Machine Translation

(and its predecessor Computers and Translation)


Publishing details: Computers and Translation changed name to Machine Translation in 1989 (vol.4)

Editors: W.P.Lehmann, vol.1-2 (1986-1987), Sergei Nirenburg vol. 3-10 (1988-1995); Harold Somers vol. 11-19 (1996-2005); Harold Somers and Andy Way vol.20-21 (2006-2007); Andy Way vol.22- (2008-).

Publisher: Paradigm Press, 1986-1988 (vol.1-2); Kluwer Academic Publishers; 1989- (vol.3- ); in 2005 Kluwer merged with Springer Verlag.

ISSN: 0884-0709 (vol.1-3), 0922-6567 (vol.4- )


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Table of Contents


Computers and Translation Vol. 1, no.1 (January-March 1986)

Naomi S. Baron. Language, Sublanguage, and the Promise of Machine Translation                                                                              3-19

Muriel Vasconcellos. Functional Considerations in the Postediting of Machine-Translated Output                                                   21-38

Masaru Tomita. Sentence Disambiguation by Asking                                                                                                                                  39-51

Book Reviews

Veronica Lawson (ed.), Tools for the Trade (Margaret Woodruff)                                                                                                53-55

Tim Johnson, Natural Language Computing: the Commercial Applications (John  S.White)                                                 55-56

Conference Notes                                                                                                                                                                                                 57-59

Veronica Lawson. As the Generations Pass ...                                                                                                                                                 61-63


Computers and Translation Vol. 1, no.2 (April-June 1986)

Ian Pigott. Essential Requirements for a Large-Scale Operational Machine-Translation System                                                       67-72

Sally Yeates Sedelow and Walter A. Sedelow Jr. The Lexicon in the Background                                                                                  73-81

Michael Zarechnak. The Intermediary Language for Multilanguage Translation                                                                                  83-91

Rebecca Root. Semantics, Translation, and Anaphora                                                                                                                                 93-108

Veronica Lawson. The Background to Practical Machine Translation                                                                                                    109-112

Udom Warotamasikkhadit. Computer Aided Translation Project, University Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia                       113

Software Review: E/G Word, Japanese Word Processor for the Macintosh (Susan Luper-Foy)                                                       115-117

Book Review

Renate Bartsch, Sprachnormen: Theorie und Praxis (Richard K.Watt)                                                                                     119-121


Computers and Translation Vol. 1, no.3 (July-September 1986)

Klaus Schubert. Linguistic and Extra-Linguistic Knowledge                                                                                                                      125-152

Wanying Jin and Robert F. Simmons. Symmetric Rules for Translation of English and Chinese                                                      153-167

Rene Leermakers and Joep Rous. The Translation Method of Rosetta                                                                                                 169-183

Book Reviews

Michael Brady and Robert C.Berwick (eds.), Computational Models of Discourse (James Pustejovsky)                           185-189

Mildred L.Larson, Meaning-based Translation: A Guide to Cross-language Equivalence (Margaret Woodruff)            189-190

David Dowty, Lauri Karttunen and Arnold Zwicky (eds.), Natural Language Parsing  (John S.White)                              190-192

Veronica Lawson. As the Generations Pass ...                                                                                                                                               193-196


Computers and Translation Vol. 1, no.4 (October-December 1986)

Yukiko S. Alam. A Lexical-Functional Approach to Japanese for the Purpose of Machine Translation                                          199-214

Anne-Marie Laurian. Stylistics and Computing: Machine Translation as a Tool for a New Approach to Stylistics                      215-223

Krystyna Wachowicz. On Intelligent Dictionaries                                                                                                                                        225-233

Mariam Adshead. TERMIUM - the Canadian Government Linguistic Data Bank                                                                              235-238

Christian Boitet. The French National MT-Project: Technical Organization and Translation Results of CALLIOPE-AERO       239-267

Book Reviews

Istvan Batori and Heinz J.Weber (eds.), Neue Ansätze in maschineller Sprachübersetzung:Wissensrepräsentation und

Textbezug (Sheila M.Embleton)                                                                                                                                                          269-271

Yong Liang, Untersuchungen zur deutschen Fachsprache der elektronischen Datenverarbeitung (Roy Boggs)             271-272

Bernard E. Scott. Zbigniew L. Pankowicz: An Appreciation                                                                                                                       273


Computers and Translation Vol. 2, no.1 (January-March 1987)

Richard Candeland. The British Term Bank Project: A Prototype Software                                                                                              3-20

Jacqueline Lecarme and Carole Maury. A Software Tool for Research in Linguistics and Lexicography: Application to Somali  21-36

Nadeshda K. Riabtseva. Machine Translation Output and Translation Theory                                                                                      37-43

William W. Cressey. Review Article: Project for Integrated Development of English-Spanish Machine Translation                       45-53

Software Review: EgBridge Version 2.2 (Chiaki Watanabe and Hajime Wada)                                                                                   55-58

Book Reviews

Rachel Reichmann, Getting Computers to talk like You and Me: Discourse, Context,Focus, and Semantics; An ATN

Model (Thomas Loomis)                                                                                                                                                                        59-60

Victor H.Yngve, Linguistics as a Science (Joseph Liro)                                                                                                                  60-61

W.P.L. [W.P.Lehmann]. As the Generations Pass ...                                                                                                                                       63-64


Computers and Translation Vol. 2, no.2 (April-June 1987)

Anthony Aristar. Unification and the Computational Analysis of Arabic                                                                                               67-75

Wayne D. Cole. Terminology: Principles and Methods                                                                                                                                 77-87

Joseph Liro. On Computers, Translation, and Stanislaw Lem                                                                                                                    89-104

Sergei Nirenburg and Jaime Carbonell. Integrating Discourse Pragmatics and Prepositional Knowledge for Multilingual

Natural Language Processing                                                                                                                                                               105-116

Software Review: Mercury, Version 1.1 (Frederick G.Hensey)                                                                                                                  117-118

Book Reviews

William John Hutchins, Machine Translation: Past, Present, Future (Sheila M.Embleton)                                                   119-123

Patricia E.Newman (ed.), American Translators Association Conference 1985: Proceedings

 (Margaret Woodruff-Wieding)                                                                                                                                                          123-125

W.P. L. [W.P. Lehmann]. As the Generations Pass ...                                                                                                                                   127-128


Computers and Translation Vol. 2, no.3 (July-September 1987)

Janet Barnes. A User Perspective on Computer-Assisted Translation for Minority Languages                                                          131-134

Winfred P. Lehmann. The Context of Machine Translation                                                                                                                     135-158

Theodore Cachey Jr. and Mark Olsen. Textbase and Translation: The Repertorium Columbianum                                               159-161

Mary C. Dyson and Jean Hannah. Toward a Methodology for the Evaluation of Machine-Assisted Translation Systems        163-176

Sergei Nirenburg and Victor Raskin. The Analysis Lexicon and the Lexicon Management System                                               177-188

Book Reviews

John Moyne, Natural Language Understanding: Man or Machine (Koos van der Wilt)                                                        189-191

Richard W.Balfour, Machine Translation: A Technology Assessment (Winfield S.Bennett)                                                  191-192

W.P.L. [W.P. Lehmann]. As the Generations Pass ...                                                                                                                                    193194


Computers and Translation Vol. 2, no.4 (October-December 1987)

William Williams and Frank Knowles. Margaret Masterman: In Memoriam                                                                                      197-203

Jocelyn Liu and Joseph Liro. The METAL English-to-German System: First Progress Report                                                          205-218

Thomas Loomis. Software Design Issues for Natural Language Processing                                                                                          219-230

Walter A. Sedelow and Sally Yeates Sedelow. Semantic Space                                                                                                                231-242

Jonathan Slocum. Concept-Lexeme-Syntax Triangles: A Gateway to Interlingual Translation                                                        243-261

Loon-Cheon Tong. The Engineering of a Translation Workstation                                                                                                         263-273

Jean A. Vaumoron. Two-Level Data Banks for Translators                                                                                                                      275-280

Software Review: Multi-Lingual Scholar, Version 3.0 (David K.Murphy)                                                                                            281-282

Book Reviews

B.C.Papegaaij, V.Sadler and W.P.M.Witkam (eds.), Word Expert Semantics: An Interlingual Knowledge-based

Approach (John S.White)                                                                                                                                                                     283-285

Barbara J.Gross, Karen Sparck Jones and Bonnie Lynn Webber (eds.), Readings in Natural Language Processing

(John S.White)                                                                                                                                                                                        285-286

W.P.L. [W.P. Lehmann]. As the Generations Pass ...                                                                                                                                    287-290


Computers and Translation Vol. 3, no.1 (March 1988)

Harold Somers, Hideki Hirakawa, Seiji Miike and Shinya Amano. The Treatment of Complex English Nominalizations in

Machine Translation                                                                                                                                                                                  3-21

Roland Hausser. Left-Associative Grammar: An Informal Outline                                                                                                           23-67

Software Review: Jun-ichi Nakamura, Jun-ichi Tsujii and Makoto Nagao. GRADE: A Software Environment for Machine

