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List of items included in the Machine Translation Archive


Issue 1, October 1997, p.19:  New president and new management team for ALPNET [Jaap van der Meer]

Issue 2, November 1997,p.2-3:  How computers affect the translation process [Report of conference in Zurich]. 

Issue 2, November 1997, p.12-17: Michael S.Blekhman: Commercial machine translation systems by Lingvistica ’93 and ETS Publishers Ltd: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian

Issue 2, November 1997; 6pp. insert: International who’s who in machine translation

Issue 3, December 1997, p.11: Profile of a linguist: Dr Ulrich Heid. 

Issue 3, December 1997, p.21: Award for Nagao. 

Issue 3, December 1997, p.22-23: John Hutchins: Milestones in machine translation. Part 1 – How it all began in 1947 and 1948.

Issue 4, January 1998, p.2-5: Bob Clark: Machine translation (MT) Summit VI – past, present, future, San Diego, California, 19 October – 1 November 1997.

Issue 4, January 1998, p.8-9: Tánaiste opens SLIG ’97. [report of conference]

Issue 4, January 1998, p.10-12: Bob Clark: Language personality of the month: Bob Clark interviews Eduard Hovy

Issue 5, February 1998, p.6-11: Bob Clark: Language personality of the month: Dr Herman Caeyers.

Issue 5, February 1998, p.20-24: Harold Somers: Language resources and minority languages.

Issue 6, March 1998, p.3: LISA – global association for billion-dollar business.

Issue 6, March 1998, p.4: L&H still on acquisition trail.

Issue 6, March 1998, p.5: ALPNET and Accent sign deal.

Issue 6, March 1998, p.6-15: Insights from Tom Pedtke, text of MT Summit keynote address with introduction by Bob Clark

Issue 6, March 1998, p.22-23: W.John Hutchins: Milestones in machine translation. Part 2 – Warren Weaver’s 1949 memorandum. 

Issue 7, April 1998, p.5: ALPNET to market translation tools.

Issue 7, April 1998, p.6-7: Deborah Fry: Evaluating language technology: EAGLES II workshop on evaluation standards and resource sharing.

Issue 8, May 1998, p.11: Globalisation and translator training.

Issue 8, May 1998, p.19-21: Steve Dyson: Terminology mining.

Issue 8, May 1998, p.22-23: W.John Hutchins: Milestones in machine translation. Part 3 – Bar-Hillel’s survey, 1951.

Issue 8, May 1998, p.27: Jo Edwards: Translation on the web… Globalink’s new Comprendre site.

Issue 9, June 1998, p.5-9: Geoffrey Kingscott: Lernout & Hauspie – determined to be the no.1.

Issue 9, June 1998, p.10-12: Andrew Bredenkamp: Integrating translation technology … EAMT Workshop. [conference report]

Issue 10, July 1998, p.6: Trados releases Translator’s Workbench 2.0.

Issue 11, August 1998, p.10-12: Andrew Bredenkamp: Controlled languages are becoming crucial: report on the CLAW 98 conference.

Issue 11, August 1998, p.14-19: Geoffrey Kingscott: Tribute to the founder of terminology: 1998 marks the centenary of Eugen Wüster’s birth.

Issue 12, September 1998, p.6-7: Major L&H acquisitions – Globalink, AILogic, NeocorTech, Heitman.

Issue 12, September 1998, p.9: L&H Japan formed.

Issue 12, September 1998, p.11-13: Kurt Godden: Controlling the business environment for controlled language.

Issue 13, October 1998, p.12-13: W.John Hutchins: Milestones in machine translation. Part 4: The first machine translation conference, June 1952.

Issue 13, October 1998, p.14-17: Geoffrey Kingscott: STAR – how a small group of linguists came together to form a company which now has global status.

Issue 13, October 1998, p.24-25: Geoffrey Kingscott: Language personality of the month: Professor Alan Melby.

Issue 14, November 1998, p.6: Jo Edwards: Flanders language valley. [Developments at L&H]

Issue 14, November 1998, p.7: Launch of Corel CATALYST 2.5 – an integrated localisation environment.

Issue 16, January 1999, p.19-20: W.John Hutchins: Milestones in machine translation. No 5: The IBM-Georgetown demonstration, January 1954.

Issue 17, March 1999, p.14-15: Jo Edwards: Focus on human language technologies. [on EUROMAP project]

Issue 18, July 1999, p.24-26: Bob Clark: PASSOLO – a very handy little gadget.

Issue 18, July 1999, p.30: Trados introduces TagEditor and T-Window.

Issue 18, July 1999, p.31: Project management tool. [LTC Organiser]

Issue 18, July 1999, p.32: Deborah Fry: The LISA Forum – Asia, Shanghai, May 26-28, 1999. [conference report]