Improving machine translation through other language technology tools:

Resources and tools for building MT

7th EAMT Workshop

13 April 2003, Agro Hotel, Budapest, Hungary

Organised by the

European Association for Machine Translation

as part of the 10th Conference of the

European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL 2003)


Proceedings of the workshop


 Complete proceedings [PDF, 14,032KB]


Bente Maegaard: Introduction

Bogdan Babych and Anthony Hartley: Improving Machine Translation Quality with Automatic Named Entity Recognition [PDF, 313KB]

Rob Koeling, Adam Kilgarriff, David Tugwell, and Roger Evans: An Evaluation of a Lexicographer's Workbench: building lexicons for Machine Translation [PDF, 250KB]

Anna Kupść: Two Approaches to Aspect Assignment in an English-Polish Machine Translation System [PDF, 297KB]

Aurélien Max: Multi-language machine translation through interactive document normalization. [PDF, 424KB]

Francisco Nevado, Francisco Casacuberta, and Enrique Vidal: Parallel corpora segmentation using anchor words. [PDF, 382KB]

Harold Somers and Hermione Lovel: Computer-based Support for Patients with Limited English [PDF, 198KB]