Translation                                                                                                                                                                                                 69-82

Book Reviews

B.C.Papegaaij, V.Sadler and A.P.M.Witkam (eds.), Word Expert Semantics: an Interlingual Knowledge-Based

Approach (Allen B.Tucker)                                                                                                                                                                    83-87

Journal Review: Computer Processing of Chinese & Oriental Languages (Koichi Takeda)                                                                88-90

Conference Report: MT Summit, Hakone, Kanagawa-ken, Japan, September 17-19, 1987 (Harold Somers)                                  91-95


Computers and Translation Vol. 3, no.2 (1988)

Xiuming Huang. Semantic Analysis in XTRA, An English-Chinese Machine Translation System                                                    101-120

Roland Hausser. Left-Associative Grammar: The Algebraic Definitions                                                                                                121-155

Book Reviews

J.E.Miller, Semantics and Syntax: Parallels and Connections (Rudi Gebruers)                                                                       157-161

Margaret King (ed.), Machine translation Today: the State of the Art (Muriel Vasconcellos)                                                162-170

Terry Winograd and Fernando Flores, Understanding Computers and Cognition: A New Foundation for Design

(Margaret King)                                                                                                                                                                                      170-172

J.L.Bybee, Morphology: a Study of the Relation between Meaning and Form (Peter Lau)                                                   172-174

Ulrich Broich and Manfred Pfister (eds.), Intertextualität: Formen, Funktionen, anglistische Fallstudien

(Annely Rothkegel)                                                                                                                                                                                174-175


Computers and Translation Vol. 3, nos. 3/4 (1988-89)

K. Van den Eynde, E. Broeders, C. Eggermont and L. Vangilbergen. The Pronominal Approach in NLP: A Pronominal

Feature Analysis of Coordination in French                                                                                                                                      177-213

Michal Ephratt. Semantic Properties of the Root-Pattern Array                                                                                                              215-236

Bengt Sigurd and Barbara Gawronska-Werngren. The Potential of Swetra - A Multilanguage MT System                                237-250

Book Reviews

G.Edward Barton, Robert Cregar Berwick and Eric Sven Ristad, Computational Complexity and Natural Language

 (Glyn Morrill)                                                                                                                                                                                        251-255

Frans Plank (ed.), Objects: Towards a Theory of Grammatical Relations (Paul Bennett)                                                        256-257

P.A.Bennett, R.L.Johnson, J.McNaught, J.M.Pugh, J.C.Sager and H.L.Somers, Multilingual Aspects of Information

 Technology (Peter Lau)                                                                                                                                                                        257-262

J.M.Sinclair (ed.), Looking Up: An Account of the COBUILD Project... (George Dunbar)                                                       263-266

Gerard Kempen (ed.), Natural Language Generation: New Results in Artificial Intelligence, Psychology and

Linguistics (Lee Fedder)                                                                                                                                                                       267-271

Lucy A.Suchman, Plans and Situated Actions: The Problem of Human Machine Communication

 (Robert E.Frederking)                                                                                                                                                                         271-274

Jon Sigurdson and Roger Greatrex, Machine Translation of On-Line Searches in Japanese Databases (Danny Jones)  274-283

Terri C.Walker and Richard K.Miller, Natural Language and Voice Processing (John S.White)                                          283-286

Geoffrey Leech and Christopher N.Candlin (eds.), Computers in English Language Teaching and Research:

 Selected papers from the 1984 Lancaster Symposium (Christoph Zähner)                                                                               287-289

Alan Allport, Donald G.Mackay, Wolfgang Prinz and Eckart Scheerer (eds.), Language Perception and Production

(Christoph Zähner)                                                                                                                                                                                290-291

Hans Uszkoreit, Word Order and Constituent Structure in German (Graham Russell)                                                           291-297


Machine Translation Vol. 4, no.1 (March 1989)

special issue on knowledge-based machine translation

Kenneth Goodman. Guest Editor’s Note                                                                                                                                                             1-3

Sergei Nirenburg. Knowledge-Based Machine Translation                                                                                                                            5-24

Sergei Nirenburg and Lori Levin. Knowledge Representation Support                                                                                                     25-52

Donna Gates, Koichi Takeda, Teruko Mitamura, Lori Levin and Marion Kee. Analysis and Generation Grammars                    53-66

Donna Gates, Dawn Haberlach, Todd Kaufmann, Marion Kee, Rita McCardell, Teruko Mitamura, Ira Monarch, Stephen

Morrison, Sergei Nirenburg, Eric Nyberg 3rd, Kochi Takeda and Margalit Zabludowski. Lexicons                                    67-112


Machine Translation Vol. 4, no.2 (June 1989)

special issue on knowledge-based machine translation II

Stephen Morrison, Marion Kee and Kenneth Goodman. Analysis                                                                                                         113-128

Ralf D. Brown. Augmentation                                                                                                                                                                         129-147

Eric Nyberg 3rd, Rita McCardell, Donna Gates and Sergei Nirenburg. Generation                                                                            149-168

Book Reviews

Masayoshi Shibatani (ed.), Passive and Voice (Paul Bennett)                                                                                                      169-170

Steven C.Shwartz, Applied Natural Language Processing (Udo Hahn)                                                                                     171-176


Machine Translation Vol. 4, no.3 (September 1989)

Zděnek Kirschner and Alexander Rosen. APAC - An Experiment in Machine Translation                                                               177-193

Christine Defrise. Lexical Description for NLP: The Case of the French Adverb Presque                                                                   195-232

Book Reviews

Erich Steiner, Paul Schmidt and Cornelia Zelinsky-Wibbelt (eds.), From Syntax to Semantics: Insights from Machine

Translation (Rudi Gebruers)                                                                                                                                                               233-238

G.V.Černov (ed.), Mašinnyj Perevod i Prikladnaja Lingvistika: Problemy Sozdanija Sistemy Avtomatičeskogo

Perevoda (Joseph Liro)                                                                                                                                                                        239-241

Robert E.Frederking, Integrated Natural Language Dialogues: A Computational Model (Jo Calder)                                242-245


Machine Translation Vol. 4, no.4 (December 1989)

Winfield S. Bennett, Tanya Herlick, Katherine Hoyt, Joseph Liro and Ana Santisteban. Toward a Computational Model of

Aspect and Verb Semantics                                                                                                                                                                  247-280

Loong Cheong Tong. A Data-Driven Control Strategy for Grammar Writing Systems                                                                        281-297

Book Reviews

Jean Aitchison, Words in the Mind: An Introduction to the Mental Lexicon (Danny Jones)                                                  299-302

The Danlex Group, Descriptive Tools for Electronic Processing of Dictionary Data: Studies in Computational

Lexicography (Blaise Nkwenti Azeh)                                                                                                                                                 303-306

Karl Hyldgaard-Jensen and Arne Zettersten (eds.), Symposium on Lexicography III: Proceedings of the Third

International Symposium on Lexicography (George Dunbar)                                                                                                      307-312

Anna Maria Di Sciullo and Edwin Williams, On the Definition of Word (Sofia Ananiadou)                                                  313-317

Ladislav Zgusta, Lexicography Today: An Annotated Bibliography of the Theory of Lexicography (Frank Knowles)   318-319

Ernest LePore (ed.), New Directions in Semantics (Dick Crouch)                                                                                                320-325

U.Reyle and C.Rohrer (eds.), Natural Language Parsing and Linguistic Theories (Mary McGee Wood)                          326-328

Adrian Walker (ed.), Knowledge Systems and Prolog (Koos van der Wilt)                                                                               329-331

Curtis Roads, The Music Machine: Selected Readings from “Computer Music Journal”(Lelio Camilleri)                       332-333


Machine Translation Vol. 5, no.1 (March 1990)

special issue on lexical semantics I

James Pustejovsky. Guest Editor’s Note: On the Nature of Lexical Knowledge                                                                                          1-4

Martha Palmer. Customizing Verb Definitions for Specific Semantic Domains                                                                                        5-30

T. R. Rapoport. Secondary Predication and the Lexical Representation of Verbs                                                                                   31-55

Norman Sondheimer, Susanna Gumming and Robert Albano. How to realize a Concept: Lexical Selection and the

Conceptual Network in Text Generation                                                                                                                                              57-78

Essay Review: H.L.Somers, Valency and Case in Computational Linguistics (Stranley Starosta)                                                      79-96


Machine Translation Vol. 5, no.2 (June 1990)

special issue on lexical semantics II

Yorick Wilks, Dan Fass, Cheng-Ming Guo, James E. McDonald, Tony Plate and Brian M.Slator. Providing Machine

Tractable Dictionary Tools                                                                                                                                                                      99-154

Uri Zernik. Lexical Acquisition: Where is the Semantics?                                                                                                                          155-174

Conference Report: Third International Conference on Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation of

Natural Languages (Gary A.Coen)                                                                                                                                                      175-180

Book Reviews

Alan Ramsay, Formal Methods in Artificial Intelligence (Norman M.Fraser)                                                                        181-183

Christine Cheepen, The Predictability of Informal Conversation (Mark Sebba)                                                                      184-185

