Machine Translation Review

the periodical of

the Natural Language Translation Specialist Group

of the

British Computer Society


Issue 1: April 1995 [PDF, 309KB]

                Contents: p.8-9: Multilingual natural language processing (MNLP) project – David Wigg; p.10-17: Machine Translation – Ten Years On: Cranfield conference report – Derek Lewis; p.18-19: CAT2: a unification-based machine translation system – Ruslan Mitkov; p.20-22: Practical aspects of the use of METAL at Siemens Nixdorf – Keith Roberts; p.23-30: Linguistic resources on the Internet – Roger Harris.

Book reviews: p.31-32: Peter Roach (ed.) Computing in linguistics and phonetics (Academic Press, 1992) -- Tania Reynolds; p.32-33: Arnold, D. et al. Machine translation: an introductory guide (NCC/Blackwell, 1994) -- Derek Lewis;  p.34-35: Karen Jensen, et al.: Natural language processing: the PLNLP approach (Kluwer Academic Press, 1993) -- Derek Lewis.


Issue 2: October 1995 [PDF, 269KB]

                Contents: p.7-18: Matching words in a bilingual corpus – Roger Garside; p.19-24: Lexical resources for MT: a survey – Adam Kilgarriff; p.25-26: A corpus-based bilingual dictionary: why and how? – Marie Hélène Corréard.

Book reviews: p.32: Bernice Sacks Lipkin: String processing and text manipulation in C (Prentice Hall, 1994) -- David Wigg; p.33-34: A.M.McEnery: Computational linguistics – a handbook and toolbox for natural langauge processing (Sigma Press, 1992) -- Derek Lewis; p.35-36: W.John Hutchins and Harold L.Somers: An introduction to machine translation (Academic Press, 1992) -- Catharine Scott.


Issue 3: April 1996 [PDF, 323KB]

                Contents: p.7-20: Implementing an efficient compact parser for a machine translation system – J.Gareth Evans; p.21-31: Using Icon for text processing – David Quinn; p.32-34: The NLTSG’s web-site – Roger Harris.

Book reviews: p. 35-38: Donald E.Walker, et al. (eds.) Automating the lexicon: research and practice in amultilingual environment (Oxford Universirty Press, 1995) -- Adam Kilgarriff; p. 39-40: P.Whitelock, et al. (eds.) Linguistic theory and computer applications (Academic Press, 1990) -- J.G.McMahon.


Issue 4: October 1996 [PDF, 331KB]

                Contents: p. 6-16: Anaphora and machine translation – Ruslan Mitkov; p. 17-21: New Testament Greek: towards a two-level description – Gary Stringer; p. 22-32: The Power Translator: an evaluation of a PC-based MT system – Derek Lewis; p. 33-34: The Natural language Translation Specialist Group’s web-site – Roger Harris.

Book reviews: p. 35-37: B.T.S.Atkins and A.Zampolli: Computational approaches to the lexicon (Clarendon Press, 1994) -- Jon Mills; p. 38-39: Maria Theresia Rolland: Sprachverarbeitung durch Logotechnik: Sprachtheorie, Methodik, Anwendungen (Dümmler Vlg., 1994) -- Derek Lewis.


Issue 5: April 1997 [PDF, 273KB]

                Contents: p.6-9: The AMALGAM parts-of-speech tagger – Roger Harris;p. 10-18:  Language engineering systems by Lingvistica ’93 and ETS Publishers Ltd: English, Russian, Ukrainian – Michael Blekhman; p. 19-24: The Ergo parser challenge – J.L.Morris; p. 25-26: The Telegraph and Systran translation systems for personal computer: NLTSG seminar – Derek Lewis.


Issue 6: October 1997 [PDF, 305KB]

                Contents: p. 6-8: Educational implications of a machine translation system – Tatyana M.Gurina; p.9-21: Terminology for machine translation: a study – David Quinn; p.22-24: Fifty years of the computer and translation – John Hutchins; p.25-36: MT evaluation: science or art? – Derek Lewis.

 Book reviews: p.37-39: Thierry Dutoit: An introduction to text-to-speech synthesis (Kluwer, 1997) – John W.Bruce.


