary management software package.


no.32, May 1986, p.5: Obituary: Margaret Masterman.


no.32, May 1986, p.7: Andrew Joscelyne: Computers in the language industry.


no.32, May 1986, p.16-19: Margaret Grindrod: International MT conference at Aston.


no.32, May 1986, p.19: New software tools from ALPS.


no.33, June 1986, p.7: Belgian computer translation project.


no.33, June 1986, p.7: Richard Ruffino dies.


no.33, June 1986, p.7: Weidner open in Toronto.


no.33, June 1986, p.26-27: Jean Datta: Another approach to streamlining complex language operations.


no.34, July 1986, p.24-25: Peter Arthern: The translator’s word processor.


no.34, July 1986, p.26-27: Ian Johnston: TRANPRO – the translation processor.


no.34, July 1986, p.28: InfoARBED to distribute MERCURY.

no.35, August 1986, p.18: Peter Arthern: The translator’s word processor.


no.36, October 1986, p.6-8: Geoffrey Kingscott: Machine translation in perspective: John Hutchins sums up progress so far in new book.


no.36, September 1986, p.8: Student surveys MT technology.


no.36, September 1986, p.9: Peter Arthern: The translator’s word processor.


no.37, October 1986, p.13: Peter Arthern: The translator’s word processor.


no.38, November 1986, p.17-19: Andy Vincent: Multilingual word processing – a supplier’s view.


no.38, November 1986, p.20-21: Tony Whitecomb: Eurotra goes public.


no.39, December 1986, p.3-7: Japan now leads in new MT systems, says Rolling: conference learns of latest developments in France.


no.39, December 1986, p.10: New ALPS system running on IBM PCAT.


no.40, January 1987, p.4-5: European Parliament calls for independent report on Eurotra.


no.43, April 1987, p.28-30: Ian Press: Word processors and academics.


no.43, April 1987, p.30-31: Gray Sutherland: [review of] Multilingual aspects of information technology, by P.A.Bennett, R.Lh.Johnson, John McNaught, Jeanette Pugh, J.C.Sager and Harold L.Somers (Gower Publishing, 1986).


no.49, October 1987, p.4-5: British Telecom announce voice translation prototype.


no.50, November 1987, p.6-7: Alex Gross: An open letter about glossaries.


no.51, December 1987, p.3-4: Summit conference on machine translation: MT Summit Conference, Hakone, Japan, 17-19 September 1987.


no.51, December 1987, p.9: Systran progress report.


no.52, January 1988, p.4-5: BSO launch their DLT prototype: MT system which resolves ambiguities by asking the author.


no.53, February 1988, p.4-5: Emergence of a new machine translation company – ESC.


no.54, March 1988, p.6-7: Margaret Rogers & Patricia Thomas: Surrey University terminology project.


no.54, March 1988, p.8-10: Brian Harris: Bi-text, a new concept in translation theory.


no.55, April 1988, p.3-5: Terminology databank based on conceptual relationships: Ericsson unveil INTERDOC at Hanover Fair.


no.55, April 1988, p.20: Using MT for Japanese information: Machine translation of on-line searches on Japanese databases, by Jon Sigurdson and Roger Greatrex (University of Lind, 1987).