Wojciech Buszkowski, Witold Marciszewski and Johan van Benthem (eds.), CategorialGrammar (Glyn Morrill)         186-189

Robert J.Matthews and William Demopoulos (eds.), Learnability and Linguistic Theory (Paul Bennett)                           190-192


Machine Translation Vol. 5, no.3 (September 1990)

Doug Arnold and Louisa Sadler. The Theoretical Basis of MiMo                                                                                                           195-222

Fujio Nishida and Shinobu Takamatsu. Automated Procedures for the Improvement of a Machine Translation System by

Feedback from Postediting                                                                                                                                                                   223-246

Book Reviews

Bart Papegaaij and Klaus Schubert, Text Coherence in Translation (R.Lee Humphreys)                                                     247-248

Dan Maxwell and Klaus Schubert (eds.), Metataxis in Practice: Dependency Syntax forMultilingual Machine

Translation (Rudi Gebruers)                                                                                                                                                               249-255

Gerald Gazdar and Chris Mellish, Natural language Processing in PROLOG: An Introduction to Computational

Linguistics (Norman M.Fraser)                                                                                                                                                          256-257

Donna Jo Napoli, Predication Theory: A Case Study for Indexing Theory (Maggie Tallerman)                                          258-259


Machine Translation Vol. 5, no.4 (December 1990)

Keh-Yih Su and Jing-Shin Chang. Some Key Issues in Designing MT Systems                                                                                     265-300

Hiroaki Kitano. $DMDIALOG: A Speech-to-Speech Dialogue Translation System                                                                             301-338

Book Reviews

Michael Zock and Gerard Sabah (eds.), Advances in Natural Language Generation: AnInterdisciplinary

Perspective (Laurence Danlos)                                                                                                                                                            339-341

A.van Lamsweerde and P.Dufour (eds.), Current Issues in Expert Systems(Michael Rosner)                                                342-347


Machine Translation Vol. 6, no.1 (March 1991)

David E. Johnson and Hideo Watanabe. Relational-Grammar-Based Generation in the JETS Japanese-English Machine

Translation System                                                                                                                                                                                    1-20

C. C. Gotlieb and L. d'Haenens. Machine Translation of Non-Literary Texts: Some Canadian Experiences                                  21-33

Book Reviews

André Abbou (ed.) Traduction Assistée par Ordinateur, and M.Nagao (ed.) Machine TranslationSummit

(Harold Somers)                                                                                                                                                                                       35-44

Makoto Nagao, Machine Translation: How Far Can It Go? (Natsuko Holden)                                                                        45-47

Giorgio Levi and Maurizio Martelli (eds.), Logic Programming, and Ewing L.Lusk and Ross A.Overbeek (eds.), Logic

 Programming (Patrick Saint-Dizier)                                                                                                                                                   48-50

Ronald Carter, Vocabulary: Applied Linguistic Perspectives (Angela Ralli)                                                                              51-54


Machine Translation Vol. 6, no.2 (June 1991)

special issue on eurotra I

Valerio Allegranza, Steven Krauwer and Erich Steiner. Introduction                                                                                                     61-71

Bente Maegaard and Sergei Perschke. Eurotra: General System Design                                                                                                  73-82

Annelise Bech, Bente Maegaard and Anders Nygaard. The Eurotra MT Formalism                                                                            83-101

Jacques Durand, Paul Bennett, Valerio Allegranza, Frank van Eynde, Lee Humphreys, Paul Schmidt and Erich Steiner.

The Eurotra Linguistic Specifications: An Overview                                                                                                                       103-147


Machine Translation Vol. 6, no.3 (September 1991)

special issue on eurotra I

Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen. Implementing Monolingual Grammars and Transfer Components in the Eurotra Formalism   149-170

Valerio Allegranza and Annelise Bech. A Treatment of Unbounded Dependencies in Eurotra with an Experimental

Coindexation Tool                                                                                                                                                                                 171-182

Cornelia Zelinsky-Wibbelt. Token Reference vs. Type Reference: Implications for Machine Translation                                    183-192

Doug Arnold and Louisa Sadler. Transfer Formalisms                                                                                                                              193-200

Gertjan van Noord, Joke Dorrepaal, Pim van der Eijk, Maria Florenza, Herbert Ruessink and Louis des Tombe. An Overview

of MiMo2                                                                                                                                                                                                 201-214

Randall Sharp. CAT2 - An Experimental Eurotra Alternative                                                                                                                  215-228

Book Reviews

Språkdata, Studies in Computer-Aided Lexicology (Blaise Nkwenti Azeh)                                                                               229-234

William Marslen-Wilson (ed.), Lexical Representation and Process (George Dunbar)                                                            235-236

Barbara H.Partee, Alice ter Meulen and Robert E.Wall, Mathematical Methods in Linguistics, and Ruth E.Davis,

Truth, Deduction, and Computation: Logic and Semanticsfor Computer Science (Bill Black)                                             237-242


Machine Translation Vol. 6, no.4 (1991/1992)

Iris Arad. BITS, A Hebrew-English Bibliographic Translation System                                                                                                    247-263

Zenshiro Kawasaki, Fumiyuki Yamano and Noriyuki Yamasaki. Translator Knowledge Base for Machine Translation Systems           265-278

Chao-Huang Chang and Gilbert K. Krulee. Resolution of Ambiguity in Chinese and Its Application to Machine Translation  279-315

Book Reviews

Gre Kearsley (ed.), Artificial Intelligence and Instruction: Applications and Methods (Christoph Zähner)                      317-319

Eileen Cornell Way, Knowledge Representation and Metaphor (J.C.Sager)                                                                             320-322


Machine Translation Vol. 7, nos.1-2 (1992)

special issue on text generation

Richard Kittredge. Guest Editor’s Note: On the Relevance of Text Generation Research for MT                                                       1-4

John A. Bateman. Towards Meaning-Based Machine Translation: Using Abstractions from Text Generation for Preserving

Meaning                                                                                                                                                                                                       5-40

Eric Bilange, Jean-Marie Lancel and Miyo Otani. Utterance Generation Using Conceptual Representations                                41-60

Martin Emele, Ulrich Heid, Stefan Momma and Remi Zajac. Interactions between Linguistic Constraints: Procedural vs

Declarative Approaches                                                                                                                                                                          61-98

Sergei Nirenburg. Text Planning with Opportunistic Control                                                                                                                       99-124

Book Reviews

Cécile L.Paris, William R.Swartout and William C.Mann (eds.), Natural language Generation in Artificial Intelligence

and Computational Linguistics (William J.Black)                                                                                                                          125-132


Machine Translation Vol. 7, nos.3 (1992/1993)

Bonnie J. Dorr. The Use of Lexical Semantics in Interlingual Machine Translation                                                                             135-193

Book Reviews

James Steele (ed.), Meaning-text Theory: Linguistics, Lexicography, and Implications (Neil Green)                                  195-198

Geoffrey Nunberg, The Linguistics of Punctuation (R.Lee Humphreys)                                                                                   199-201

J.van de Koot, An Essay on Grammar-Parser Relations (José M.Goñi)                                                                                      202-204

Derek Partridge and Yorick Wilks (eds.), The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence: A Source Book, and Derek

Partridge, A New Guide to Artificial Intelligence (Patrick Olivier)                                                                                              205-213

Masaru Tomita (ed.), Generalized LR Parsing (Jesús López)                                                                                                       214-217

Masaru Tomita (ed.), Current Issues in Parsing Technology (Louisa Sadler)                                                                          218-223

John H.Connolly and Simon C.Dik (eds.), Functional Grammar and the Computer (Daniel B.Jones)                                 224-228

Machine Translation Vol. 7, nos.4 (1992/1993)

forum issue: Current Research in Machine Translation

Harold L. Somers. Current Research in Machine Translation                                                                                                                   231-246

Doug Arnold. Reaction to Somers: Current Research in Machine Translation                                                                                      247-251

Laurent R. Bourbeau. Current MT Research Orientation/Disorientation                                                                                               253-258

John Hutchins. And after the Second Generation ...                                                                                                                                    259-264

Pierre Isabelle. Current Research in Machine Translation: A Reply to Somers                                                                                     265-272

Margaret King. State of the Art and Perspectives                                                                                                                                        273-279

Erich Steiner. Producers - Users - Customers: Towards a Differentiated Evaluation of Research in Machine Translation          281-284

Keh-Yih Su and Jing-Shin Chang. Why MT Systems Are Still Not Widely Used                                                                                   285-291

Muriel Vasconcellos. What Do We Want from MT?                                                                                                                                  293-301

John S. White. Responses to Current Research in Machine Translation by Harold Somers                                                                303-307

Yorick Wilks. Commentary on Somers’ Article                                                                                                                                           309-314

Harold L. Somers. A Response to the Comments                                                                                                                                        315-322

Machine Translation Vol. 8, nos. 1-2 (1993)

Special Issue On Evaluation Of MT Systems

Doug Arnold, Louisa Sadler and R. Lee Humphreys. Evaluation: An Assessment                                                                                 1-24