Issue 7: April 1998 [PDF, 294KB]

                Contents: p.7-14: Translation technology and the translator – John Hutchins; p.15-19: Machine-aided translation tools for Slavonic languages – Michael S.Blekhman, Andrei Kursin, Igor Fagradiants; p. 20-27: Understanding commercial machine translation systems for evaluation, teaching, and reverse engineering: the treatment of noun pharses in Power Translator Delux – Mario J.Mira i Giménez and Mikel L.Forcada.

                Book review: p.28-29: D.Jones and H.L.Somers (eds.) New methods in language processing: studies in computational linguistics (UCL Press, 1997) – Oliver Mason.


Issue 8: October 1998 [PDF, 257KB]

                Contents: p.6-14: Some notes on the state of the art: where are we now in MT, what works and what doesn’t? And the role of MT as an international collaborative activity – Yorick Wilks; p.15-34: Parsing English with a link grammar – Daniel D. Sleator and Davy Temperley.

                Book review: p.35-37: Colin Hayes: Breaking down the language barriers (Aslib, 1998) – Derek Lewis.


Issue 9: April 1999 [PDF, 181KB]

                Contents: p.6-17: Machine translation and the philosophy of language. – Alan Melby.

                Book review: p.18-19: Emmanuel Roache and Yves Schabes (eds) Finite-state language processing (MIT Press, 1997) – Oliver Mason.


Issue 10: October 1999 [PDF, 225KB]

                Contents: p.6-15: Dialogue-based MT and self-explaining documents as an alternative to MAHT and MT of controlled languages – Christian Boitet; p.16-25: Report on commercial machine translation in a manufacturing industry domain – Orie Fukutomi.

                Book review: p.26-27: Gregory Grefenstette (ed) Cross-language information retrieval (Kluwer, 1998) – Derek Lewis


Issue 11: December 2000  [PDF, 317KB]

                Contents: p.7-10: First steps of language engineering in the USSR: the 50s through 70s – Michael Blekhman and Boris Pevzner; p.11-13: Keeping translation technology under control – Dawn Murphy; p.14-28: Thesaurus-based structural thematic summary in multilingual information systems – Natalia V.Loukachevitch and Boris V.Dobrov; p.29-34: interNOSTRUM: a Spanish-Catalan machine translation system – Raül Canals, Anna Esteve, Alicia Garrido, M.Isabel Guardiola, Amaia Iturraspe-Bellver, Sandra Montserrat, Pedro Pérez-Antón, Sergio Ortiz, Hermínia Pastor, & Mikel L.Forcada; p.35-36: State and role of machine translation in India – Sivaji Bandyopadhyay.

                Book review: p. 36-39: Evelyne Viegas (ed) Breadth and depth of semantic lexicons (Kluwer, 1999) – Nadia Mckendrick


Issue 12: December 2001 [PDF, 563KB]

                Contents: p.6-12: Latin to English machine translation: a direct approach – Paul R.Bowden; p.13-18: Learning machine translation strategies using commercial systems: discovering word reordering rules – Mikel L.Forcada; p.19-23: An example based MT system in news items domain from English to Indian languages – Sivaji Bandyopadhyay; p.24-35: Towards a fully-automatic high-quality machine translation system for unrestricted text – Mirosław Gajer; p. 36-57: PC-based machine translation: an illustration of capabilities in response to submitted test sentences – Derek Lewis; p.58-66: Semi-automatic construction of multilingual lexicons – Lynne Cahill; p.67-74: Seamless TranslationTM : delivering for the user – Phil Scanlan

                Book review: p.75-76: Jean Véronis (ed.) Parallel text processing: alignment and use of translation corpora (Kluwer) – Mark Stevenson


Issue 13: December 2002 [PDF, 294KB]

                Contents: p.6-34: The pattern-based French-to-Polish machine translation system – Mirosław Gajer; p.35-39: Report on the 6th EAMT Workshop Teaching machine translation, November 14-15 2002: UMIST, Manchester, England – Judith Belam and Derek Lewis

                Book review: p.40-41: Chan Sin-wai (ed) Translation and information technology (Chinese University Press, 2002) – Derek Lewis


Issue 14: December 2003 [PDF, 254KB]

                Contents: p.6-16: A Latin morphological processor – Paul R.Bowden; p.17-28: Blitz Latin: a machine translator for Latin to English – William A.Whitaker and John F.White


Issue 15: December 2005 [PDF, 144KB]

                Contents: p.6-9: Books received – Derek Lewis