Association for Computational Linguistics

39th Annual Meeting and 10th Conference of the European Chapter

Workshop proceedings

Data-driven Machine Translation

July 7th 2001,

CNRS - Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse,

and Université des Sciences Sociales,

Toulouse, France


Eiichiro Sumita: Example-based machine translation using DP-matching between word sequences; pp.1-8. [PDF, 79KB]

Stephen D.Richardson, William B.Dolan, Arul Menezes, & Monica Corston-Oliver: Overcoming the customization bottleneck using example-based MT; pp.9-16. [PDF, 86KB]

Benoit Lavoie, Michael White, & Tanya Korelsky: Inducing lexico-structural transfer rules from parsed bi-texts; pp.17-24. [PDF, 60KB]

Mark-Jan Nederhof: Approximating context-free by rational transduction for example-based MT; pp.25-32. [PDF, 96KB]

Hermann Ney: Stochastic modelling: from pattern classification to language translation; pp.33-37. [PDF, 68KB]

Arul Menezes & Stephen D.Richardson: A best-first alignment algorithm for automatic extraction of transfer mappings from bilingual corpora; pp.39-46. [PDF, 84KB]

Sonja Nießen & Hermann Ney: Toward hierarchical models for statistical machine translation of inflected languages; pp.47-54. [PDF, 62KB]

Franz Josef Och, Nicola Ueffing, & Hermann Ney: An efficient A* search algorithm for statistical machine translation; pp.55-62. [PDF, 103KB]

Ulrich Germann: Building a statistical machine translation system from scratch: how much bang for the buck can we expect?; pp.63-70. [PDF, 84KB]

Federico Prat: Machine translation with grammar association: some improvements and the Loco_C model; pp.71-78. [PDF, 89KB]

Robert C.Moore: Towards a simple and accurate statistical approach to learning translation relationhips among words; pp.79-86. [PDF, 55KB]

Kaoru Yamamoto, Yuji Matsumoto, & Mihoko Kitamura: A comparative study on translation units for bilingual lexicon extraction; pp.87-94. [PDF, 91KB]

Masaaki Nagata, Teruka Saito, & Kenji Suzuki: Using the web as a bilingual dictionary; pp.95-102. [PDF, 216KB]

Jessie Pinkham & Monica Corston-Oliver: Adding domain specificity to an MT system; pp.103-110. [PDF, 73KB]

Masaki Murata, Kiyotaka Uchimoto, Qing Ma, & Hitoshi Isahara: Using a support-vector machine for Japanese-to-English translation of tense, aspect, and modality; pp.111-119. [PDF, 230KB]