Doris Albisser. Evaluation of MT Systems at Union Bank of Switzerland                                                                                               25-27

Doug Arnold, Dave Moffat, Louisa Sadler and Andrew Way. Automatic Test Suite Generation                                                      29-38

Sharon Flank, Aaron Temin, Hatte Blejer, Andrew Kehler and Sherman Greenstein. Module-Level Testing for Natural

Language Understanding                                                                                                                                                                        39-47

Pamela W. Jordan, Bonnie J. Dorr and John W. Benoit. A First-Pass Approach for Evaluating Machine Translation Systems  49-58

Steven Krauwer. Evaluation of MT Systems: A Programmatic View                                                                                                       59-66

Stephen Minnis. Constructive Machine Translation Evaluation                                                                                                                67-75

Jeannette G. Neal, Elissa L. Feit and Christine A. Montgomery. Benchmark Investigation/Identification Project                         77-84

John Nerbonne, Klaus Netter, Abdel Kader Diagne, Judith Klein and Ludwig Dickmann. A Diagnostic Tool for German

Syntax                                                                                                                                                                                                        85-107

Brigitte Roudaud, Maria Claudia Puerta and Otemea Gamrat. A Procedure for the Evaluation and Improvement of an MT

System by the End-User                                                                                                                                                                        109-116

Yu Shiwen. Automatic Evaluation of Output Quality for Machine Translation Systems                                                                    117-126


Machine Translation Vol. 8, no. 3 (1993)

David Farwell, Louisa Guthrie and Yorick Wilks. Automatically Creating Lexical Entries for ULTRA, a Multilingual

MT System                                                                                                                                                                                              127-145

Roberto Basili, Maria Teresa Pazienza and Paola Velardi. What Can Be Learned From Raw Texts?                                           147-173

Roberto Basili, Maria Teresa Pazienza and Paola Velardi. Acquisition of Selectional Patterns in Sublanguages                        175-201

Clare R. Voss.  Symposium Report: AAAI 1993 Spring Symposium on Building Lexicons for Machine Translation                   203-207


Machine Translation Vol. 8, no. 4 (1993)

John D. Phillips. Generation of Text from Logical Formulae                                                                                                                    209-235

Kenneth W. Church and Eduard H. Hovy. Point of View: Good Applications for Crummy Machine Translation                        239-258

Book Reviews

Mike Hannay and Elseline Vester (eds.), Working with Functional Grammar: Descriptiveand Computational

Applications (Peter G.Peterson)                                                                                                                                                          259-261

M.J.Cresswell, Large Entities and Indices (A.P.Neal)                                                                                                                      262-266

Hubert Haider and Klaus Netter (eds.), Representation and Derivation in the Theory of Grammar (Doug Arnold)          267-272

Yael Ravin, Lexical Semantics without Thematic Roles (Blaise Nkwenti-Azeh)                                                                       273-279

Machine Translation Vol. 9, no.1 (1994)

Thierry Fontenelle, Geert Adriaens and Gert de Braekeleer. The Lexical Unit in the Metal® MT System                                        1-19

Chrysanne DiMarco and Keith Mah. A Model of Comparative Stylistics for Machine Translation                                                   21-59

Petr Strossa. Machine Assisted Translation from English to a Slavic Language: What Linguistics and Programming

Methodologies Can Do for It                                                                                                                                                                 61-80

Machine Translation Vol. 9, no.2 (1994)

Victor Raskin, Salvatore Attardo and Donalee H. Attardo. Augmenting Formal Semantic Representation for NLP: The Story

of SMEARR                                                                                                                                                                                              81-98

Christian Boitet and Hervé Blanchon. Multilingual Dialogue-Based MT for Monolingual Authors: The LIDIA Project

and a First Mockup                                                                                                                                                                                  99-132

Stephen Minnis. A Simple and Practical Method for Evaluating Machine Translation Quality                                                         133-149

Machine Translation Vol. 9, nos. 3-4 (1994)

special issue: building lexicons for machine translation I

Bonnie J. Dorr and Judith Klavans. Introduction                                                                                                                                       151-153

Sabine Bergler. Generative Lexicon Principles for Machine Translation: A Case for Meta-Lexical Structure                               155-182

Ann Copestake, Ted Briscoe, Piek Vossen, Alicia Ageno, Irene Castellon, Francesc Ribas, German Rigau, Horacio

Rodríguez and Anna Samiotou. Acquisition of Lexical Translation Relations from MRDs                                                  183-219

Bonnie J. Dorr, Joseph Garman and Amy Weinberg. From Syntactic Encodings to Thematic Roles: Building Lexical Entries

for Interlingual MT                                                                                                                                                                                 221-250

Deryle Lonsdale, Teruko Mitamura and Eric Nyberg. Acquisition of Large Lexicons for Practical Knowledge-Based MT       251-283

Dekai Wu and Xuanyin Xia. Large-Scale Automatic Extraction of an English-Chinese Translation Lexicon                               285-313

Machine Translation Vol. 10, nos. 1-2 (1995)

special issue: building lexicons for machine translation II

Bonnie J. Dorr and Judith Klavans. Introduction: Special Issue on Building Lexicons for Machine Translation                              1-3

Boyan Onyshkevich and Sergei Nirenburg. A Lexicon for Knowledge-Based MT                                                                                 5-57

Martha Palmer and Zhibiao Wu. Verb Semantics for English-Chinese Translation                                                                               59-92

Arturo Trujillo. Towards a Cross-Linguistically Valid Classification of Spatial Prepositions                                                               93-141

Clare Voss and Bonnie J. Dorr. Toward a Lexicalized Grammar for Interlinguas                                                                                143-184

Machine Translation Vol. 10, no. 3 (1995)

Judith Klavans and Evelyne Tzoukermann. Combining Corpus and Machine-Readable Dictionary Data for Building

Bilingual Lexicons                                                                                                                                                                                  185-218

Satoshi Sekine and Jun-ichi Tsujii. Automatic Acquisition of Semantic Collocation from Corpora                                                 219-258

Book Reviews

Hooshang Mehrjerdian, Automatische Übersetzung englischer Fachtexte ins Persische (Jutta Frense)                             259-264

Martha Stone Palmer, Semantic Processing for Finite Domains (Sofia Ananiadou)                                                               265-267

Machine Translation Vol. 10, no.4 (1995)

Hideo Watanabe. A Model of a Bi-Directional Transfer Mechanism Using Rule Combinations                                                       269-291

Zelal Güngordü and Kemal Oflazer. Parsing Turkish Using the Lexical Functional Grammar Formalism                                     293-319

Book Reviews

Noel Sharkey (ed.), Connectionist Natural Language Processing: Readings from Connectionist Science

(Ian J. McLean)                                                                                                                                                                                      321-327

Charles Copeland, Jacques Durand, Steven Krauwer and Bente Maegaard (eds.), TheEurotra Linguistic

Specifications (Sylvana Sofková)                                                                                                                                                      329-332

Hiyan Alshawi (ed.), The Core Language Engine (Maria Aretoulaki)                                                                                        333-341

Machine Translation Vol. 11, nos. 1-3 (1995)

Special issue: Lexical choice

Editor’s Note                                                                                                                                                                                                           1-2

Leo Wanner. Lexical Choice in Text Generation and Machine Translation                                                                                             3-35

Bonnie J. Dorr and Mari Broman Olsen. Multilingual Generation: The Role of Telicity in Lexical Choice and Syntactic

Realization                                                                                                                                                                                                 37-74

Manfred Stede. Lexical Paraphrases in Multilingual Sentence Generation                                                                                               75-107

Helmut Horacek. On Expressing Metonymic Relations in Multiple Languages                                                                                    109-158

Michael Elhadad. Lexical Choice for Complex Noun Phrases: Structure, Modifiers, and Determiners                                            159-184

Stephan Mehl. Systematic Alternatives in Lexicalization: The Case of Gerund Translation                                                              185-216


Machine Translation Vol. 11, no.4 (1996)

Douglas Arnold. Parameterizing Lexical Conceptual Structure for Interlingual Machine Translation. A Review of “Machine

Translation; A View from the Lexicon” by Bonnie Jean Dorr                                                                                                        217-241

Book Reviews

Marie W.Meteer, Expressibility and the Problem of Efficient Text Planning (John A.Bateman)                                          243-249

Alison Cawsey, Explanation and Interaction: The Computer Generation of ExplanatoryDialogues (Kristina Jokinen)  251-256


Machine Translation Vol. 12, nos. 1-2 (1997)


Pierre Isabelle and Ken Church. Preface.                                                                                                                                                         1-2

Martin Kay. The Proper Place of Men and Machines in Language Translation                                                                                       3-23

Mary Flanagan. MT Today: Emerging Roles, New Successes                                                                                                                    25-27

Alan Melby. Some Notes on The Proper Place of Men and Machines in Language Translation                                                        .29-34

Martin Kay. It’s Still the Proper Place.                                                                                                                                                              35-38

Jean-Marc Langé, Éric Gaussier and Béatrice Daille. Bricks and Skeletons: Some Ideas for the Near Future of MAHT.            39-51

Pascale Fung and Kathleen McKeown. A Technical Word- and Term-Transition Aid Using Noisy Parallel Corpora Across

Language Groups                                                                                                                                                                                     53-87

Ido Dagan and Ken Church. Termight: Coordinating Humans and Machines in Bilingual Terminology Acquisition.                    89-107

Anthony Hartley and Cécile Paris. Multilingual Document Production from Support for Translating to Support for Authoring. 109-129

Rémi Zajac and Michelle Vanni. Glossary-Based MT Engines in a Multilingual Analyst’s Workstation Architecture.                 131-151

Elisabeth Breidt and Helmut Feldweg. Accessing Foreign Languages with Compass.                                                                      153-174

George Foster, Pierre Isabelle and Pierre Plamondon. Target-Text Mediated Interactive Machine Translation                            175-194


Machine Translation Vol. 12, no. 3 (1997)

John Hutchins. From First Conception to First Demonstration: the Nascent Years of Machine Translation, 1947-1954.

A Chronology.                                                                                                                                                                                         195-252

Book Reviews                                                                                                                                                     

Daniel Jones, Analogical Natural Language Processing (Gregory Grefenstette)                                                                     253-259

Peter Whitelock and Kieran Kilby, Linguistic and Computational Techniques in MachineTranslation System Design

(Winfred P. Lehmann)                                                                                                                                                                           261-269


Machine Translation Vol. 12, no. 4 (1997)

Bonnie J. Dorr. Large-Scale Dictionary Construction for Foreign Language Tutoring and Interlingual Machine Translation.    271-322

Andrew Way, Ian Crookston and Jane Shelton. A Typology of Translation Problems for Eurotra Translation Machines          323-374

Book Review

Karen Sparck Jones and Julia R.Galliers, Evaluating Natural Language Processing Systems: An Analysis and Review

(Dominique Estival)                                                                                                                                                                              375-379


Machine Translation Vol. 13, no. 1 (1998)

Kenji Yamada. A Controlled Skip Parser.                                                                                                                                                        1-15

Stephen Helmreich and David Farwell. Translation Differences and Pragmatics-Based MT.                                                          17-39

Elliott Macklovitch and Marie-Louise Hannan. Line ‘Em Up: Advances in Alignment Technology and Their Impact on

Translation Support Tools                                                                                                                                                                    41-57

Michel Simard and Pierre Plamondon. Bilingual Sentence Alignment: Balancing Robustness and Accuracy.                              59-80

Tony Veale, Alan Conway and Bróna Collins. The Challenges of Cross-Modal Translation: English-to-Sign Language

Translation in the Zardoz System                                                                                                                                                       81-106


Machine Translation Vol. 13, nos. 2-3 (1998)

Francis Bond and Kentaro Ogura. Reference in Japanese-English Machine Translation.                                                                   107-134

Victor Raskin and Sergei Nirenburg. An Applied Ontological Semantic Microtheory of Adjective Meaning for Natural

Language Processing.                                                                                                                                                                             135-227

Book Reviews

Robert D. Borsley, Modern Phrase Structure Grammar (Stephen Nightingale)                                                                        229-232

Klaas Sikkel, Parsing Schemata (Shuly Winter)                                                                                                                              233-237


Machine Translation Vol. 13, no. 4 (1998)

Svetlana Sheremetyeva, Wanying Jin and Sergei Nirenburg. Rapid Deployment Morphology.                                                      239-268

Jae-Won Lee, Jungyun Seo and Gil Chang Kim. A Statistical Dialogue Analysis Model Based on Speech Acts for Dialogue

Machine Translation.                                                                                                                                                                             269-286

John Hutchins. The Origins of the Translator’s Workstation.                                                                                                                     287-307


Machine Translation Vol. 14, no. 1 (1999)

Donghua Xu and Chew Lim Tan. Alignment and matching of Bilingual English-Chinese News Texts                                              1-33

Bolette Sandford Pedersen. Systematic Verb Polysemy in MT: A Study of Danish Motion Verbs with Comparisons with

Spanish                                                                                                                                                                                                     35-82


Machine Translation Vol. 14, no. 2 (1999)

Diana Santos. Toward Language-dependent Applications                                                                                                                         83-112

Harold Somers. Review Article: Example-based Machine Translation                                                                                                   113-158


Machine Translation Vol. 14, nos. 3-4 (1999)


Ruslan Mitkov. Introduction: Special Issue on Anaphora Resolution in Machine Translation and Multilingual NLP                  159-161

Samuel W.K.Chan and Benjamin K.T’sou. Semantic Inference for Anaphora Resolution: Toward a Framework in Machine

Translation                                                                                                                                                                                               163-190

Antonio Ferrández, Manuel Palomar and Lidia Moreno. An Empirical Approach to Spanish Anaphora Resolution                191-216

Stefanie Geldbach. Anaphora and Translation Discrepancies in Russian-German MT                                                                       217-230

Tatsunori Mori, Mamoru Matsuo and Hiroshi Nakagawa. Zero-subject Resolution Using Linguistic Constraints and Defaults:

The Case of Japanese Instruction Manuals                                                                                                                                      231-245

Hiromi Nakaiwa. Automatic Extraction of Rules for Anaphora Resolution of Japanese Zero Pronouns in Japanese-English

Machine Translation from Aligned Sentence Pairs                                                                                                                          247-279

Ruslan Mitkov. Multilingual Anaphora Resolution                                                                                                                                     281-299


Machine Translation Vol. 15, nos. 1-2 (2000)


Steven Krauwer. Introduction: Special Issue on Spoken Language Translation                                                                                    1-2

Lori Levin, Alon Lavie, Monika Woszczyna, Donna Gates, Marsal Gavaldà, Detlef Koll and Alex Waibel. The Janus-III

Translation System: Speech-to-Speech Translation in Multiple Domains                                                                                    3-25

Robert Frederking, Alexander Rudnicky, Christopher Hogan and Kevin Lenzo. Interactive Speech Translation in the

Diplomat Project                                                                                                                                                                               27-42

Christoph Tillmann, Stephan Vogel, Hermann Ney and Hassan Sawaf. Statistical Translation of Text and Speech: First

Results with the RWTH System                                                                                                                                                           43-74

Juan Carlos Amengual, Asunción Castaño, Antonio Castellanos, Victor M.Jiménez, David Llorens, Andrés Marzal,

Federico Prat, Juan Miguel Vilar, José Miguel Benedí, Francisco Casacuberta, Moisés Pastor and Enrique Vidal.

The EuTrans-I Spoken Language Translation System                                                                                                               75-103

Hiyan Alshawi, Srinivas Bangalore and Shona Douglas. Head-Transducer Models for Speech Translation and Their

Automatic Acquisition from Bilingual Data                                                                                                                                      105-124

Manfred Stede and Birte Schmitz. Discourse Particles and Discourse Functions                                                                                   125-147

Mark Seligman. Nine Issues in Speech Translation                                                                                                                                     149-185


Machine Translation Vol. 15, no. 3 (2000)

John Hutchins and Evgenii Lovtskii. Petr Petrovich Troyanskii (1894-1950): A Forgotten Pioneer of Mechanical Translation 187-221

Michael Carl, Catherine Pease, Leonid L.Iomdin and Oliver Streiter. Towards a Dynamic Linkage of Example-based and

Rule-based Machine Translation                                                                                                                                                        223-257

Book Reviews

Graeme Kennedy, An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics (Chris Brew)                                                                                     259-261

Christa Hauenschild and Susanne Heizmann (eds.), Machine Translation and Translation Theory (Harold Somers)    261-266


Machine Translation Vol. 15, no. 4 (2000)

Philippe Langlais, George Foster and Guy Lapalme. Unit Completion for a Computer-aided Translation Typing System        267-294

Eneko Agirre, Xabier Arregi, Xabier Artola, Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza, Kepa Sarasola and Aitor Soroa. A Methodology

for Building Translator-oriented Dictionary Systems                                                                                                                      295-310

Fred Popowich, Paul McFetridge, Davide Turcato and Janine Toole. Machine Translation of Closed Captions                        311-341


Machine Translation Vol. 16, no. 1 (2001)

Pius ten Hacken. Has There Been a Revolution in Machine Translation?                                                                                                1-19

Igor Mel’čuk and Leo Wanner. Towards a Lexicographic Approach to Lexical Transfer in Machine Translation (Illustrated

by the German-Russian Language Pair)                                                                                                                                            21-87


Machine Translation Vol. 16, no. 2 (2001)

Yuseop Kim, Byoung-Tak Zhang and Yung Taek Kim. Collocation Dictionary Optimization Using WordNet and k-Nearest

Neighbor Learning                                                                                                                                                                                  89-108

Wolfgang Minker. Robustness and Portability Issues in Multilingual Speech Processing                                                                    109-126

Ahmed Guessoum and Rached Zantout. A Methodology for a Semi-Automatic Evaluation of the Lexicons of Machine

Translation                                                                                                                                                                                               127-149


Machine Translation Vol. 16, no. 3 (2001)

Sung-Dong Kim, Byoung-Tak Zhang and Yung Taek Kim. Learning-based Intrasentence Segmentation for Efficient

Translation of Long Sentences                                                                                                                                                            151-174

Arendse Bernth and Claudia Gdaniec. Mtranslatability                                                                                                                            175-218


Machine Translation Vol. 16, no. 4 (2001)

Heather Fulford. Translation Tools: An Exploratory Study of their Adoption by UK Freelance Translators                                  219-232

Takehiko Yoshimi.  Improvements of Translation Quality of English Newspaper Headlines by Automatic Pre-editing              233-250

Shachi Dave, Jignashu Parikh and Pushpak Bhattacharyya. Interlingua-based English-Hindi Machine Translation and

Language Divergence                                                                                                                                                                            251-304


Machine Translation Vol. 17, no. 1 (2002)

Yaser Al-Onaizan, Ulrich Germann, Ulf Hermjakob, Kevin Knight, Philipp Koehn, Daniel Marcu and Kenji Yamada.

Translation with Scarce Bilingual Resources                                                                                                                                       1-17

Krzysztof Jassem. Semantic Classification of Adjectives on the Basis of their Syntactic Features in Polish and English             19-41

Eduard Hovy, Margaret King and Andrei Popescu-Belis. Principles of Context-Based Machine Translation Evaluation          43-75


Machine Translation Vol. 17, no. 2 (2002)


Philippe Langlais, Guy Lapalme and Marie Loranger. TransType: Development-Evaluation Cycles to Boost Translator’s

Productivity                                                                                                                                                                                             77-98

Bonnie Jean Dorr, Gina-Anne Levow and Dekang Lin. Construction of a Chinese-English Verb Lexicon for Machine

Translation and Embedded Multilingual Applications                                                                                                                    99-137

Inge Gorm Hansen and Henrik Selsøe Sørensen. LinguaNet: Embedded MT in a Cross-Border Messaging System for

European Law Enforcement                                                                                                                                                                139-163


Machine Translation Vol. 17, no. 3 (2002)


Srinivas Bangalore and Giuseppe Riccardi. Stochastic Finite-State Models for Spoken Language Machine Translation          165-184

Yuqing Gao, Bowen Zhou, Zijian Diao, Jeffrey Sorensen and Michael Picheny. MARS: A Statistical Semantic Parsing and

Generation-Based Multilingual Automatic tRanslation System                                                                                                   185-212

Young-Suk Lee, Daniel J.Sinder and Clifford J.Weinstein. Interlingua-based English-Korean Two-way Speech Translation

of Doctor-Patient Dialogues with CCLINC                                                                                                                                       213-243


Machine Translation Vol. 17, no. 4 (2002)


Katharina Probst, Lori Levin, Erik Peterson, Alon Lavie and Jaime Carbonell. MT for Minority Languages Using Elicitation-

Based Learning of Syntactic Transfer Rules                                                                                                                                     245-270

Marjorie McShane, Sergei Nirenburg, James Cowie and Ron Zacharski. Embedding Knowledge Elicitation and MT Systems

within a Single Architecture                                                                                                                                                                  307-319

Clare R.Voss and Carol Van Ess-Dykema. Special Issue on Embedded MT Systems: Overview                                                      307-319


Machine Translation Vol. 18, no. 1 (2003)

Bernard (Bud) Scott. The Logos Model: An Historical Perspective                                                                                                             1-72

Book Reviews

Ken Hale and Samuel Jay Keyser, Prolegomenon to a Theory of Argument Structure (Paul Bennett)                                73-75

W.John Hutchins (ed.), Early Years in Machine Translation: Memoirs and Biographiesof Pioneers (Jörg Schütz)          77-79


Machine Translation Vol. 18, no. 2 (2003)

Nizar Habash, Bonnie Dorr and David Traum. Hybrid Natural Language Generation from Lexical Conceptual Structures     81-127

Marjorie McShane and Sergei Nirenburg. Parameterizing and Eliciting Text Elements across Languages for Use in Natural

Language Processing Systems                                                                                                                                                              129-165

Book Review

Didier Bourigault, Christian Jacquemin and Marie-Claude L’Homme (eds.), RecentAdvances in Computational

Terminology (Lynne Bowker)                                                                                                                                                             167-171


Machine Translation Vol. 18, no. 3 (2003)


Lauri Karttunen. Introduction to the Special Issue on Finite State Language Resources and Language Processing                           iii-v

Elaine Uí Dhonnchadha, Caoilfhionn Nic Pháidín and Josef van Genabith. Design, Implementation and Evaluation of an

Inflectional Morphology Finite-State Transducer for Irish                                                                                                             173-193

L.Pretorius and S.E.Bosch. Finite-State Computational Morphology: An Analyzer Prototype for Zulu                                         195-216

Jan W.Amtrup. Morphology in Machine Translation Systems: efficient Integration of Finite State Transducers and Feature

Structure Descriptions                                                                                                                                                                            217-238

Wojciech Skut, Stefan Ulrich and Kathrine Hammervold. A Generic Finite-State Compiler for Tagging Rules                            239-250


Machine Translation Vol. 18, no. 4 (2004)

Percy Cheung and Pascale Fung: Translation Disambiguation in Mixed Language Queries                                                              251-273

Chung-Hye Han and Martha Palmer: A Morphological Tagger for Korean: Statistical Tagging Combined with Corpus-

             Based Morphological Rule Application                                                                                                                                             275-297

Ahmed Guessoum and Rached Zantout: A Methodology for Evaluating Arabic Machine Translation Systems                          299-335

Book reviews

             Douglas Robinson: Performative Linguistics: Speaking and Translating as Doing Things with Words

              (Minako O’Hagan)                                                                                                                                                                               337-341

             Inderjeet Mani: Automatic Summarization (Hal Daumé III)                                                                                                        343-347

             Lynne Bowker: Computer Aided Translation Technology: A Practical Introduction (Lorna Balkan)                                349-352

             Harold Somers (ed): Computers and Translation—A Translator’s Guide (Michael Carl)                                                      353-357

             Yehuda N.Falk: Lexical Functional Grammar—An  Introduction to Parallel Constraint-Based Syntax (Veit Reuer)     359-364

             Brian James Baer and Geoffrey S.Koby (eds.): Beyond the Ivory Tower: Rethinking Translation Pedagogy

             (Mikel L.Forcada)                                                                                                                                                                                  365-372

             Anne Abeillé: Treebanks: Building and Using Parsed Corpora (Joakim Nivre)                                                                      373-376


Machine Translation Vol. 19, no.1 (2005)

Andy Way and Nano Gough. Controlled Translation in an Example-based Environment: What Do Automatic Evaluation

             Metrics Tell Us?                                                                                                                                                                                         1-36 [abstract]

Sharon O’Brien. Methodologies for Measuring the Correlations between Post-Editing Effort and Machine Translatability       37-58 [abstract]

Youjin Chung and Jong-Hyeok Lee. Practical Word-Sense Disambiguation Using Co-occurring Concept Codes                         59-82 [abstract]

Philippe Langlais, Simona Gandrabur, Thomas Leplus and Guy Lapalme. The Long-Term Forecast for Weather Bulletin

             Translation                                                                                                                                                                                               83-112 [abstract]


Machine Translation Vol.19, no.2 (2005)

Chengqing Zong and Mark Seligman. Toward Practical Spoken Language Translation                                                                    113-137 [abstract]

Marjorie McShane, Sergei Nirenburg and Stephen Beale. An NLP Lexicon as a Largely Language-Indepenedent Resource   139-173 [abstract]

Dominique Estival. The Language Translation Interface: A Perspective from the Users                                                                    175-192 [abstract]


Machine Translation Vol.19, no.3/4 (2005)


Michael Carl and Andy Way: Introduction                                                                                                                                                  193-195

John Hutchins: Example-based machine translation – a review and commentary                                                                              197-211 [abstract]

Dekai Wu: MT model space: statistical versus compositional versus example-based machine translation                                     213-227 [abstract]

Michael Carl: A system-theoretical view of EBMT                                                                                                                                     229-249 [abstract]

Yves Lepage and Etienne Denoual: Purest ever example-based machine translation: detailed presentation and assessment    251-281 [abstract]

Ilyas Cicekli: Inducing translation templates with type constraints                                                                                                         283-299 [abstract]

Declan Groves and Andy Way: Hybrid data-driven models of machine translation                                                                           301-323 [abstract]


Machine Translation Vol.20, no.1 (2006)


Philippe Langlais and Fabrizio Gotti: EBMT by tree-phrasing                                                                                                                   1-23 [abstract]

Zhanyi Liu, Haifeng Wang and Hua Wu: Example-based machine translation based on tree-string correspondence and

             statistical generation                                                                                                                                                                              25-41 [abstract]

Christopher Quirk and Arul Menezes: Dependency treelet translation: the convergence of statistical and example-based

             machine-translation?                                                                                                                                                                             43-65 [abstract]


Machine Translation Vol.20, no.2 (2006)

Sarah Dillon and Janet Fraser: Translators and TM: an investigation of translators’ perceptions of translation memory

             adoption                                                                                                                                                                                                   67-79 [abstract]

Igor Mel’čuk and Leo Wanner: Syntactic mismatches in machine translation                                                                                     81-138 [abstract]

Book reviews

             Harry Bunt, John Carroll, Giorgio Satta (eds.) New developments in parsing technology (Aoife Cahill)                            139-142

             Walter Daelemans and Antal van den Bosch: Memory-based language processing (Nicolas Stroppa)                              143-145


Machine Translation Vol.20, no.3 (2006)

Thai Phuong Ngyuen and Akira Shimazu: Improving phrase-based statistical machine translation with morphosyntactic

             transformation                                                                                                                                                                                        147-166 [abstract]

Federica Mandreoli, Riccardo Martoglia and Paolo Tiberio: EXTRA: a system for example-based translation assistance     167-197 [abstract]

Josep Maria Crego and José B. Mariño: Improving statistical MT by coupling reordering and decoding                                       199-215 [abstract]

Book reviews

            Hristo Georgiev: English algorithmic grammar (Tracy Holloway King)                                                                                     217-220

            Marjorie J. McShane: A theory of ellipsis (Daniel Hardt)                                                                                                              221-222

            Mark Johnson, Sanjeev P.Khudanpur, Mari Ostenhof and Roni Rosenfeld (eds.) Mathematical foundations of

            speech and language processing (Marcello Federico)                                                                                                                   .223-22


Machine Translation Vol.20, no.4 (2006)

Helena M.Caseli, Maria das Graças V.Nunes, and Mikel L.Forcada: Automatic induction of bilingual resources from

            aligned parallel corpora: application to shallow-transfer machine translation                                                                           227-245 [abstract]

Viktor Pekar, Ruslan Mitkov, Dimitar Blagoev, and Andrea Mulloni: Finding translations for low-frequency words

            in comparable corpora                                                                                                                                                                           247-266 [abstract]

Oliver Streiter, Kevin P.Scannell, and Mathias Stuflesser: Implementing NLP projects for noncentral languages:

            Instructions for funding bodies, strategies for developers                                                                                                               267-289 [abstract]

Book reviews

            Chiew Kin Quah: Translation and technology (Dorothy Kenny)                                                                                                 291-295

            Emanuela Cresti and Massimo Moneglia (eds.) C-ORAL-ROM: integrated reference corpora for spoken

            Romance languages (Thomas Koller)                                                                                                                                               297-300

            Nadja Nesselhauf: Collocations in a learner corpus (Joachim Wagner)                                                                                   301-303

            Uwe Reinke: Translation memories. Systeme – Konzepte – Linguistische Optimierung (Dorothy Kenny)                          305-309


Machine Translation Vol.21, no.1 (2007)

Sanae Fujita and Francis Bond: A method of creating new valency entries                                                                                          1-28 [abstract]

Ruslan Mitkov, Viktor Pekar, Dimitar Blagoev and Andrea Mulloni: Methods for extracting and classifying pairs of

             Cognates and false friends                                                                                                                                                                   29-53 [abstract]

Ignacio Garcia: Power shifts in web-based translation memory                                                                                                               55-68 [abstract]

Book reviews

             Albert Branschadell and Lovell Margaret West (eds.) Less translated languages (Michael Cronin)                                    69-71

             Laila Dubkjaer, Holmer Hemsen, Wolfgang Minker (eds.) Evaluation of text and speech systems (Núria Bel)                  73-76


Machine Translation Vol.21, no.2 (2007)

Nicola Ueffing,  Gholamreza Haffari, and Anoop Sarkar: Semi-supervised model adaptation for statistical machine

              translation                                                                                                                                                                                               77-94 [abstract]

Karolina Owczarzak, Josef van Genabith, and Andy Way: Evaluating machine translation with LFG dependencies                95-119 [abstract]

Kevin Knight: Capturing practical natural language transformations                                                                                                     121-133 [abstract]

Book review

             Ruslan Mitkov Anaphora resolution (Keh.-Yih Su)                                                                                                                        135-137


Machine Translation Vol.21, no.3 (2007)

Qibo Zhu, Diana Inkpen, and Ash Asudeh: Automatic extraction of translations from web-based bilingual materials                139-163 [abstract]

Hua Wu and Haifeng Wang: Pivot language approach for phrase-based statistical machine translation                                       165-181 [abstract]

Book review

             Chan Sin-wai (ed.) A topical bibliography of computer(-aided) translation (Duoxiu Qian)                                                  183-186 


Machine Translation Vol.21, no.4 (2007)

Yik-Cheung Tam, Ian Lane and Tanja Schultz: Bilingual LSA-based adaptation for statistical machine translation                 187-207 [abstract]

Christian Fügen, Alex Waibel and Muntsin Kolss: Simultaneous translation of lectures and speeches                                           209-252 [abstract]

Book review

             András Kornai: Mathematical linguistics (Horacio Rodríguez)                                                                                                  253-256 


Machine Translation Vol.22, nos.1-2 (2008)

Joshua S.Albrecht and Rebecca Hwa: Regression for machine translation evaluation at the sentence level                                      1-27 [abstract]

Felipe Sánchez-Martínez, Juan Antonio Pérez-Ortíz, and Mikel L.Forcada: Using target-language information to

             train part-of-speech taggers for machine translation                                                                                                                          29-66 [abstract]

Michael Carl, Malte Melero, Toni Badia, Vincent Vandeghinste, Peter Dirix, Ineke Schuurman, Stella Markantonatou,

             Sokratis Sofianopoulos, Marina Vassiliou, and Olga Yannoutsou: METIS-II: low resource machine translation              67-99 [abstract]


Machine Translation Vol.22, no.3 (2008)

Igor Mel’čuk and Leo Wanner: Morphological mismatches in machine translation                                                                           101-152 [abstract]

Rada Mihalcea and Chee Wee Leong: Toward communicating simple sentences using pictorial representations                        153-173 [abstract]

Book review

                Khurshid Ahmad, Christopher Brewster, Mark Stevenson (eds.) Words and Intelligence I: Selected Papers

                               by Yorick Wilks (Joseba Abaitua)                                                                                                                                     174-180


Machine Translation Vol.22, no.4 (2008)

Chen-li Kuo and Allan Ramsay: Translating emphatic/contrastive focus from English to Mandarin Chinese                               181-203 [abstract]

Azza Abdel Modem, Khaled Shaalan, Ahmed Rafea, and Hoda Baraka: Generating Arabic text in multilingual

                speech-to-speech machine translation framework                                                                                                                       205-258 [abstract]

Book review

                Sylviane Cardey, Peter Greenfield, Séverine Viennay (eds.) Machine translation, controlled languages and

                            specialized languages (Iñaki  Alegria, Kepa Sarasola)                                                                                                 259-261


Machine Translation Vol.23, no.1 (2009)

John Tinsley and Andy Way: Automatically generated parallel treebanks and their exploitability in machine translation            1-22 [abstract]

Nizar Habash, Bonnie Dorr and Christof Monz: Symbolic-to-statistical hybridization: extending generation-heavy

                machine translation                                                                                                                                                                            23-63 [abstract]

Book review

                Andrew Radford, Martin Atkinson, David Britain, Harald Clahsen, Andrew Spencer: Linguistics: an

                           introduction (Paul Bennett)                                                                                                                                                   65-67


Machine Translation Vol.23, nos.2-3 (2009)


Alon Lavie and Mark Przybocki: Introduction to the special issue on “Automated metrics for machine translation

               evaluation”                                                                                                                                                                                           69-70

Mark Przybocki, Kay Peterson, Sébastien Bronsart, and Gregory Sanders: The NIST 2008 metrics for machine

               Translation challenge—overview, methodology, metrics, and results                                                                                       71-103 [abstract]

Alon Lavie and Michael J.Denkowski: The METEOR metric for automatic evaluation of machine translation                           105-115 [abstract]

Matthew J.Snover, Nitin Madnani, Bonnie Dorr, and Richard Schwartz: TER-Plus: paraphrase, semantic and

                alignment enhancements to Translation Edit Rate                                                                                                                       117-127 [abstract]

Gregor Leusch and Hermann Ney: Edit distances with block movements and error rate confidence estimates                             129-140 [abstract]

Billy Wong and Chunyu Kit: ATEC: automatic evaluation of machine translation via word choice and word order                  141-155 [abstract]

Yee Seng Chan and Hwee Tou Ng: Maxsim: performance and effects of translation fluency                                                          157-168 [abstract]

Jeremy G.Kahn, Matthew Snover, and Mari Ostendorf: Expected dependency pair match: predicting translation quality

                with expected syntactic structure                                                                                                                                                     169-179 [abstract]

Sebastian Padó, Daniel Cer, Michel Galley, Dan Jurafsky, and Christopher D.Manning: Measuring machine translation

                quality as semantic equivalence: a metric based on entailment features                                                                                181-193 [abstract]


Machine Translation Vol.23, no.4 (2009)

Timothy Baldwin: The hare and the tortoise: speed and accuracy in translation retrieval                                                                  195-240 [abstract]

Philipp Koehn: A process study of computer-aided translation                                                                                                                 241-263 [abstract]

Book reviews

                Yorick Wilks: Machine translation: its scope and limits (Sara Morrissey)                                                                            265-267

                Cyril Goutte, Nicola Cancedda, Marc Dymetman, and George Foster (eds.) Learning machine translation

                                    (Philipp Koehn)                                                                                                                                                                269-271


Machine Translation Vol.24, no.1 (March 2010)

                Special issue: Topics in machine translation evaluation

Stephen Docherty, Sharon O’Brien, Michael Carl: Eye tracking as an MT evaluation technique                                                   1-13

Alexandra Birch, Miles Osborne, Phil Blunsom: Metrics for MT evaluation: evaluating reordering                                                15-26

Yifan He, Andy Way: Metric and reference factors in minimum error rate training                                                                             27-38

Lucia Specia, Dhwaj Raj, Marco Turchi: Machine translation evaluation versus quality estimation                                              39-50

Ying Zhang, Stephan Vogel: Significance tests of automatic machine translation evaluation metrics                                            51-65 


Machine Translation Vol.24, no.2 (June 2010)

                Special issue: Pushing the frontier of statistical machine translation

Lucia Specia, Nicola Cancedda: Pushing the frontier of statistical machine translation: preface                                                      67-69

Yizhao Ni, Craig Saunders, Sandor Szedmak, Mahesan Niranjan: The application of structured learning in natural

                language processing                                                                                                                                                                            71-85

Zhuoran Wang, John Shawe-Taylor: A kernel regression framework for SMT                                                                                    87-102

Abhishek Arun, Barry Haddow, Philipp Koehn, Adam Lopez, Chris Dyer, Phil Blunsom: Monte Carlo techniques for

                phrase-based translation                                                                                                                                                                    103-121

Tim Hunter, Philip Resnik: Exploiting syntactic relationships in a phrase-based decoder: an exploration                                      123-140

Xianchao Wu, Takuya Matsuzaki, Jun’ichi Tsujii: Improve syntax-based translation using deep syntactic structures              141-157

Josep M.Crego, François Yvon: Factored bilingual n-gram language models for statistical machine translation                           159-175


Machine Translation Vol.24, nos.3-4 (December 2010)

Andy Way: Panning for EBMT gold, or “Remembering not to forget”                                                                                                    177-208

Jesús Giménez, Lluís Màrquez: Linguistic measures for automatic machine translation evaluation                                                209-240

Julien Bourdaillet, Stéphane Huet, Philippe Langlais, Guy Lapalme: TransSearch: from a bilingual concordancer

                 to a translation finder                                                                                                                                                                         241-271

Book reviews

                  Philipp Koehn: Statistical machine translation (Felipe Sánchez-Martínez, Juan Antonio Pérez-Ortiz)                        273-278

                  Kam-Fai Wong, Wenjie Li, Ruifeng Xu and Zheng-sheng Zhang: Introduction to Chinese natural language

                  processing (Yanjun Ma)                                                                                                                                                                  279-283

                  Nizar Y. Habash: An introduction to Arabic natural language processing (Khaled Shaalan)                                        285-289


Machine Translation Vol.25, no.1 (March 2011)

Sylvain Raybaud, David Langlois, Kamel Smaïli: “This sentence is wrong.” Detecting errors in machine-translated sentences   1-34

Nikiforos Karamanis, Saturnino Luz, Gavin Doherty: Translation practice in the workplace: contextual analysis and

                implications for machine translation                                                                                                                                                 35-52

Aingeru Major, Iñaki Alegria, Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza, Gorka Labaka, Mikel Lersundi, Kepa Sarasola: Matxin, an

                open-source rule-based machine translation system for Basque                                                                                                 53-82


Machine Translation Vol.25, no.2 (June 2011)

            Special issue: Free/Open-Source Machine Translation

Felipe Sànchez-Martínez, Mikel L.Forcada: Free/open-source machine translation: preface                                                             83-86

Francis Bond, Stephen Oepen, Eric Nichols, Dan Flickinger, Erik Velldal, Petter Haugereid: Deep open-source

                machine translation                                                                                                                                                                            87-105

Anabela Barreiro, Bernard Scott, Walter Kasper, Bernd Kiefer: OpenLogos machine translation: philosophy, model,

                resources and customization                                                                                                                                                             107-126

Mikel L.Forcada, Mireia Ginestí-Rosell, Jacob Nordfalk, Jim O’Regan, Sergio Ortiz-Rojas, Juan-Antonio Pérez-Ortiz,

                Felipe Sànchez-Martínez, Gema Ramírez-Sànchez, Francis M.Tyers: Apertium: a free/open-source platform

                for rule-based machine translation                                                                                                                                                  127-144

Jorge González, Francisco Casacuberta: GREAT: open source software for statistical machine translation                                 145-160

Aaron B.Phillips: Cunei: open-source machine translation with relevance-based models of each translation instance               161-177

Ralph D.Brown: The CMU-EBMT machine translation system                                                                                                               179-195


Machine Translation Vol.25, no.3 (September 2011)

Sharon O’Brien: Towards predicting post-editing productivity                                                                                                                 197-215

Ignacio Garcia: Translating by post-editing: is it the way forward?                                                                                                         217-237

Rejwanul Haque, Sudip Kumar Naskar, Antal van den Bosch, Andy Way: Integrating source-language context

                into phrase-based statistical machine translation                                                                                                                         239-285

Book review

                Yves Gambier and Luc Van Doorslaer (eds.) Handbook of translation studies (Sharon O’Brien)                                    287-289


Machine Translation Vol.25, no.4 (December 2011)

Anders Søgaard: A J(|G|n6) time extension of inverse transduction grammars                                                                                     291-315

Simon Carter, Christof Monz: Syntactic discriminative language model rerankers for statistical machine translation                317-339

Sadaf Abdul Rauf, Holger Schwenk: Parallel sentence generation from comparable corpora for improved SMT                         341-375

Book review

                Nitin Indurkhya and Fred J.Damerau (eds.) Handbook of natural language processing (second ed.)

                (Sandipan Dandapat)                                                                                                                                                                         377-381


Machine Translation Vol.26, nos.1-2 (March 2012)

            Special issue: Machine Translation for Arabic

Nizar Habash, Hany Hassan: Preface                                                                                                                                                               1-2

Hassan Al-Haj, Alon Lavie: The impact of Arabic morphological segmentation on broad-coverage English-to-Arabic

               statistical machine translation                                                                                                                                                              3-24

Ahmed El Kholy, Nizar Habash: Orthographic and morphological processing for English-Arabic statistical machine

               translation                                                                                                                                                                                               25-45

Saša Hasan, Saab Mansour, Hermann Ney: A comparison of segmentation methods and extended lexicon models for

               Arabic statistical machine translation                                                                                                                                              47-65

Rabih Zbib, Michael Kayser, Spyros Matsoukas, John Makhoul, Hazem Nader, Hamdy Soliman, Rami Safadi: Methods

               for integrating rule-based and statistical systems for Arabic to English machine translation                                                67-83

Arianna Bisazza, Daniele Pighin, Marcello Federico: Chunk-lattices for verb reordering in Arabic-English statistical

               machine translation: special issues on machine translation for Arabic                                                                                     85-103

Marine Carpuat, Yuval Marton, Nizar Habash: Improved Arabic-to-English statistical machine translation by reordering

                post-verbal subjects for word alignment                                                                                                                                         105-120

Hany Hassan, Khalil Sima’an, Andy Way: Efficient accurate syntactic direct translation models: one tree at a time                 121-136

Yuval Marton, David Chiang, Philip Resnik: Soft syntactic constraints for Arabic-English hierarchical phrase-based

                translation                                                                                                                                                                                             137-157

Sherri Condon, Mark Arehart, Dan Parvaz, Gregory Sanders, Christy Doran, John Aberdeen: Evaluation of 2-way

                Iraqi-English speech translation systems using automated metrics                                                                                           159-176

Reshef Shilon, Nizar Habash, Alon Lavie, Shuly Wintner: Machine translation between Hebrew and Arabic                             177-195


Machine Translation Vol.26, no.3 (September 2012)

David Vilar, Daniel Stein, Matthias Huck, Hermann Ney: Jane: an advanced freely available hierarchical machine

                translation toolkit                                                                                                                                                                               197-216

David Vilar, Hermann Ney: Cardinality pruning and language model heuristics for hierarchical phrase-based translation        217-254

Book reviews

                David Bellos: Is that a fish in your ear: translation and the meaning of everything (Anndy Way)                                   255-269

                Mona Baker and Gabriela Saldanha (eds): Routledge encyclopedia of translation studies (Dimitra Anastasiou)        271-275

                Rada Mihalcea and Dragomir Radev: Graph-based natural language processing and information retrieval

                              (David Tomás)                                                                                                                                                                       277-280

                Alexander Clark, Chris Fox and Shalom Lappin (eds.): Handbook of computational linguistics and natural

                              language processing (Pratyush Banerjee)                                                                                                                       281-287